Immortal Grand Prix

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jun 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Andre comes back to the IGPX as Amy's replacement.

    Alright then. Andre. Back. After a decade. As Amy and Luca's replacement. Against Team Velshtine.

    Yeeah. Right away, you get the feeling that this will not be an easy match. For starters, the lineup has changed. Secondly, Team Satomi's morale has probably taken a hit due to the cause of the lineup change. Thirdly, the person taking over for Amy hasn't raced in years. He's way out of shape, and needs to get back into it.

    Add all of this together, and you get the picture of a very entertaining plotline. Put it together with Takeshi losing his grip- well, that just tops it.

    And the writers actually managed to mix all of those wonderful ingredients into a brilliant episode! Too many times do shows put amazing highlight moments into mediocre episodes. This ENTIRE episode goes on the highlight real. Easily.

    Okay then, enough about me being in love with this ep- mini summarization time.

    First off, both teams are obviously combatting each other. Andre is going up against either the midfielder or the defender. I'm hopeless at identifying any of them besides Cunningham, though. Just that oblivious. Anyways, Andre is apparently using little tricks to give his opponent misconceptions about him.

    Of course, the first thing wears out fast, considering that the team owner and Cunningham know exactly what Andre is doing. Ah well- he's a coach because he can make strategies... right?

    Besides that, Takeshi is going up against Cunningham. ... And doing about as well as a 9 year old would be. Unfortunately, I don't believe that to be an exaggeration. Completely off his game. Have no idea how he managed to live through the race.

    Anyways, to spare you all of the mundane details that no one except people who plan to watch the episode want to hear, I will speed this up.

    Andre is getting the feeling that he's wearing out fast. So, during a caution (at least I think it was during a caution- I'm too hyped right now to remember all of what happened) he talks to Takeshi and Liz about getting a new strategy.

    At the end of the race, the finishing line is in sight. Cunningham is in the lead. All players are in speed mode. Team Satomi has separated Cunningham from his team by getting in between them. All of the sudden, Andre starts to spin his mech around ridiculously fast. He moves behind and smashes into the other two members of Team Velshtine; incapacitating them entirely.

    Cunningham crosses the finish line, and Takeshi and Liz are right behind him. So that brings the point count to 12-15- Team Velshtine has won.

    But then, still going forward with a severely damaged mech, Andre crosses the finish line. Gaining three more points, and tying with Team Velshtine.

    What joy. What fun. And Tekeshi is still screwed up inside- a trait that seems to go into the next episode, judging from the previews.

    In order to get this over with, let's go to the previews. The next episode is Team Satomi against Team Skylark. In other words, boyfriend vs. girlfriend. Takeshi vs. Fantine. Their relationship is already on the rocks with Takeshi's little depression bit (which, by the way, makes him seem like a pathetic little kid that just can't take the pressure. Which he is, in a sense, I suppose.). Apparently, next time, Takeshi skips out on training to go on a date with Fantine, and Liz goes out to find him. Now, from the previews I can't gather much except to say that Takeshi and Fantine are pretty much dead as a couple (in my biased vision), and Fantine seems to be upset with Liz, or Takeshi, or both.

    Anyways, can't wait for next Saturday's episode to see what all of this is leading up to. Should be fun.
  • Nice.

    Man this episode was great! Who would of thought that Andrei would do such an awesome move to tied the score! The main thing I'm worried about is Takeshi. Everybody's jumping him! Even I'm starting to hate him...not really. I really don't think he and Fantine will stay together for long. I think Liz might be interested in Takeshi. Also, I hate team White Snow!! Oh did anybody notice that they was a lot of swearing in this episode? Didn't bother me lol.