Immortal Grand Prix

Season 2 Episode 9

Function, Not Fashion

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jul 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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  • Quotes

    • Takeshi: So shes not leaving the team.
      Jesse: And you're happy about that?
      Takeshi: YA...Um...Well it's just, I don't know, I just kinda feel-
      Jesse: Like she is a teammate who is very important to you?
      Takeshi: That,that is exactly right!

    • Andrei: Hey, how come you weren't at the fashion show?
      Cunningham: Let your team know I'm looking forward to our race.
      Andrei: You came all the way down here to tell me that? I'll pass your message on, kid. Now have a nice night.
      Cunningham: The reason Takeshi's so good is because you trained him. Go on, admit it.
      Andrei: Oh, come on. You give me too much credit, but I appreciate the thought. And why don't you deliver a message to Sir Hamgra: prepare to get your ass kicked.
      Cunningham: I'll make sure he gets the message. (walks away)

    • Takeshi: I've been thinking. This is kind of difficult for me to say, but it's just that I really appreciate you taking care of me and watching my back. What I'm saying is that I'm gonna listen harder--
      Liz: All right! I'm up next! Did you say something?
      Takeshi: Doesn't matter.
      Liz: Come on, what is it?
      Takeshi: It was nothing.
      Liz: Tell me.
      Takeshi: Try not to step on your dress and look stupid.
      (Liz hits Takeshi)

    • Amy: You ask Liz if she's leaving for another team?
      Takeshi: (with a red hand mark on his face) No. All I did was ask her about the fashion show and she just kind of blew up.

    • River: Yo, saw your race. You haven't changed, man.
      Takeshi: Thanks, I really appreciate it.
      River: That wasn't a compliment, dude.

    • River: (in a cowboy outfit) So you're the model, huh? You gonna be okay out there?
      Liz: Don't worry about it. Beat it, cowboy!
      River: Didn't mean no harm, ma'am.

  • Notes

    • Alternate Title: To the Place Meant to Be

    • This episode featured the following music:

      "Freedom" (Fila Brazilia Mix) by DJ Food
      "Aqua" by DJ Food
      "Going Down" by Jaga Jazzist
      "Song for Mary" by Herbaliser
      "Nighty Night" by Wagon Christ
      "Cosmo Retro Intro Outro" by Amon Tobin
      "The Softest Thing" by Funki Porcini
      "Sloath" by Journeyman
      "Chomp Samba" by Amon Tobin
      "Dangerous Disco" by Treva Whateva
      "Quite Spectacular" by Hint
      "Carwreck" by Funki Porcini
      "Backyard Betty" by Spank Rock
      "Popsicle" by Cujo
      "Beyond Thought" by DJ Vadim

    • Jan-Michael of Velshetin wins the Midfielders All-Star race. River came in second.

  • Allusions

    • "Wardrobe Malfunction": Refers to the now infamous clothing incident during a Super Bowl halftime show when the bodice of Janet Jackson's costume suddenly came off her outfit. Liz got a much more favorable reaction to her problem than Jackson did.