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AIRED ON 6/29/2009

Season 1 : Episode 4

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This mini-series shows what would happen if the moon were about to destroy Earth after being hit by a meteor shower. It documents a group of scientists, astronauts and soldiers who act as Earth's last hope.
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  • The Moon is about to hit Earth.

    This is one of the worst things I've ever seen on TV.

    Not because of the acting, images or effects.

    The story is almost ridiculous in the end. The ending is actually a joke. You don't have to be a scientist to know that the Moon being like that (not gonna tell the end) cannot be something just to celebrate and go on with our lives.

    Always the almighty US General (army, etc) thinking they know everything. That may not be false but it's boring by now.

    Also US president and his staff DEMANDING answers and solutions from things that never happened in the history of the planet and are against all known laws of science.

    The long stories among characters and every cliché (from astronauts making a sacrifice and installing devices that can never be done in real life until the kids of an heroic father) make this show something to forget about.

    The only thing I enjoyed was the small special effects with the few things that this catastrophe caused.moreless
  • Compared to others of this genre, this is not bad...

    If you have seen Armageddon, you were treated to an almost entertaining film, completely made painful and nearly unwatchable by Michael Bay's incompetent storytelling and ridiculous melodrama. Say what you want about IMPACT, but Michael Bay could learn some valuable lessons from this mad for TV effort. By focusing on mostly real, likable and relatable characters, this entertaining mini-series achieves a well-paced, interesting twist on the disaster genre. Other reviews focus on the bad science portrayed or the performance of Natasha Henstridge. I found neither to be a negative. I am quite a techie and without taking out a physics or astrophysics text, I found the science presented to be plausible enough. And as far as Miss Henstridge, considering where her career started, as the naked alien in Species (in which she was quite... let's say.. appealing), I am frankly amazed at what a competent actress she has become and the intriguing roles she has landed since.

    I enjoyed IMPACT, and was actually moved by the emotions presented in a well directed and edited effort. If you get a chance to se it, I think you will like it too.moreless
  • no comment....

    Worst acting in the history of actors... low budget shows never last... Story isnt so bad but the shows just straight out sucks. The best acotor in the show is the little girl whos cries are realistic. Dunno about the spelling on that. damn i need 100 words to review this POS show.... lemme use some dots......this show isnt worth all this time or a review. im bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. This show sucks. i wasted about 3 hours plus of my life just watching this POS show. actors need to go to acting 101. sweet almost to 100 words..........moreless
  • This is not science fiction, it is as much a fantasy as Harry Potter. It isn't that they made a few small errors in the math and physics, it is that they did not get one single thing right.moreless

    Evidently this was supposed to be a SyFy Channel miniseries but they got into a bidding war with ABC. I'd say that ABC lost. The only reason that this does not get the lowest rating possible is that the cast and crew did what they could with the material they had.

    It would take far to long to list everything that was wrong because every time they said anything or showed any computer generated images it was wrong.

    Just the highlights:

    1.A brown dwarf is an object that isn't quite big enough to ignite into a star - not a burnt out star.

    2."Pieces" of brown dwarfs need the mass of at least ten jupiter's to retain their density. Take a small chunk of it out of the gravity field and it will expand, sublimate and fragment into the density that the matter is under a planetary gravity. If it were primarily methane, it would become one massive cloud of rapidly dissipating gas. It simply cannot retain that density unless its mass more than 3000 times that of earth.

    3.We are right on the edge of detecting the gravitational effect of an earth mass object around a star system four light years away and we can't detect the effect of something twice as massive when it is light minutes away? Anything massing as much as two earths would perturb the orbit of every object in the solar system - it would wiggle the sun enough for us to detect.

    4.It wouldn't travel "hidden behind" asteroid debris, it would sweep it up like a vacuum cleaner as it got close to them.

    5.If this imaginary piece of brown dwarf massing two earths were to collide with the moon it would tear it apart while hardly perturbing its own trajectory- it masses twelve times as much as the moon after all.

    6.If this fantasy piece of matter were to circumvent the laws of mass and momentum and get itself stuck in the moon... the earth would then orbit around the moon. Why the hell would the more massive object orbit the lighter object? Actually, they would orbit each other just like the earth and the moon do but rather than the center being deep within the earth, the center would be two thirds of the way toward the moon.

    7.If this ridiculous conglomerations of math and physics errors where to actually be somehow forced into an elliptical orbit "around the earth"- ignore that this isn't possible for a second – then the tidal swell would drag the ocean up and over the continents while at the same time stripping the atmosphere from earth.

    8.What it would not do is pick and choose what items to have a gravitational and "electromagnetic levitating" effect based entirely on what is easy and cheap to create with computer graphics and what serves to create painful and irrational melodramatic moments.

    9.Every explosive device that has ever been built in the history of the human race, from Chinese fireworks and Greek fire on up to the last nuclear warhead to come off the assembly line... every damn one of them combined and placed perfectly would barely cause the slightest detectable wobble on the moon. Something massing twelve times as much wouldn't have its orbit changed by even a thousandth of one percent by everything we have. It would take very precise measuring devices a good deal of time to even measure the minuscule effect our arsenal would have.

    10.Creating any electromagnetic pulse strong enough to budge a body massing two earths would require several trillion times the output of every energy source on the planet. If they had this imaginary infinite energy machine they could not deliver more than a tiny fraction of the needed energy down that little imaginary nanowire.

    11.Delivering this nanowire to the core of the moon by way of a cruise missile that uses control surfaces that require an atmosphere does not work in a vacuum.

    12.They must be pretty tough to walk around in a 2g environment when the lightest space suit on earth weighs in at 275 pounds- read that as somewhere over 550 pounds on this new moon.

    13.If they somehow managed to create this electromagnetic pulse that physics does not allow them to make, then the effect would not be to "expel" the more massive chunk of brown star, it would to to fling the much less massive moon off of it. Twelve times the mass means that twelve times as much velocity would be imparted to the moon as to the chunk of brown dwarf.

    They got absolutely NOTHING right in their math and physics. The following individuals need to have their high school diploma revoked and should never have made it out of middle school.

    Michael Vickerman........ Writer

    Greg Gugliotta .......... executive producer

    Jonas Bauer ............. executive producer

    Rola Bauer .............. executive producer

    Ted Bauman .............. producer

    Howard Braunstein ....... executive producer

    Tim Halkin .............. executive producer

    Michael Jaffe ........... executive producer

    Irene Litinsky .......... co-executive producer

    Jesse Prupas ............ associate producer

    Michael Prupas .......... executive producermoreless
  • Continuing from Part One, Now that it has been revealed that the Earth has 36 days before annihilation authorities request theories to save the world. A plan is devised and loved ones rush to see those they have been separated from before it's too late.moreless

    Seriously, how did they get Natasha Henstridge and James Cromwell to do this "Mini-Series". It seems every few years a few of these TV movies or even blockbuster movies are made using this subject matter. On the positive side we have Armageddon and Deep Impact. On the negative side we have Meteor, Asteroids, and now Impact. But wait, in two weeks we will have another one a two parter starting on Sunday on NBC named Meteor with Jason Alexander Stacy Keach, Maria Sokoloff, and Christopher Lloyd. Oh the horror! These things always seem to come in twos!

    As I pointed out in my first half review the science in this one is totally out of whack. OK, let's forget that part. Can you say, Too Much Emotion! I would break this overall into two parts. :)

    Part One: We need to make our final shot at stopping this calamity look desperate but plausible so we'll try the old military shoot a bunch (287) of nuclear missiles at the thing and blow it up. Now that solution has failed we can try something even dumber but maybe more plausible. So we send up one valiant crew of astronauts, kill a few of them off in dramatic and not so dramatic fashion, and have a few survive the 99 to 1 chance they'll return so at least we can pretend to have a happy ending.

    Part Two: We have every emotional tear jerking scenario occur that is possible. People in the end all do the right things like get the woman to her lover at the last minute or help return the children of the hero after their grandfather died trying to get them to their father. A few comments about the production value and the story. Overall the production was pretty good. The editor needs to be shot. We break to commercial after semi-critical times, but when the real emotional tearjerker scenes we should be going to commercial break for occur we fade to black and continue on to the next scene. The editing was terrible. The acting was good but I don't know why most of these people did this mini-series except to get a pay check.

    From a storyline it was nice to see them using all the worlds assets in the end. It was a Soyuz Space Rocket that launched the final mission into space so it took the Russian Space Agency, the European Space Agency, and NASA to get together in the end.

    Let's face it. Overall it was a tragedy of immense proportions. The acting was sincere, the production values pretty good, the science horrible in general, way too emotional for any reasonable person, the editing atrocious, and the outcome unbelievable. Thanks for reading...moreless
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