Immortal Grand Prix

Season 2 Episode 4

White Snow

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jun 10, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The battle with White Snow quickly draws to a close when their team's leader, Zanak Strauss, initiates their "Puppeteer" attack and takes complete control over Team Satomi's mechs. Liz's mech immediately begins attacking Takeshi before the pilots even have a chance to realize what's going on. As soon as Amy's mech is overridden, Luca discovers the cause, White Snow is using an illegal override system to force Satomi's mechs to do whatever their new masters wish. They quickly realize that putting distance between them and the new rookies is the only way to escape, however, it seems White Snow is not about to let their quarry go so easily. As Zanak and his team withdraw they force Takeshi to give Amy a devastating kick that severs her mech's legs from its torso a severely injures Amy, requiring her to be immediately evacuated to the nearest hospital.

At an interview after the race team White Snow feigns sympathy for Satomi and Amy, asking if she is alright even though they wounded her on purpose. Meanwhile, Liz and Takeshi get into possibly their biggest argument yet. Back in Miss Satomi's office, Andrei and Mark contemplate forfeiting the next race against Team Velshtein arguing that 3-on-2 odds with the former champs isn't worth it. Jesse, alarmed that they would simply roll over and quit gives a passionate speech about how the team's greatest quality is that they never give up. The speech inspires Andrei so much he comes to an unexpected decision—he will race in the upcoming matchup as midfielder, taking Amy's place until she's well enough to race. With his decision comes a revelation, something only he, Takeshi, and Sir Hamgra knew, it is revealed to the world that Coach Andrei Rublev is the famed Rocket G, an ace pilot who disappeared from the circuit fifteen years ago.

While The Rocket trains to get back into the swing of things, Takeshi's day off with Fantine is anything but relaxing as he makes her a bit frustrated when he refuses to really hang out with her. During a break in his training, Andrei tells Takeshi a fairly depressing story about what had happened to him since leaving the IGPX, and then…"gotcha", Andrei tells Takeshi it was nothing more than a made up sob story for kicks. As the race begins the on-time Rocket G reveals his fears about racing again and engages in some friendly banter with Takeshi proving that "great minds think alike"—a thought that seems to gross out Liz. After holding the lead for the first lap, Team Velshtein makes their move as soon as the battle round begins…