Immortal Grand Prix

Season 1 Episode 7

Win...or Lose

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The season opener continues with Team Sledge Mamma holding a solid lead over the rookies of Team Satomi. While Sledge Mamma holds a tight formation, Satomi seems a bit loose—a fact Liz blames on Takeshi starting an argument on the spot. As soon as the battle round begins Sledge Mamma whips around to begin their attack and officially welcome the rookies in to the big leagues. Yamma immediately opens up with his "ribbon punch", sending his rocket-propelled fist straight for Takeshi. While Takeshi takes a beating, Liz and Amy are left to fend for themselves and take a beating of their own. Just before Yamma can finish off his prey, Mark and the team's running skeleton race in to save the day, or so they hope. After repairing Liz's damaged mech the yellow caution flag is dropped and the race, or rather, the beating continues and with one punch, Takeshi is knocked out of the race to be followed soon after by Liz. The only Satomi pilot left is Amy who races ahead to take the checkered flag and end the race in a draw.

Afterwards, Liz yells at Takeshi as is her custom, angering him enough to leave for a little alone time. While Takeshi spends some time in the park to vent (and visit the squirrels) Mark and Andrei have a little talk about the team's performance. Andrei's a bit miffed about Liz "dumping everything in [his] lap" but shows that he's quite proud of the team for managing a tie against such tough opponents; he even says that he truly believes they have what it takes to go all the way. Meanwhile the team's GM, Miss Satomi, starts to struggle with acquiring new sponsors to keep the team funded. Back at the park, Takeshi plays the game "Watch World" to try to relive stress when Team Skylark's Fantine comes and introduces herself, it's the start of a beautiful friendship between the two, and maybe more.

Takeshi quickly comes to a revelation, the tie isn't as bad as it seems, they're in the IG-1, it's the "real deal", just making it this far proves they're not just some amateurs. Upon arriving back at Team Satomi's headquarters, Takeshi shares his ideas to the rest of the group. His words inspire the others, but most of all, himself. After a late night (imaginary) race in his room for, uh, training, it's off to the briefing room to prepare for the next race against Black Egg. Miss Satomi comes in to give the team a bit of a pep talk that further inspires the team, helps them realize what they have. As Team Satomi gets pumped, Takeshi's stomach expresses its enthusiasm, for food…