Immortal Grand Prix

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jul 22, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • The style of this episode turns from more cockpit dialogue to actions sequences. It's a great change of pace.

    This was a pretty good episode though you had to stay up even later from CN's poor decision to see it.

    Despite some obvious plot twists, I noticed how much of this episode centered on detailed battle graphics. Usually, we see a lot of cockpit dialogue and focusing on off-track activity. We did see some off-track stuff on the end, but they emphasized the battle and showing the mechs attacking more than at any point this season.

    Also, a 4 way tie? So, did all teams have one loss and tie? Or is it all points? At some point, both Velshtein and White Snow must have lost. Sadly, we did not get to see any Velshtein v. White Snow.

    Overall, the writers milked all the excitement they could out of this episode. This is another great example of why this show should be in a better timeslot and not on the way to cancellation.
  • In this episode we have an extremely exciting match between Sledgemamma and Team Satomi. The race really took me by surprised at how exciting it was and how well the characters pulled together.

    Like I mentioned, in this episode we see a great deal of team work and character developement. Especially when Takeshi and Liz put their mechs together as one and fight Yamma in the same sequence featured in Last season's final episode again Cunningham and Team Velshtein.

    After a tough race, Team Satomi pulls through in an amazing show of team work as surprisingly, Amy pulls the team together for the win! A pleasant surprise of course, but still surprising. In other words, we later see that there is a 4-way tie between White Snow,Sledgemamma,Team Satomi, and Velshtein. Saving Yamma from being kicked off the team, yay!

    The inevitable and confirmed relationship between Takeshi and Liz is greatly hit on in this episode. From their constantly having to work 'together' to Liz's embarrased reactions and confused ways of dealing with how she feels about him.

    At the end,we see Jesse run up to a relaxing, still suited up Takeshi while saying, \"Weeeewoooo Weeeewooooo.\" and mimicking the sounds of an ambulance. In an creepy, yet hilarious move. Takeshi gets some much needed character developement and apologizes for being so cocky and full of himself, and Liz reacts to him complimenting her by blushing and saying that he has dirt on his back. Then proceeding to rather painfully, SMACK it off of him numerous times.

    Later on the girls (Jessie and Liz) trick Takeshi into buying them dinner and mimick a southern bell\'s accent, \"Why, you shouldn\'t have!\" As Takeshi bitterly agrees, we see the ever so familiar face of his rival, Cunningham. Cunningham remarks that he\'s dissapointed he didn\'t get to fight against Takeshi and after a rather weird yet entirely welcome conversation with him, the Velshtein pilot leaves. Jesse and Liz are confused and say that\'s , \"He\'s kind of...strange.\" Takeshi surprisingly remarks, \"You just don\'t get it.\"

    And that ends our episode with a preview of Liz going against Team Skylark\'s pilot, Elisa Doolittle for a modeling spot, which leads Jesse and Team Satomi to come to the rather dramatic conclusion that Liz is quitting the team.