Immortal Grand Prix

Season 1 Episode 6

Time to Shine

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

As the show opens, Team Satomi is in the middle of (presumably) the final race of the IG-2 season. Though a bit disorganized, Satomi manages to pull through and win the race. Afterward, Benjamin Bright, the "Voice of IGPX" announces that based on the final scores, Team Satomi has won the minor league IG-2. As a result, they earn the right to move up to IGPX League 1, the pro-league in which only the six best teams in the world can compete. In spite of their victory, Liz chews out Takeshi for leaving the rest of team behind. When River joins in the argument, it becomes clear that unity is not the team's forte.

With the IG-2 victory and the subsequent argument behind them, Takeshi and the gang get all dressed up for their big night at the 2049 IG-1 season's opening ceremony where Benjamin Bright introduces the year's teams to the crowd. After Bright's not-so-optimistic intro of Satomi, he moves on to introduce the remaining teams: Argentina's Team Black Egg, a defensive team that finished fifth last year; Team Edgeraid, the fourth place finishers from Switzerland; Team Skylark of France, the third-place all-girl team; Sledge Mamma, last year's second-place finishers and a team that never plays fair; and lastly Team Velshtein, the reigning IGPX champions whose lead pilot Cunningham "The Ghost" Hume is carefully watching Takeshi's progress.

After an intimidating run-in with Yamma and the rest of Sledge Mamma after the ceremony and River's barely contained outburst at Ms. Satomi, it's revealed that the IG-1 season opener will be a heated match between Team Satomi and Sledge Mamma. With the pre-race preparations complete, the teams march their mechs out onto the starting grid. As the race begins, the episode ends.