Immortal Grand Prix

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jun 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

As the second lap gets underway, Team Velshtein begins their attack on Team Satomi. Jan Michael opens up on Andrei only to learn that the Rocket's still got a few tricks up his sleeve. The Satomi coach doges the attack in a brilliant flash of light, and then retaliates with a devastating volley of punches that Jan can't seem to avoid. Meanwhile, Cunningham has a score to settle with Takeshi and knocks him around like a rag doll before finally dragging Takeshi's mech along the side wall. The more Cunningham attacks the more infuriated he becomes with the ease with which he lands his attacks, yelling constantly at his rival wondering what's wrong with him. Then, all at the same time, a punch from Andrei and one from Cunningham rip an arm of both Jan and Takeshi's mechs requiring both teams to use up nearly all of their three-minute pit stops. During the pit Velshtein catches on to Andrei's slight of hand and Andrei, aware that his little trick has been blown wide open, reveals that he's genuinely unsure of what to do next. With the caution removed the Rocket comes up with a last minute plan and orders Liz and Takeshi to follow his lead. The three Satomi pilots continue on in a straight line, one behind the other, to finish the second lap with the lead, at which point all three switch to high-speed mode. For the better half of the course, Team Satomi manages to hold on to their lead, largely because they simply caught Velshtein off guard. As they near the home stretch, Andrei forces the three of them in behind Cunningham, thus creating one long single-file line of mechs. The pilots continue to maintain their positions—Cunningham out in front followed by Andrei, Liz, Takeshi, Jan, and Dew—at least, until Andrei whips out his last, desperate trick. Down the stretch, Andrei spins his mech out of control and rams it into the last two members of Velshtein, eliminating them from the race. Liz and Takeshi are now forced to take the checkered flag, or risk losing the race. When the remaining three cross the finish line it's Cunningham, Liz, then Takeshi, scoring fifteen points for Velshtein and only twelve for Satomi. Just as Benjamin Bright gets ready to declare a winner, a lone mech slowly makes its way across the line—it's Andrei, scoring another three points to force a tie! After the race, Andrei a Liz finally seem to see each other eye to eye, and it's a good thing too 'cause they still have one more race together. Takeshi on the other hand isn't making the same progress; he's still moping about wallowing, drowning in his own self-pity, unable to handle the pressure. While on his way home, Takeshi gets chewed out by the members of Team Velshtein with Cunningham saying that Takeshi can no longer be considered a "worthy rival", at least not with the stunt he pulled on the track. While taking his anger out on a game of Watch World, Takeshi proves that even his sister isn't safe from his destructive behavior when she attempts to pay him a friendly visit. It doesn't end there though, when Takeshi comes in early to practice his kendo Andrei challenges him to a sparring match to prove a point. "Takeshi, you're off your game and that makes you easy to beat lately…and I'm gonna be the one to prove it to you." Takeshi strikes first expecting to knock the old man down with one blow only to find Andrei deftly block the attack. Each and every attack the so-called Phenom launches is expertly blocked by his coach. Finally, when Takeshi tries to break a sword lock, Andrei sidesteps and allows Takeshi to overextend himself. With a quick tap on the hand, Andrei both disarms his opponent and wins the match.

At his lunch date with Fantine, Takeshi can't seem to get over his anger long enough to really spend time with his girlfriend. She finally decides to leave when she realizes "I'd like to help you if I could, but not when you're like this. The sad thing is, I can see you wouldn't even let me if I tried." As she leaves, Team White Snow's Zanak (who was likely eavesdropping) get into a little verbal confrontation with Takeshi with the sole intent of angering him more—to keep him off his game. Later that night, Takeshi calls up River and they meet so Takeshi can vent. River seems less-than-pleased about being dragged there to talk about Takeshi's problems. River finds it hard to sympathize with the pilot who was his biggest problem but figures, "I guess now you're your problem ironically enough." The only piece of advice he has to offer, "Suck it up, man," and with that, he leaves. Takeshi finally goes to Mark, the man who has been his confidant for the past few years, and asks him rather angrily to tell him the truth about how he's been racing. In an uncharacteristically enraged voice Mark yells, "You need to grow up! The IG-1 is not a place for little boys, Takeshi. Everybody here busts their ass without feeing sorry for themselves. You're not much of a champion if you're gonna fall apart at the first sign of trouble." While the rest of the team discusses their little hot-shot's issues, Takeshi sits at home with his ever faithful Watch World. As he calls out to find his online buddy, someone joins him in the game. His hopes of it being Fantine wouldn't last long when it turned out to be Max of White Snow. She crushes him, not even allowing him to win a video game on such a bad day. Though small, it's all part of Zanak's plan to keep Takeshi off his game and Satomi down and out. As Takeshi continues to mope, he realizes he's hit his lowest…

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