Immortal Grand Prix

Cartoon Network (ended 2006)




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Immortal Grand Prix

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In Immortal Grand Prix or IGPX , the year is 2049 and the Immortal Grand Prix has become the world’s most-popular sport. It’s so big that an entire city was built for the racing industry, where competitions take place on a huge, 60-mile track called “The Big Eye.” In the IGPX, two teams of three Mechs, high-tech fighting machines driven by humans, race at speeds greater than 350 mph. Team Satomi, a crew of amateur pilots, has just won a minor-league championship, vaulting them into the sport’s highest level, the IG-1. Now, the untested rookies of Team Satomi must overcome impossible odds and beat the world’s most skilled and ruthless pilots in the planet’s biggest event, the Immortal Grand Prix.

Immortal Grand Prix or IGPX is the sequel to the original 5 minute shorts which premiered in September 2003 as a part of Toonami's Total Immersion Event. The series is 26 episodes and, as Toonami's first original series, is also the first co-production between an American cable channel, Cartoon Network, and a Japanese anime company, Production IG (creators of Ghost in the Shell).


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