Important Things with Demetri Martin

Wednesday 10:30 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Feb 11, 1999 Between Seasons



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Important Things with Demetri Martin
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Comedian Demetri Martin brings his comic variety to his very own sketch show. In each episode, Demetri uses jokes, his own hair, stand up comedy, animation and music to compile a sketch about a different "important thing." The show concluded after two seasons.

    Happy Days Dad Tom Bosley Passes Away

    Plus: Pickups for The Event and Outsourced, V loses a few episodes, and Friday Night Lights dumped by ABC Family.

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    • Suprisingly entertaining

      Ok, so when i turned over to this about a week ago, i wasn't expecting much, so i was pretty suprised when i ended up liking it, his quirky brand of humour is enough to mak anyone laugh, whilst wondering how the hell he manages to do it so flawlessly, a must see.

      So yes, it would appear to have anything you could possibly want from a comedy show, admittedly i only turned over in the first place because of the god awful BBC3 attempt "Lee Nelsons well good show." And Demetri martin easily made up for the BBC's awful attempt at a comedy variety showmoreless
    • Demetri Martin's unique brand of indie comedy will have you busting a gut and wondering where the heck he comes up with this stuff.

      I was a Martin fan well before the show debuted, and literally squealed when it was announced. Demetri has such a unique range of talents (from playing bells with his feet to drawing pictures ambidextrously), it was impossible for his show NOT to be funny. His comedy, which is witty and childish at the same time, is organized by category- an important thing. Though the sketches and jokes sometimes stray from the subject, each segment is so hilarious you forget to care. I had almost given up hope on Comedy Central sketch shows until Demetri showed up with this awesome show. And we all have Jon Stewart to thank.moreless
    • When I watch I literally LOL.

      Demetri Martin really has the ability to bring the humor to the important things. While he teaches us the importance of things, he makes us laugh using jokes, sketch comedy, animation and even music, what a showman! Sometimes sketch comedy shows are also called variety shows, and this diffintelly, without a dought, 100%, has variety. The critics rate this show as "Uproarious and frighteningly funny", "Nerd humor that rocks", "Smart, outlandish and very funny", "Seinfeld esque" ect. Sounds pretty important doesn't it? If it's Seinfeld esque then it must be an awesome show.

      In closing, Hilarious show you gotta watch it.moreless
    • Why doesn't Comedy Central just give everyone a show while they're at it?

      The humor is way too obvious for starters. Do you recall his safety episode, when he made the joke about the saying "Safey first?" It went something like this: "I like how people always say 'safety first.' It makes me wonder what comes next?" Then he flips the page on his easel, with the word "safey" on top, and the word "dessert" below it. He then says, "I think I'll get through safety so I can have dessert." I'm not quoting him word-for-word, but I know it went something like that. I also hate the way he stands there with his dull, expressionless tone forcing out his jokes that are so obvious, anyone could come up with it. The only reason his jokes are original is because other people were smart enough to be more creative.moreless
    • I'd rather watch him on YouTube

      While I love Demetri Martin on YouTube, I was sorely disapointed with his show: Important Things With Demetri Martin. I watched the episode on "Coolness" and it made me think I was watching a boring version of "The Chappelle Show."

      While his jokes are midly entertaining, his skits didn't hold my attention, and I didn't laugh once.

      There was a sketch about a hair cap for the shower that had fake hair on it so you didn't look like you were wearing an upside-down trash bag on your head. It would have been funnier if they would have cut it down a bit - the sketch was just to long.moreless

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