Impact: Stories of Survival

Discovery Health (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Tornado Survivor
      Tornado Survivor
      Episode 10
      Tornado winds hurl a wooden stake into a woman's neck; A veterinarian is bitten by a diamondback rattlesnake and no hospital nearby has the antivenin; A man's legs are severed when he is crushed between two trucks; Motocross jumper Brian Deegan crashes while attempting a stunt involving a back flip
    • Motocross Mess
      Motocross Mess
      Episode 9
      Motocross jumper comes up short and crashes into sand dune; A hiker falls into a creek and is swept over a 40-foot waterfall; A teenager gets a blood clot on his brain after being hit in the head with a baseball, the accident leads to the discovery that his kidneys are failing; A robber beats a tobacco store clerk and hits her over the head with a stoolmoreless
    • Paralyzed Player
      Paralyzed Player
      Episode 8
      A high school football player is paralyzed from the neck down after a tackle; Two victims are both shot in the head during a parking lot robbery; A car accident leaves a teenage boy impaled by a two-by-four and the removal surgery is caught on tape; Strong winds cause a skydiver to hit the ground with the impact of a four-story fallmoreless
    • Photographer Electrocuted
      Shark bites teenage girl's leg off; Metal scrap flies through car windshield and impales passenger through the neck; News photographer touches power line with antenna and is electrocuted with 15,000 volts; Jockey falls during race and is trampled by a stampede of horses
    • Dragster Disintegrates
      Drag racer's car crashes and disintegrates at 300 MPH; Camper trips and falls face-first on a pitch fork; A woman's heart stops when she is struck by lightning at the beach; Bull rider hit in head by bull's horn, then is trampled two months later
    • A Jump Too Far
      A Jump Too Far
      Episode 5
      Motocross jumper overshoots his landing and slams into the ground; Man in pickup truck hits metal pipe gate head-on and is impaled through the stomach; A criminal shoots a cop four times at close range and hijacks her car; A teenage girl is accidentally hit in the head with a golf clubmoreless
    • Propeller Smash
      Propeller Smash
      Episode 4
      Racecar driver receives severe spinal fracture from crashing and spinning out at over 200 MPH; Airplane propeller slices through mechanic's head; 12-year-old boy pinned behind 1000 pounds of dry wall; Extreme skier falls over 600 feet down rocky mountainside
    • Chariot Crash
      Chariot Crash
      Episode 3
      Skier tumbles down rocky mountainside and slams into tree; Teenage girl on ATV hits fence post and severs her trachea; Chariot racer sustains multiple injuries after being catapulted; Mountain climber falls 60 into crevasse
    • Hit by a Train
      Hit by a Train
      Episode 2
      Man becomes trapped underwater when his kayak rolls over and gets stuck in rocks; Man falls from four-wheeler and sustains brain injury; A man gets his foot stuck in a railroad crossing and is run over by an oncoming train
    • Mountain Lion Attack
      Woman bitten in face by mountain lion while biking; Human cannonball overshoots landing pad and hits ground at 60 MPH; Man impaled through head by boat anchor; Rescue helicopter crashes into mountainside and rolls over crew member
  • Season 2
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