Impact: Stories of Survival

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Impact: Stories of Survival

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You never know when your life can be changed forever, in a moment of impact. Discovery Health Channels-“Impact: Stories of Survival” is a reality show based on actual life-threatening cases where the victim goes through a sudden moment of impact. Taped documents, re-enactments, computerized animation, and interviews with surgeons, doctors, and the victims themselves takes viewers through the full step by step process of the victims impact, treatment, and recovery. The show allows viewers to fully understand the cause and severity of impact on the human body, as well as being able to watch as the victim fights against all odds by using his or her own will to survive and fully recover.
Thom Beers

Thom Beers

Narrator (Season 1)

Wally Wingert

Wally Wingert

Narrator (Season 2)

Bill Ratner

Bill Ratner

Narrator (Season 3)

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  • Drag racing isn't recognized and appreciated as much as Nascar, and I don't think it right. I think it's much more exciting and more dangerous than nascar. It also takes more skill than just going around and around.moreless

    Let me give you and example of Drag Racing. Imagine going from 315 to 325 miles per hour. Everything going by you in a blurr. Then all of a sudden your back rear tires get blown out and your cars body breaks into a thousand pieces. Your cars frame breaks in two, and your seat straps are all thats keeping you from falling out on to the ground and being crushed, your legs are draging on the hot pavement going 315 miles per hour, them you suddenly and abruptly you hit the barrier and come to a stop...upside down! You don't know if your dead or alive. You just know that you are in much pain. You just went 58 G's, if you don't know what I'm talking about,let me explain "G's" It's the gravitaional pull on ones body or object. The Shuttle is only doing 4 G's on take off. A drag racing car goes 58 G's on take off. Take your body weight and multiply it by 58, thats how much the gravitational pull is in that car! All that I just discribed at the top, is what happened to John Force, a 14 time NHRA Champion this past Sunday in Texas..and he survived it! I think a show needs to be done on him. Thats all I have to say.moreless
  • Impact: Stories of Survival. Exactly what it sounds like.

    Impact: Stories of Survival takes you through different cases of shocking, scary, yet everyday stories. Whether it's a serious motor accident cycle accident, a snowboarding adventure gone amiss, or a cheerleader's stunt that took a wrong turn, Impact: Stories of Survival shows you all. I think the show is very interesting. The cases that they work on are heartbreaking. The show makes you trust people in the medical profession more and helps people to be more cautious and think twice about doing dangerous events. Overall, Impact: Stories of Survival is very entertaining and addictive. I reccomend it to anyone (who doesn't have a weak stomach) who loves hearing real life stories and who likes doctor shows.moreless
  • I\'m a sucker for the bizzare, and this show is no exception. Every night, it draws me in. i always find these stories just so amazing.

    The first time I saw this show, it was by accident. I had caught the one with the man who crashed into a bale of hay while louge (sp?) racing and near broke his whole foot off. I\'ll be honest; it scared the daylights out of me. The screaming, the foot just hanging there like that, the straw peeking out of his wound like he was the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz and he had started coming apart. I debated whether I would ever watch that again.

    I do still watch it. It just amazes me to no end how these things can happen. You always think \"What are the odds?\" and then something unexpected just happens, like two plane jumpers crashing into one another, or a marlin umping out of the water and striking a woman in the arm and chest. It is definitely an interesting watch. If you haven\'t seen it, I recommend it.moreless
  • I have been watching Impact: Stories of Survival since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season.

    I have been watching Impact: Stories of Survival since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season. It has really become my favorite TV show/soap and I now I hope to get my level up soon so I can watch it on here because I am working in the afternoon so I sometimes dont make it to be home in time so I can watch it.moreless
  • This is thee best show on the Discovery Health Channel.

    Out of all of the reality documented show's I've seen, "Impact: Stories of Survival" is deffinently the best.

    This show not only shows you the footage of impact, or the re-enactment, but it also takes you through the person of impacts life through recovery. Some of the things shown are quite interesting, and some just plain out gruesome. It makes you wonder, "How can people live through things like this?".

    Let me tell you, this show is very entertaining, and will keep you watching from beginning to end. If you're thinking that this show might be a waste of your time, think no more. Believe me, this show is deffinently not a waste of your time, it's anything but. You'll be glad you've taken the time to watch, as it will be worth it, every second.