Immortal Grand Prix

Season 1 Episode 11

Cat vs. Dog

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 03, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The GiTS decal on the forearms of Team Edgeraid's mechs is most likely a reference to another Production I.G. work, Ghost in the Shell.

    • The closing credits accidentally listed "L-Virata" by Hexstatic twice for this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Amy: Um, sorry but I don't think Luca really likes boys.
      Takeshi: Whatever.

    • River: Takeshi. I didn't leave because of our little duel. I left because I want the chance to take you on, so that I can finally take you down (points his index finger at Takeshi in a gun-like fashion, and has the "gun" go off)

    • Liz: So, the key that led us to victory was the brains of a housecat? Great.

    • Sola: Here, kitty, kitty. Want to play? Just want to make sure you can hear me.
      Luca: I hear you, but I wish I didn't.
      Sola: Ah, Luca. Prepare to swallow a devastating defeat because I'm taking you to school.
      Luca: (sighs) Well, I hope it's obedience school, because I've heard with your limited brain capacity, just staying housebroken is a challenge.
      Sola: Aargh! Just keep talking, you stupid cat! We'll see how smart you feel when I start ripping you to pieces!
      Amy: Luca? Are you talking with Sola right now?
      Luca: Yes. Typical dog babble. It's not even worth repeating.

    • Takeshi: This race is so mine.
      Liz: Get a new catchphrase, will you? You say that at the beginning of every race. Takeshi: Andrei says you got to think like a winner if you want to be one.
      Liz: Are you crazy listening to Andrei? Quit thinking. Start racing, dork.

    • (after Sola, the dog, bites Liz's finger)
      Bjorn: Sola, don't put trash in your mouth.
      Liz: Who you calling trash? Stop! Get her off of me!
      Bjorn: No, Sola. You don't know where that's been.
      Amy: My drink's cold.

    • (as River & Takeshi spar with swords)
      Liz: I can see why River gets all worked up like this. Not that I really want to, but I do.

    • Liz: Why do I feel so spent? I got a chance to crash out for a few minutes, but now I feeel even more exhausted.
      Amy: It seems like Luca's refreshed from his little nap.
      Liz: Listen, how many times do I got to tell you, I ain't nobody's sofa. Why does that stupid cat always choose me? What's wrong with you? Heh! Well, I guess the cat's not so stupid after all. I do make a much better pillow. Ha ha!
      Amy: Yeah, you're right. Flabby abs make a great place for a cat to sleep.
      Liz: Who you calling flabby, little miss stick figure?
      Amy: Well, at least my butt still fits in the cockpit!

  • Notes

    • Team Edgeraid's Bella Demarco is named for writer/producer Jason DeMarco's daughter.

    • This episode featured the following songs:

      "Toys Are Us" by Hexstatic
      "Shadows" by Wagon Christ
      "Sweetsmoke" by Mr. Scruff
      "L-Virata" by Hexstatic
      "Vacetious Blooms" by Neotropic
      "Bend Over" by Wagon Christ
      "Invert and Click" by Animals on Wheels
      "Kula World" by The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination
      "Mr. Chombee Has the Flaw" by Herbaliser
      "Chicken Spit" by Pest
      "Verbal" (Prefuse 73 Dipped Escalade Mix) by Amon Tobin
      "The Darg Frog" by Journeyman

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