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  • It needs to be brought back.

    The show does need to be brought back but not at the cost of loseing the show. If the show is being brought back just because we want it back, hey thats cool. But if it doesnt have a good story line like it did the 1st and 2nd seasons then it doesnt need to be back. So lets just hope after our year of hard work that it could make a comeback. Even if you dont think it can make a comeback, just give it a chance. And who knows you could love the show as much as the rest of us that love the show so much.
  • Grabs you by the edge of your seat!

    This show is the best and last TOONAMI(CN) original series ever made(that's my opinion). This show is mainly about Team Satomi with the racing members Liz, Takeshi, and Amy with her cat Luca. All they want to do is race in the IGPX and be champions. The best part about the series when Team Satomi pilot those giant robot racing suits on the track and they attack their opponents. It may be very tough for kids racing in the IGPX but it's not tough for Team Satomi. This has great animation, action, and drama. The sound effects are great on stereo. This show is one true anime series.
  • bring it back now!!!!!!!!!

    this show was hot even i liked it. i beleave it was the racing and fighting that was used that sucked me in and didnt let me go. i cant beleave they left us hanging at the end now that sucked because everyone knew what happened but now what. it sucked it ended to quickly. only 2 seasons long thats sucks there could be more to it like someone get hurt bad and cant race again or the cat died or something. its left me wanting more from cartoon network. i need my fix i want a show i can watch on friday after i come home and start relaxing. bring it back soon people need there fix.
  • I can't believe that they stopped it. BRING IT BACK!

    This is ridiculous. They took down an amazing seires, although I must admit that the last episode was actually a pretty good ending. Still, it's not complete. It needs more.

    But if only the writers dragged out the storyline a bit more, because normaly, two championships should take a lot of episodes to write out completely. But they finished the seires in all but 31 episodes! That's not nearly enough. It screwed this great possobility up very bad.

    Although it shouldn't end. This show still has a chance if they make another, more extended season. It would greatly help a lot. Maybe it would replace Bobobo!!!

    Overall, if you havn't watched this series, you should. It's the first good anime made my America. If there was one that was better, I'm sure I would have heard of it. This might actually be a trend setter. Think about it. America making amazing animes that need to be translated into Japanese? I could just imagine it.
  • Bring it back Now!!!

    This was one of the best animes of the past few years. At first i didnt even watch it. Then my brother started to get into it and at the mid point of season one i started watching it myself. It was great. It had the perfect blend of action, talking, and mushy moments. Then after being thuroughly pleased with season 1 i was excited about them making a season 2. Then, after a pretty long wait (or atleast it felt like that) i saw season 2. Now i hear that they arent making a season 3 as of now. Worst of all the reason they arent is because the producers claimed that it didnt generate enough interest. I think thats crazy and they should put it back on the air.
  • The animation is amazing and the character designs are gorgeus but the story isn't really that great.

    The animation is amazing and the character designs are gorgeus but the story isn't really that great. Two seasons full of team Satomi arguing with eachother and beating other teams. There wasn't enough plot twists to keep me interested except for maybe the reltionship between Takeshi and Liz, even that was pretty predictable. The story may not be fast paced but it's REAL. The characters and the situations they find themselves and how they react to it are REAL. That in itself deserves a look see.
  • Machines.

    A Show About Machines. The First American Anime. At First I Thought It Sucked, But Then I Started To Like It. That's Why It's Inspired Me To Make A American Anime/ Manga, Sometime Around When I Exit College. Too Bad It's Ending Soon. Wahh! *cries in the corner* Make More, Please!!
  • Until now.

    I've never been one for a sports anime let alone racing but I have been one for people beating the crap out of each other. And putting the two together makes it just about bearable. Not only that but what I like is that they don't emphasize the whole racing thing, (like Yu-Gi-Oh! where basically ALL they do is duel) you know that the characters are passionate about what they do and they leave it at that. No big speeches, no corny stories, just a simple, blunt sentence (short, sweet, and to the point). And they have episodes with no racing at all. It's great.
  • Really not THAT great.

    This show is good. But not that good. I could think of better animes shows any day. The plot isnt that good. In 2049 they have this new sport where teams design robots and race against other robots and they can hit each other and stuff. And what I also dont like about the show is not much humor.
  • fighting robot's and there racing agentist each other

    this show is alittle good some parts a like or love and some parts are funny but some parts i don't freakin get it!!! almost every time i watch this show they talk talk talk not enough racing and action. season 1 was the best season in the show except in the middle of the season and some of the episode's in the begining but i hate season 2 for me it's very boring so i give the show a 6.9 almost a 7 but it does not deserve a 7 but it dosen't deserve a 5 ethier cause it's not that bad
  • in the yar 2049 a new kind of sport has emerged on top. the Immortal grand Prix (IGPX) is a new style of racing with speeds of 400 mph or more. team satomi are this years rookies that are trying to be IG.1 champions

    in the year 2049 a new kind of sport has emerged on top. the Immortal grand Prix (IGPX) is a new style of racing with speeds of 400 mph or more.The team with te lowest rank in the IG.1 goes back to the IG.2 and the team with the highest rank from the ig.2 to the IG.1 and Team Satomi are the rookies in the IG.1 and Takashi is their star forward. The race is on to see who will become the next IG.1 champions and my moneys on team satomi.
  • In the not so distant future the world is mesmerized by the IG1. A sport where giant robots race around track ant speed over 400 mph.

    In the not so distant future the world is mesmerized by the IG1. A sport where giant robots race around track ant speed over 400 mph.

    IGPX follows team Satomi as they try to become racing legends in the IG1. The team is made up of Takashi, the sometimes hot-headed, talented, leader of the team;Liz the martial arts enthusiast,fighter of the team, and Amy and cat companion Luca who are the brains behind the outfit. Together they form a great team that is near unstoppable.

    The races in IGPX are amazing. Some mechs are outfitted with weapons which allows fore some cool fights, but mainly the pilots have thier giant robots exchange punches and kicks, which isn't too shabby either. And all of this happens at 400 mph.

    Where the races are where IGPX exceeds, character building is where it falls. The story offers only minimale explanation on the characters backstory and history. As well is there is no underlying plot,all your given is that they are racing to win. There is no mysterious person sneeking around or someone racing to save a family member. They are just there racing.

    However, IGPX is still a good show that shouldn't be missed.
  • In the far future the world's favorite sport is the IG1. in the story we follow team Satomi whose pilots are Takashi, Liz, and Amy. to win they must learn to work together and overcome the other teams if they want to win.

    I have to say it, this is an awesome show outright. it has everything i like and more. from the giant robots to just the drama of the pilot's problems, physical, like Amy's injury,social like fantine's breakup with takashi, and emotional like takashi's problems that occur all throughout season two. My favorite part is definitly the racing and the action as well as the just the tense nature of everything because of the fact that any little slip could lose the race. The racing is the best though because of the fighting on the track and technical problems that pop up every so often. The fighting on the track is amazingly animated as well making it pleasing to the eye. the way the characters act is also pleasing from simple rivalry to full blown arguments. that is why Immortal Grand Prix is an awesome show.
  • Racing, mechs,and fighting all put into one fictional team sport= AWESOMENESS!

    I was never much of a racing fan but this Anime surprised me that, even though it had elements very similar to racing it combined other elements such as fighting on the track, and the team element that actually made it fun to watch.
    In fact, I am probably as excited about races as real racing fans(No matter how sad it may be). Also I love that we get insight into the lives of the players. I SO wish that IGPX was real. I mean, in what other sport could a cat assist her owner in racing! maybe some day.
  • Giant fighting robots are awesome. Putting them into a race... well that just rocks.

    Takeshi, Liz, and Amy are each pilots of Team Satomi in the IG-1. Takeshi is their cowboy forward, Liz is the defender, and Amy (along with her cat, Luca) is the midfielder. The team is owned by Ms. Satomi, who is living her grandfather's dream of owning an IGPX team. Also, there's the coach, Andre, who is way too egotistical for his own good, and the mechanic, Mark. And just as a note, Mark is way too mellow to be normal. Also, there's Jesse and River. Jesse is sort of an assistant of Mark- or so it seems in my eyes. River isn't really anything... at the beginning. He wants Takeshi's position, but isn't good enough to be put in.

    Throughout the first season, Team Satomi runs into all sorts of fun issues. They are finding that the IG-1 is very different from the IG-2, and their introduction (the match versus Team Sledge Mama) confirms that. But since the IGPX is won through a system of points, and not just whoever crosses the finish line first, they manage a tie when Amy pulls out in front.

    Actually, what happens in that race is a simimlar tie to what occurs in the second season against Team Velshtine.

    The other teams besides Team Satomi and Team Sledge Mama are Team Black Egg, Team Edgeray, Team Skylark, and the returning champions; Team Velshtine.

    Eventually, River abandons Team Satomi in favor of joing up with Team Sledge Mama. That's how he gets a chance to be a forward.

    Takeshi also becomes involved with Fantine officially during the middle of the season. Liz doesn't seem too... pleased with this. At least, that's how it's been portrayed so far.

    But somehow, through emotional wrecks and just plain wrecks inside and outside of the circuit, Team Satomi becomes the rookie champions. But with the second season already started, and them as champions, there is obviously pressure on them that they are hard pressed to deal with.

    Overall, I love this series to death, though it can get a little odd at times. 10/10
  • A great show, realism where it counts and the coolest mecha I've seen in anime. If you haven't even seen one episode your missing out.

    Deffinatley one of the best shows ever to come out of CN and probably the best show on the network. With it's high intensity action and cliffhangers that make you wanna kill your TV this show is top noch and sets a standard to all anime. Even if it isn't rated very high it makes up in realistic personality and characters. All of the events that make up the shows base seem to have a very influential meaning even for every day life. This blows every other anime shown on Toonami way out of the water. The only stuff I've seen to top it have been on [Adult Swim] and only by very small ammounts.
  • Caught me completely off guard—if you haven't seen it yet, now's the time to start. It's a whole new anime!

    "In the year 2049 the world's premiere motorsport is the Immortal Grand Prix..." Thus the stage is set for the first Toonami original cartoon. IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix is an excellent show (and I'm not comparing it only with other cartoons). The premise of the show is fairly simple, about 45ish years in the future teams from all over the world compete in a brand new sport, the Immortal Grand Prix—sort of a cross between the video game series F-ZERO (high-speed futuristic racing on twisting, looping courses), rollerderby (skating around and beating people up), and of course, giant robots...what futuristic anime show would be complete without mecha?

    Visually, the show manages to accomplish a fairly difficult task, seemlessly blending hand-drawn 2D animation with cell-shaded 3D CGI. This is especially noticeable out on the race track where the background is entirely 2D but the mechs are fully animated 3D models. The animators also managed to make much more subtle blends of 2- and 3D in the environment around the characters, for example, the datapads and computer monitors used by Satomi's mechanic Mark display CG information and Ms. Satomi's cell phone features a CG holographic screen.

    Another impressive blend is the mix of Japanese and American storytelling. Many American cartoons tend to focus predominantly on the action while Japanese cartoons tend to focus heavily on character development (just generalizations). IGPX manages to keep plenty of action in each episode even if there's not a race going on and develop and "flesh out" the characters and make them far more realistic.

    There's something in the show for all ages—a bit of typical cartoon humor for the young'uns, a few subtle hints for the older viewers, plenty of action and story, and an overarching theme of sportsmanship and teamwork. For a, for a show, it's got the makings of greatness.
  • Nice show.

    I watch the first season and I feel in love with it! I If this was real life, I would go to every one of the races! I thought that was so awesome how they got Steven Jay Blum and Haley Joel Osment as the voices. This season seems tense right now. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • altough a bit of an overused idea the show plays out beautifully with great stories and action (though questionable climax writers in my opinion) a totally awsome show

    altough a bit of an overused idea, the whole racing thing and possible the even more overused futuristic racing thing, the show plays out beautifully with great stories -though lacking in team relationships (hmm maybe some to come (ponders....)) and action (though questionable climax writers in my opinion since they cant seem to play out a race to be a good ten minutes long and a good part of a race to be more then five) it's still definetly a totally awsome show worth watching over an over again, even if this show isnt your particular personal typw of show to watch.
  • this show is Speed Racer in the future...O.....K.....CRAP!!!!

    This show reminds me too much of Speed Racer ( I doubt if anybody remembers this) that show was good. this shows tries to be like it and other racing shows. Toonami, I know that this is your first original show, but come on, this show is the most crappy show next to Duel Masters 2.0
  • anothor overratted show

    This show sucks I have a few episodes and I
    hated this show so much who gaint robots when
    race when fighting I hope it gets caneled
    racing when fighting might sound good
    but its not this show is soooooooooooooo overrated this show has no plot stay away
    for this show when its 10:30 change the
  • It is really.

    this show is awesome. I mean who would not want to see a bunch of people racing robots and fighting while racing. I would like to comgratulate Toonami on their for this show. the picture on the race is the best. the drama on and off the track fits just perfectly, though they could leave out some of the drama. the offensive and defensive stratigies make the show look even better. without the fighting the show would crash and burn. I would not be suprised if the show wnet to the top in the show standings. Toonami needs to keep them coming.
  • Not cool.

    Racing robots that battle each other. BORING! I can think of a million other things that are WAY better than this piece of crap. Why bore us to death with this when they can air One Piece or Naruto in it's place? This show has no good action. Just get rid of this.
  • i fresh idea that took 3 year to become.

    also this is one of ther very rare show to bring on big name actors. which is telling you somthing and it on a cable/sat network.this show is equal to one other show in productions that cost alot of money to make and ad,s.
    this show begin 3 to 4 years ago when the toonami block was in it,s prime but sadly they only had a small bugget then. so it has taken them along time to make. one big draw in news of this show was that ther is alot of big name actors. that join in the bagwagon.
  • 2049: A new sport known as the IGPX or Immortal Grand Prix is the craze of the time. Fighting while racing to the finish line, teams strive for the top rank. Team Satomi includes Takashi, Liz, and Amy, amateurs just starting to make it to the top.

    At first, I wasn't sure if it would be good or not. But after I started watching, I found it to be really interesting. The characters are great, epecially Liz Ricarro (Michelle Rodriguez) who totally kicks butt. The show gets more and more intense with each episode. Can't wait until the DVD gets out. I hope they keep this show for a while.
  • Excellent

    This show is excellent in not only animation but
    storyline too. This show is set in the near future. Its about a team named well Team Satomi
    and the IG1 tournament. The race and/or battle
    other teams to win. Its also about there personal
    lives like Takashi going out with..that woman(cant remember her name). Anyways they have to I
    guess rize to the top and beat the tournament.
  • And here I thought toonami had run out of good anime.

    The first time I turned on IGPX I basically just wanted to see how crappy it would be, boy was I blown out of the water!!! this show may well be one of the top five shows ever to air on toonami,The story revolves around an imaginary but oh so cool sport called the immortal grand prix....think Racing with mechs,only 50 years into the future. But the racing isnt the core of the show,in my opinion it\\\'s the characters and the way they interact and develop during the show that is so compelling, Then theres the great dub job,awesome soundtrack,and top notch animation courtesy Of production I.G (Ghost in the shell stand alone complex)......its just A whole lot of great show any way you look at it
  • Cunningham and Amy!

    I think Cunningham and Amy are a good couple!I even made a picture that supports that!It shows Cunningham holding Amy while she bends back to him! Its cool! They make a perfect couple anyone else think that? In the show it doesn't really show that but i still think it would make a good couple!Even if theres a 16 way age difference!
  • Spring has sprung is mainly about Mark mom fakes she sick to see her son that she haven't seen in awhile!

    I like this episode! It kept my attention thur the whole thing! This one give me a new out look on Liz and Takaishi and how Liz is opening up more and maybe Takaishi will too! Mark's past live is coming into view more and makes me want to know more about him! Over all the show is getting better and better every weekend!
  • An amzing show. I didnt think an American anime could be this well done.

    This show is absolutely stunning. This is becasue of, not only the animation, but the story. Yu simply cant help but come back every Saturday to watch the new episode! Team Satomi hae finaly made it to the IG1, where a few elite teams race to be the ultimate IGPX champ. The toher teams in the IG1 seem to be all business though, while team Satomi lacks the seriousness needed to win. There style of racing is, eh, differnt. However, they believe if they have made it this far, they can make it all the way. Will they do it, watch the show and find out! The racing scenes are intense enough to get you to grip the side of your chair, while the hand drawn sequnces are funny, sad, and just plain fun to watch. Each charecter is unique, and thus you want to see more of him or her. Whats more, each episode always seems to say "To Be Continued" at the hugest cliffhangers ever! This is a must watch show for sure! Way to go Toonami!

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