Immortal Grand Prix

Season 2 Episode 12

Hostile Contradiction

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Aug 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Hostile Contradiction
It's White Snow vs. Satomi now in the IG-1 Finals. And as they've proven all season long, White Snow continues to have some dirty tricks up their sleeves. Team Satomi is in for a very difficult race up ahead, as the race for the championship title begins.moreless

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  • A strange, yet exciting episode as the series ending, this one features some very unusual animation choices and weird dialogue, but it delivers wonderfully with great action and plenty of surprises.moreless

    This episode is quite interesting. It's also enough of an oddball that I found myself going, "What in the world?!" a number of times.

    Let's start with the animation: the sequence of Luca and Takeshi versus Max's bear was a bit of a downer for me. True, I find it ironic that he "finally" beat her at that video game, but those were never the strong points of the show. It made me glad when the usual animation style resumed. Likewise, the "dusk" setting for this race is interesting. At times, the light effects made it difficult to really see the mechs with a lot of detail. I do think a night championship race like last season's might have been better.

    The dialogue is somewhat strange as well. The seen with White Snow and the kendo sticks versus Takeshi lacked enough dramatic trust to really work for me. I felt they could have done without it.

    However, the actual action and scenes outside of those were first class. This episode, depsite some odd choices, is very strong and delivers with tension and drama.moreless
  • Okay first we have Takashi and Luca fight this giant Teddy bear aka Max, then we have Team White snow transform into one huge mech! lol.

    After the fight Takashi had with Team White Snow, It was time to rest up for tommrrow. Both Teams get a good start in the begining. Max decides to hack into Takasi's mech but with the help of Luca, Takashi was able to stop the hack with his video game chracter. Yes his video game chracter. Team Snow isn't done yet. First they start copying all Satomi's moves litearlly. Next they start to beat up Takashi. Finally they combined there mech into one huge mech! One word to say. Cheaters!!moreless
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Steven Jay Blum

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Andrei: I'll give them this: These guys [White Snow] like surprises more than any team I know.

    • Andrei: All right, listen up, everybody. Get ready. We're on. You guys may've kept 'em from hacking into the O.S., but I'm sure White Snow's something else up their sleeve. You guys need to hit 'em really hard, and keep 'em off balance.
      Liz: Now you sound like a coach. I don't know what took you so long, but I'm sure not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

    • Mark: Wait a minute!
      Andrei: Something wrong, Mark?
      Mark: I knew I'd seen Max before. There's an article I read about her. She's been some kinda genius computer programmer since she was a kid. She even started up her own company.
      Miss Satomi: Why didn't we know this?
      Mark: Good question. Maybe she didn't wanna make a big deal out of it or something.
      Andrei: Hmm. Something about that little brat never did sit right with me. She's gotta be the reason we're having all these problems lately with our operating system.
      Jesse: If she hacked us, she's good.
      Mark: According to that article, she was already hacking into government servers and poking around the defense network when she was only seven, until they threatened to arrest her.
      Miss Satomi: This is bad.
      Andrei: Well, I guess White Snow ain't really all that pure, is it? Slimy bastards.

    • Andrei: (to Team Satomi) Okay, listen up. This is the last game plan of the season. You lost to White Snow once. Don't do it again.
      Takeshi: I think we were hoping for something a little bit more insightful, Andrei.

    • Amy:Takeshi! Are you alright?
      Takeshi:Yeah I'm okay. Thanks Liz. If it wasn't for you I would have been a goner.
      Liz: Shut up.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode marks the first time Takeshi has ever communicated with Luca.

    • This is the first time a race has been viewed during sunset.

    • This episode included the following music:

      "Proper Hoodidge" by Amon Tobin
      "Girls and Boys" by Spank Rock
      "Good Block, Bad Block" by Blockhead
      "Neotropic" by Neotropic
      "Boogieman" by Coldcut
      "Sonny" by Journeyman
      "Sunday Seance" by Blockhead
      "Stop, Motion, Traffic" by Blockhead
      "Ultra Freaky Orange" by Neotropic
      "Saucer Song" by Neotropic
      "Laundry Pt. 3" by Neotropic
      "Rusty Beats" by Journeyman
      "Just for the Kick" by Coldcut