Immortal Grand Prix

Season 1 Episode 8

Black Egg

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 12, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

As the episode begins, Ms. Satomi finds herself in a board meeting with her team's parent company. The company is pulling the plug on the team's funding and has given her only twenty-four hours to come up with a new sponsor. As a result, Satomi ends up late to her team's race and is constantly taking phone calls regarding sponsorship. Meanwhile, on the track, Takeshi, Liz, and Amy take an early lead over their opponents, Argentina's Team Black Egg to finish up the first lap. When Ms. Satomi finally arrives at the team's control room she's greeted with a sarcastic "nice of you to join us today" from Andrei, showing his disdain for her late arrival. As the battle round begins, Black Egg takes a slight lead over Team Satomi and adopts a man-on-man defense to hold the rookies off. Takeshi immediately begins his assault, only to have each and every blow dodged by Black Egg's lead pilot Ricardo Montazio. After asking Ricardo to "bring it", Takeshi winds up getting into even more trouble when the Black Egg forward takes Takeshi's offer and rips his mech's arm clean off.

While Mark repairs the damaged mech, Satomi and Andrei have a bit of a standoff—he tells her that if she's not going to be there for the team, she might as well leave. Crushed, Ms. Satomi hurriedly leaves the room. While the team continues to struggle with Black Egg's tight defensive strategies, Mark catches Satomi in the hallway for a little heart-to-heart resulting in him calling up a connection of his to try to help Satomi land a deal. As the final lap begins, Andrei finally decides to give them the key to victory, albeit in a slightly cryptic message, "find the weak spot, and crack the egg". After much thought, Liz finally catches on and the team prepares for the endgame. On the final S-curve, Takeshi breaks out of Ricardo's slipstream and takes the inside line and the lead. With the lead secure, Takeshi spins around to face Ricardo and pins the pilot between himself and Amy to keep him from escaping. As Ricardo discharges his smoke screen, Takeshi goes in for the kill and aims for the center of the mist. When the smoke clears, Ricardo has been hit and Team Satomi throws their mechs straight into speed mode to take the checkered flag and their first IG-1 victory! With the team's first victory under their belt, Ms. Satomi tells them the news. Their funding has been cut, no more Team Satomi, except…at the last moment she tells everyone she found a new sponsor and Team Satomi would continue to race in the IG-1. A toast, to victory!

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