Immortal Grand Prix

Season 1 Episode 16

And Then...

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 21, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Andrei: Hey, kid, interesting place to kill a little time.
      Takeshi: Just thought I'd spend a few minutes with my machine.
      Andrei: Don't you have a girlfriend?

    • Takeshi: Hey, thanks for helping us out there.
      Yamma: Yeah, well, we just want to beat you, not beat you up.

    • Andrei: Hey, Takeshi.
      Takeshi: I'm a little busy right now, Andrei.
      Andrei: You afraid of River, or what?
      Takeshi: Is that a joke? 'Cause I'm not laughing here.
      Andrei: Just curious.

  • Notes

    • This episode featured the following music:

      "Sunday Séance" by Blockhead
      "Nighty Night" by Wagon Christ
      "Good Block, Bad Block" by Blockhead
      "Summer's Gonna Hurt You" by Diplo
      "Pulse" by Hexstatic
      "16 Megatons" by Funky Porcini
      "Hiperbole" by Skalpel
      "Power" by Irresistible Force
      "The Piano Song" by DJ Vadium

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