Imagination Movers

Saturday 10:00 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Sep 06, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • Turning 15 years old and LOVE IT!

    For the record, I'm turning 15 in April and I've been watching this show ever since it first came out. And I am totally freaking IN LOVE with it. It doesn't matter what age you are, you can still watch it. Imagination Movers is one of my favorite shows. Coming from a high school student, that's saying a lot. I sing along and heck, I sing around the house and even to places I go. For a kiddy show, it is very entertaining. Heck, I even laugh at the kiddy humor. I just love this show and coming from a high school student, your kids will love this too. :DD
  • what an awesome show

    I started watching the show when I was 11 and now i am 15 and i am still love it. I think the music is just awesome (i am listening to thier new cd now). I love everything the show I simply love there show and music. nothing really more to say.
  • Great kids show. Troubleshooters aimed at getting kids to think while blending in some very catchy tunes. The music is just the best. Kids tv welcome to a cool group.

    Great kids show. It's nice to see a kids show that parents can enjoy too. The music is just the best. These guys troubleshoot problems (usually their own) and get kids using their brains to think things through. The message is clear: whatever ideas or 'brainstorm' you have - it isn't wrong. Use your head, think about things, and you may just get an answer; solve a problem.
    The music is very current. Where the Wiggles' (sorry to liken them to the Wiggles as they are totally different) music was pretty low key, the Imagination Movers know how to rock - and they're good! The music gets stuck in your head when your kid watches them over and over but they are good songs - and even some of the lyrics had me inspired about my own way of thinking. Some are just very catchy tunes. They are self-described as the Beastie Boys meet Captain Kangaroo (I think) and this is just totally right.
    The guys - Scott, Dave, Rich & Smitty - come across as decent guys and reading their background on their website you can see they are intelligent, interested in enriching the learning and thought processes of children, and have been through some pretty terrible experiences - and have come out on top - good for them! But lets not forget Warehouse Mouse, Nina and Knit Knots. Knit Knots character is classic - a foil and boring, beige contrast for the colorful guys. Nina's character works well with the guys. She could do with being developed more but is a good fit. Warehouse Mouse is the puppet of the group, offering up his own problems and gags to the show. Cute.
    Great new kids show. Hope it stays around for awhile - and keep those tunes coming!