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  • Addicting

    This show is probably my favorite show at the moment. I've seen almost every episode at least twice, and I wouldn't complain on watching them again. I watch the show every Thursday and I never miss an episode. this show is addicting, once you start I promise you will wanna watch more. My personal favorite bits are the ones where they do strip high five and the one when they have to throw tantrums at the toy store. I recommend this show to anyone with even the slightest sense of humor. I don't recommend this show to anyone who is overly sensitive and can't take a joke.
  • soooo funny!

    love this show watch it everyday... this kinda show is something i would do! but seriously even my dad laughs so hard at some of them... so all u stupid serious stuffy downers need to chill and learn to laugh!
  • They make us smile...........

    Very funny!!!!!!! We love these guys. Keep up the laughter..................
  • Best Show Ever!

    This show is pure genius. It is hilarious. I'm honestly their #1 Fan and the show is AMAZING. It is for ALL age groups: Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors. I would recommend watching this show to everyone I know.
  • Hardcore fan

    I have loved the show since day one and have never laughed so much in my life. I can watch it alone and still laugh hysterically. The guys are so genuine and funny, it almost feels like I'm watching the show "Friends" but it's with four real lifelong friends who just like to mess with each other. I reccomend this show to anybody. It doesn't matter what type of humor you enjoy, these guys are the tops.
  • piercinq

    Inever watched the show before at all ireally enjoyed it! My friend loli did amazinq job with her Talent which is Piercinq ionly wish the best for her yu quys qot a new fan

  • piercing

    was extremely funny. I was laughing so hard. I actually dvr it so I could watch it again. loli was awesome.
  • Piercing

    I had never had the pleasure of watch n your show till last nite when I was informed that my girl Pistola Loli was gonna be on,,, I swear I had never laughed so hard & so loud due to a tv show,,,, I truly didn't think that he wouldve gone thru with it & actually get pierced,,, Pistola you handle yourself perfectly especially under all the scream in,,, I don't think I would've been able to do it myself,,, well you guys have a new viewer & fan!!! Great show!!!!
  • Funniest One Yet!

    Last night's episode had me crying from laughing so hard, especially with Loli the tattoo/piercing artist! I didn't think he was really gonna go through with it. Great show!
  • laughing so hard!!!

    OMGOSH......... i can honestly say i have never laughed at anything as funny as your shows, i love, love, love this show!! Just wanted to thank you for the times i am having a bad day i just pull this up on my laptop and get outta my bad mood and i get a true laugh from this show. i would love to have you come to Indiana someday and do a show here. you all give awesome pranks and i have used a few here and there, i have a 6 yr old daughter i will not let her know that i am going to do anything and when i do she gets so embarrassed cause i have her friends thinking i am an idiot or a crazy mom, i lol all the time at her reactions of the things i do in front of her friends!! Thank you all again for the laughes. GOD BLESS U ALL ;) your all so great!!! xxxx
  • Love these guys!

    I have been watching all episodes and most are hilarious and very entertaining, one here or there is a little repetitive yet still funny. These guys do the things some of us always wished we could do but never had the guts to do it. I just wish they had all seasons available for purchase on their website...

  • God give us Chris Farley back Please

    Hey how this show is still on TV is beyond me!! They do some joke and all the camera does is focus on these idiots because there the only ones laughing
  • If you are stuck in bed post op......

    My nephew turned me on to this show. My initial reaction was positive. I was entertained. However, this show quickly loses it's appeal. The show quickly became played out.

    Ok, I get it. you act like teenagers and have the buddy thing going. the constant overacting and ridiculous laughing is annoying. Three of the four stars have very limited comedic range. Their pranks are predictable and increasingly redundant. The only redeeming humor potential is the genuine reactions of the mark. At this point, it is not the absolute worst show on television, but I would only recommend it is you were stuck in bed post op and high on pain pills.

    They are likely nice people and not as annoying in real life. I respect their drive to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame. However, they would likely be more successful is they quit with this nonsense and develop a new series. They could create a similar family friendly prank show, utilizing various families as a cast. Family friendly shows have longevity. Also, if they cast new families each week, they could become executive producers, cash in, and stop overacting or staging annoying laughter!!! Take my advice!! I am smart. :)
  • hahahahahahahahaha

    This show is totally for people whom arent particularly bright. Anyone cam act rude and stupid easily. What makes it funny for grown people? hahaha hahah ha ha ha stupid easy money for producers. A waste of time and little energy. Defiantly caters to those left behind and those whom CANT catch up. Ha ha haha ha.

    Proud to be a loser eh? ha ha
  • Good clean laughs

    This is one of the best comedy shows my family has found. The jokes are old enough to crack up my father but childish enough for my 10 year old brother to enjoy. These guys are fun to watch, even though everything they do could potentially get them into trouble (but I think they all know when enough is enough). Keep it up Impractical Jokers!
  • These guys are awesome!!!

    Ever since the first episode, I have been AMAZED by the clever genius of these guys-- so original and never has TV made me laugh like this before--it is something to look forward to every week and I cannot wait to meet these guys someday. They are 100% the kind of guys I want around me on the daily-- I love you guys--you have brought TV back to life for me. There is something wrong with someone that doesn't appreciate this humor and I feel bad for people who are so uptight they will never realize how good it feels to laugh til your stomach hurts-- you guys should be extremely proud of yourselves for all of your hard work and how many lives you touch with each and every new episode. Thank you for making me smile!!!
  • My favorite TV Show

    Impractical jokers has to be one of the funniest shows that I have ever seen on tv.
  • Very Funny

    I have never met them in person, but I feel as if I have known them for years

    they are hilarious to the point that I have tears I laugh so hard, keep up

    the good work

    Lots of love,

  • This is one of the funniest shows on television

    This is one of the funniest shows on television. I look forward to watching the show each guys are this show All humains should see this show Funny till you Cry/ i love merv ,Merry/ ;)

  • Not funny

    Most all the things they do are not funny at all, Stupid for sure, but not funny. Like a guy banging his head against a wall, not funny, stupid, maybe if he kept doing it until you could see gray matter, then it would be funny. I guess you have to be from NJ to understand stupid.
  • The only show I constantly laugh at.

    I watch a variety of shows, and this is the only one that makes me red. Not of anger, but of laughing too hard.
  • Big Hit

    It takes a lot to be able to interact with strangers to get laughs. These guys came up with a great idea, and the show is consistently funny. This is one of the funniest shows on television. You know they come from Staten Island. They've got b***s. : )
  • Prepare for something truly amazing

    This show is really hilarious and I look forward to watching the show each week even the re-runs. I don't have a favorite yet because they are all extremely funny. I would give, Murr, Sal, Joe and Q each a 100%. Can't wait until Aug for the next season to start.
  • phenomenal

    These guys are outrageously ingeniously hysterical things that could get them assaulted. and all my friends and I love them and look forward to more. Funniest show I've seen in a while! Definite props to Q and Sal.
  • Awesome

    I love this show!
  • i dare you to give me a chance on this show!!!

    i will make you guys feel stupid lol in fun ill do anything!! to have a guest shot on this show!!!
  • Very Stupid Show !!!!

    This is what America likes to watch " Four grown stupid man doing things that other people would get arrested doing in public" so where is the justice ? This is a very stupid TV show and a very bid waste of time for America to watch when they can watch something better than this stupid TV show. They should cancel this show !!!!!
  • to the 1 who titled stupid show

    K so common sense r u that dumb that u really think they go into costco and these other stores without prior approval????? i mean come on ever1 of the stores well every place they use they have to get permission to do it all the people who got food stole i have no doubt they had there meals were paid single person they air on the show has to sign a weaver of some sort for them to be able to air who watches this laughs cuz its funny but the few I have met or read there negative comments all seem alike, they like u all seem like great big babies who prob just have no joy in ur life and need a freakin mean come I would call the chill the heck uptight rude people like u that just make everyone else know misery likes dont want ur ur negative self to ur cant even spell good w/o spell check an even i am smart enough to know they need
  • best show ever

    This is definitely my favorite show, I'm always laughing so hard throughout every episode haha love it
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