Immortal Grand Prix

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jul 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Another great episode of IGPX

    This was a great episode, Yamma and team Sledge Mama prepare to face team Sitomi and the episode ends with a cliffhanger in the middle of the race.
    The episode mainly focuses on Amy\'s return from recovery. Team Satomi supports her and she proves against the Rocket that she can still owns. Meanwhile Yamma gets pressured by the owner of team sledge mama that if he does win the cup then he\\\'s out. This is a great way to boost the suspense of the race much as it was in team Satomi\\\'s last encounter with the team following River\'s defection.

    This all leads up to the Race where it is not just a race, but a battle between the futures of the pilots. Is Takeshi back in the groove? Will Amy bring back the heat? Is this the end for Yamma? Sledge Mama Vs. Satomi!
  • Amy got back on the track after her accident and now team setomi has to race against team Sledgehammer(sp?),Amy shouldn't be outthere racing because the doctor told her that she couldnt do anything like that for a month.

    This episode was awesome I really liked it,also it was good that Amy got back on the team...lets just say the team would not last long with the Rocket^_^,poor team Setomi has it hard with this team,I think theyre going to win though. Oh, I fell kinda bad for Takeshi cause Fontine broke up with him but it wasnt working out.
  • The Cat in the Hat Came Back! Oh geez... that's terrible of me. But seriously- guess who's baaack?

    Well, the episode starts in the hospital with everybody's favorite midfielder! And look! She's walking! Slowly but surely, she's walking! And Luca sure looks pleased about that. Having your human out of commision can't be too fun, I guess.

    Meanwhile, Takeshi is playing with the little puzzle his sis gave him, and dwelling on Fantine. No clue why. I liked her as a character, but as his girlfriend she seemed really weak. He then get a phone call! Next scene: Carrying shopping bags for Liz and Jesse! Poor Takeshi... he just can't seem to catch a break. You'd think someone who helped win the IGPX wouldn't have to play bag-boy. Ah well.

    But Amy seems happy enough. She's enjoying the pleasant breeze on the hospital roof happily enough... even if she is having a vicious flashback of the race where she got so beat up. At least she has physical therapy to distract her. Beam anyone?

    Poor ol' Takeshi has nothing to distract him besides cooking with Liz and Jesse. And look at that! He screwed up the page number of the cook book! And we're discovering that this group cannot cook worth a.... can't cook. So much for cheering up Amy with a feast! (Ha ha ha- Andrei can't get enough of these crazy kidsd) But hospital food is nice, right?

    But it looks like no matter how healthy the hospital food is, her leg is under too much stress to participate in the next race. According to the doctor, at least. And who listens to them, anyways!?

    Meanwhile, Team Sledge Mama is have a few problems. Win the championship, or lose Yamma. Not too fair if you ask me. The guy is creepy, but asking anyone to win five races in a row is ridiculous.

    And would ya look at that! Liz and Jesse by themselves can actually cook! They can cook well enough that no one's choking! ....But something's affected Amy's brain. She told the team that she would be able to participate in the next race. Getting ahead of herself, even if she is getting released from the hospital. But to participate, she needs to defeat Andrei in a simulation day before the race.

    Amy seems to really want to race, though. She even asked Luca whether or not they would be ready for the next race. The cat seemed positive, but I think that she's being stubborn. The doc said a month off strenuous activities, kiddo! But her heart seems set in stone: she cleverly asked if she would be able to drive during that month. Racing=drving, right? Cannot BELIEVE that the good doc didn't see through that... And the IGPX is definitely hard work, and is bound to put stress on her leg.

    I just hope that we don't end up having her in the hospital again! I would miss her... Andrei is great and all, but... I like Luca, at least, more than him :)

    Let's see, let's get back to whatever it was that I am supposed to be talking about. Huh? Er- right then. Onwards!

    Amy seems to at least be well enough for treadmill workouts. But Luca's managing to keep up with her, so who can tell? So, the whole team's exercising- Takeshi is doing crunches, and Liz is working on arm strength. Huh. I thought the norm was for Liz to bench weights, and Takeshi would train with his sword? Ah well.

    But all of a sudden, Amy overworks and falls off the treadmill! Bad start Amy! And don't you dare start brooding about it when you should be sleeping... ah no, don't do that. *Sigh* Poor Amy.

    Yamma's not doing much better, to be fair. He's practically beating on his teammate. River seems a bit concerned about it.

    Yay! Rocket vs. Amy simulation! Let's have some fun! ....And try now to break anything while your at it, ok?

    Andrei's proving to be a difficult opponent for Amy... but is it just his skill that's getting to her? She seems to be a little off her game- you can't win anything with just def... See? I agree with the smart cat!

    Looks like she pulled herself together, though. Amy's doing great, and nothing's got to banged up yet. All is right in the world- Rocket got beaten by a teenage injured girl :) But the team seems happy about her performance, so yay!

    It would appear that Andrei can finally retire in peace... with no fear of being recalled. Amy's back in the race against Sledge Mama!

    The doctor is a bit bothered about the situation, though. When he said she could drive, he didn't mean at 400 MPH. Still, he's rooting for her! ...I wish my doctors didn't mind me doing things like that... they would probably yell at me for being suicidal or something... yeee-ah.

    Well, let the race begin! River and... the defender person both have advice/requests for Yamma. Too bad he seems to have his own agenda. River tells Yamma to let him handle Takeshi, and the defender says to take out Amy- make them fall apart.

    Meanwhile, Team Satomi is keeping track of Amy's health. Aww, they care so much.

    Uh oh. Team Slege Mama's getting creative. Well, either that, or studying probability. 3 vs. 1- those are good odds. Too bad Sledge Mama thought of it. Team Satomi managed to ward off the first charge though! There's hope! Hallelujah! But something tells me that this can't last long. Sooner or later, angst has to play its part in this happy reuinion (of course, the angst might have been Amy's mild flashbacks/ panic attacks).

    So... Next ep!

    The race continues (no, really? I thought it just ended suddenly)! And several questions: Is Takeshi out of his hole? Can Amy keep it together in an actual race? And will Yamma actually be forced to leave Team Sledge Mama, and, in turn, the IG-1?

    Well, I can't answer these questions, and unless you have some really friendly connections with the people who created this, or are just spoiler-resourceful, you can't answer those questions either. Actually, you might be able to anyways, given that I'm an idiot. TTFN!
  • Hmm...This might be it for Yamma...

    Yay!! Amy's back! The Rocket gone back to retirement. Aww...Yamma might be out of it if he doesn't win this race. ....I got for comment for that lol. Well so far the race is pretty even. Maybe Team Sledge Mamma might have to cheat to win this race. They might go after Amy since she's just came back. But I don't think they would go that far.