Immortal Grand Prix

Season 2 Episode 6

Moving On

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jun 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • YES! Looks like Romeo and Juliet broke it off!

    Oki Doki then! Looks like Takeshi and Fantine are actually trying to go on a date! And we finally see what that package he gave her was: a bracelet! Nice one, too, by the looks of it.

    Hmm.... Takeshi seems to be hiding things from his girlfriend though. He told Fantine he had the day off... but judging from the faces on the rest of Team Satomi, he should be in that meeting with them. Not on a date with a girlfriend that he's going up against next race.

    And looks like Ms. Satomi is setting an ultimatum: Takeshi shows up next meeting, or he's on the bench during the race against Skylark. This does not bode well, considering that Amy's already out, and I think Team Satomi's out of subs. Don't you wish River hadn't left?

    Oh yeah, and if Team Skylark doesn't do well next race, they're out of the IG-1. Well, I'm sure, given the current condition of Team Satomi, they aren't in too much danger. Right?

    Wow, Fantine is actually pretty bright. She knows that her ickle boyfriend is avoiding someone! Of course, hard not to figure it out when his phone rings several times in a pretty short amount of time. It looks like she's a bit concerned about it- smart girl.

    And Takeshi is actually feeling guilty about skipping out on training. A bit snappish with his girlfriend, too- you don't just tell someone to 'drop it' if they're genuinely concerned, buddy boy.

    Meanwhile, Liz looks for our little runaway. First stop: Amy's room in the hospital. And what do you know! Amy gets to start physical therapy soon! Yay! So maybe she can help Team Satomi out during its crisis, ne? But still, no matter how much progress Amy is making, Takeshi hasn't come by. So Liz leaves a very confused looking Amy.

    But looky! She found him just after Fantine leaves to get ice cream! And she passes the team's annoyance onto him- but look again! Fantine came back! And how sweet, she gave Takeshi and Liz ice cream. Now Takeshi is depressed looking because his girlfriend figured his little secret out.

    Now he's aware of the ultimatum, it would seem. The next morning at 11, or he's in trouble. Come on wonder forward! Pull it together!

    The team waits with bated breath for him. Eleven o'clock has come... and gone....

    But there he is! Looks way too out of breath to be healthy, but he's back alright! And Ms. Satomi is more than willing to give him a last chance, but leads him on a little. Meany.

    And Team Skylark has a press conference! Happy day! And apparently, Fantine has no words for Takeshi over the television. But maybe in person she'll say something. Maybe.

    Actually, saying something in person looks like a definite, considering she pulled him back as they were walking towards their mechs. What could she possibly say?

    That it's over between them. Takeshi doesn't really get it. Fantine says that someone else cares deeply for him- which of course leaves Takeshi clueless.

    Liz seems a bit concerned about how Takeshi will race against Fantine. And Andrei needs to think of something new or he could be in serious trouble. But he's doing well enough, I suppose. Actually, he's doing pretty darn well. Apparently, Andrei liked Team Skylark a lot more before he had to race them, though, ha ha.

    And the whole flashback thing with Fantine and Takeshi is up again. Fantine says something akin to him not knowing how much this mystery person means to him, and vice versa. Takeshi is still pretty clueless, but he asks if she means Liz, and tells her not to get the wrong idea.

    But Fantine knows better than to listen. If she was wrong, he would have stopped her, or at least tried to call, explaining what happened on their date. Idiot never called. Geez, I'm single, but I'm not stupid- that was the wrong thing to do.

    Meanwhile, Liz gets beaten pretty badly. Mark can't fix that mech on the track, so she's out.

    Also, Team Skylark is doing their best to keep Fantine away from Takeshi. But of course, they don't do that to well.

    And Fantine has a moment of clarity! Apparently, Takeshi is more attractive as a challenger, than a boyfriend. And she would rather face him than be by his side. Well done, Fantine.

    The race is wrapping itself up, from the looks of it- Fantine is down, and looks out for the count. Takeshi and Andrei cross the finish line alone. Does that mean that Skylark's getting demoted? I don't really understand the point system... ah well.

    Team Skylark doesn't hate Fantine after she decided to face Takeshi instead of race- they understand that it needed to be done. Wow. Hard to believe that hard core sportswomen are that considerate of her feelings. Well, not too hard to believe, but it's sweet.

    Takeshi and Fantine sort of make-up/break-up after the race. They're cool with each other now, it would seem.

    Ms. Satomi is worried about how much longer Andrei can survive, and is surprised that he made it through the Skylark race. They really need Amy back, I think.

    Next episode!

    Amy's returning! But her leg and mental state are both questionable. And the next match is against Sledge Mama! But Yamma has his own issues: if he doesn't pull out a win, he's off the team. I don't really like the guy, but that's a bit much.

    Okay, before I wrap this whole thing up, I want to ask something:

    Did anyone else think that Jessica (short-haired pilot on Team Skylark) was a bit- oh, I don't know- overprotective of Fantine? As in, overprotective in a more than friendly way? I mean, the one scene where Fantine asked Takeshi to stay back, both Liz and Jessica didn't seem too happy about that. And since I think it's pretty much established that Liz has a crush on Takeshi.... well, connect-the-dots as you will. But that's just something I noticed. Doubt it's anything major, just thought I'd mention it. Bye now.
  • Aww...Takeshi and Fantine broke up.....oh well. At least Team Satomi won the race.

    Well I guess Takeshi is back to his old self I think. This wasn't really a good race. Plus it was very short. Usually, most races takes about two episodes to finsh, but this race only took one episode. Well now that Takeshi and Fantine are over, Maybe Liz has a shot at Takeshi lol.
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