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  • Enough!!

    My husband and I are both seniors. When I married him 16 months ago, he introduced me to Imus in the Morning. While I generally like the show and it's personalities, I find Deirdre one of the most grating personalities on air. The Blonde on Blonde segment is nothing more that Deirdre screaming her own agenda over and over again. It's neither informative nor enlightening. Her lack of respect for Lise, who is obviously better educated and more articulate, is nauseating. Deidre adds nothing to the program. Is she were not married to Imus, who obviously has difficulty tolerating her too, she wouldn't have a career. I beg you please, get her fingernails on the blackboard loud mouth off the program.
  • What happened to the manly man they called Tres Huevos?

    The show is now a forum for his increasingly annoying wife. She has gone from the occasional guest, to once a week, to every day! There is not one segment that does include her talking over every other guest. If that's not bad enough now Bo Dietl is on more than once a week doing his lame stuttering, stammering Norm Crosby ripoff. I've listened through the years as he relentlessly peddled the Auto Body Express merchandise, the Imus Ranch, Imus Ranch foods and the greening and cleaning products. But I can't listen anymore to him talk about Wyatt and the rodeo. He makes Joan Crawford look like Kathy Lee Gifford. The current show makes me nostalgic for the days when he would drone on endlessly about Whittaker Chambers.
  • Imus In The Morning On Fox Business News Network Now Best Of All Morning TV Shows

    For Those that have figured out that not all morning national shows are trying to get the housewife audience you can clearly see that Imus is the show that covers the board. Politics, humor, news, weather, sports, business news but the guy who makes this show real is Imus - Don Imus. The man himself, By the way , he is not a racist. He has been doing wacky pick at people humor since the 70s. Tony is black. and he knows Imus. If Imus was a racist i dont think Tony would be on the show. Or anyone who feels that we are all humans equally created by the man upstairs. what makes this show so great is that each person on the show has an identitiy and personality and preferences stated on the air to define who they are. And the show is so casual they can talk about anything and do. its not scripted except for the reports and features so these folks just go at it and if you watch it you will get hooked. Their biggest audience are the affluent older want to get your affluent on- tune in to this mix of fun and get ready cause some of the features like blonde on blonde and the psychos will blow you away. If you love the human element you will attach yourself to whats good in the world as Imus elaborates on how good people can be that he knows. And the opposite as well. its got everything.
  • Imus lost his edge...

    I've been watching and listening to Imus since 1986. The show in it's present state is terrible. I can't believe Fox re-inked a new deal with Don, he's definitely changed since the nappy headed ho incident. Sick and tired of his ranch (which I have contributed to on numerous occasions) and his Rodeo nonsense.

  • Mt. Rushmore debate

    Hank Williams should be up there with Sinatra, Elvis and the Beatles. Before Hank you could not find a Country Western Radio Station North of the Mason Dixie Line and East of the Mississippi. But since then most of the Country Artists, including some that visit Imus in the morning, want to be portrayed as bar hopping, whiskey drinking, jaw cracking, heart breaking cowboys just like Hank was. There was Country Western before Hank, as there was Rock & Roll before Elvis, but like Elvis, he was the one that made you want to listen to it.

  • Prayers for you, Imus

    Everyone in our little town is praying for your health. MOST of them want you to get better ;) Take care! We love ya! Ohio

  • sal monella and the washington redskins

    the Imus complains about a football team named after indians? Yet, he does not show similar restraints when it come to demeaning the Italians in this country. A country discovered by an Italian, named after an Italian and without the contribution of the Italians the history book of the western world would be very thin.

    The Romans populated England form 400 years and created London from nothing. Imagine the English living here form 400 years. Our American blood would be pretty much over flowing with a British ancestry. How much of British blood is Italian....

    up and at least try to be consistant in what you say ...
  • I am so addicted to Imus, that I changed from cable to Dish, just to watch this one show on RFD-TV. I think the show has toned down somewhat, but it's still the only show to watch in the morning. "Morning Joe" on MSNBC is no sub.

    I am so addicted to Imus, that I changed from cable to Dish, just to watch this one show on RFD-TV. I think the show has toned down somewhat, but it's still the only show to watch in the morning. "Morning Joe" on MSNBC is no substitute, Mika B. is the only bright spot on that turkey. FOX news leaves me raging, and CNN just doesn't move me. As for the non-cable AM talk, they are aiming for the coffee-clatching gals who watch "The View," not my cup of tea. I think that Rob Bartlett's schtick is getting a little tired.
  • I thought I hated Imus until couldn't watch him and his show anymore! I love his surprising opinions and his politacal and musical guests. MSNBC made a terrible mistake right along with Imus. Get over it.

    Love it, and was so happy to see Delbert McClinton again.I hope we don't lose RFD TV because then we lose Imus forever. His humanity overcomes any and all of his flaws. I think Imus grows with every obstical that is thrown in front of him and he also helps the rest of us grow with him. I wish many others had the nerve to say what he says and sometimes makes me very angry, but makes all of us address what is really out there and needs to be talked about in a very raw way. Don't make him go away, like it is easy to do sometimes. He's needed.
  • Imus looks like a mummy

    Imus looks like a desiccated mummy preserved in a cave in the Andes Mountains. He has to be at least 500 years old. His white, wispy hair makes him look like he belongs in a nineteen eighties hair band. I've never listened to his radio show, and I don't intend to start even though he's returning. It just bugs me that this dried-up old coot thinks he can comment on the physical appearance of others, especially young women who are going somewhere in life. Has he ever looked in the mirror? Perhaps because he has a young, hot wife he thinks he's a stud. Nothing could be further from the truth. No one would give him a second look if he didn't have money and fame. He should keep that in mind next time he opens his yap.
  • Radio on TV

    The Imus in the Morning radio program has been on MSNBC for 10 years now. TV is better for it. Don Imus uses his unique humor to analyze the current political and entertainment scene. His supporting cast only enhances the program. His brother Fred and wife Deidrie are frequent contributors to the program as well.

    Respected television journalists stand in line to contribute to the program. Tim Russert, Andy Rooney, Mike Wallace and many, many others are frequent guests.

    The program begins every morning at 6:00 Eastern and lasts 3 hours. Starting your day with this program is highly recommended.
  • Great program. The show is hilarious, while still informative.

    Amazing Show, part of my daily ritual and makes me laugh every time. Imus is hilarious, and for a cynical, grumpy, octogenerian, he knows how to tell the news. The only problem is, Imus needs to be nicer to fatboy. He always claims that the "Fat Boy Lock of the Week" is incorrect in some way. Grand piece, possibly one of the greatest news/talk shows ever on MSNBC, and gives the station its identity. Imus may be cranky, but deep down he's a great person with a good sense of humor. Imus's western roots add flare to the program, and is original.
  • Say what you will, this guy is entertaining.

    Don is quite a strange guy, to say the very least. Like every strange guy, he brings strange company, but entertaining company. Don is not shy, and this can bother some people. He will bring up things that others dare not do. He has guests that normal people couldn't care less about, yet he makes them interesting. He is the Jon Stewart to my morning.

    Though always bitter, he gets the job done by putting just about the same quantity of spin the news as that hack Bill O'Rielly, yet he does it in an intentionally funny way. I hope this decrepid old man lives forever to complain when I am old and on my deathbed.

    He is actually a sweet old man for what he does to help sick children, and a role model for the cronically cranky.