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In a Fix

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Following in the footsteps of shows such as Trading Spaces and While You Were Out, In A Fix is a home improvement type show that follows a team of crew members and designers as they help to "fix" a home repair project that has gone terribly wrong. The team stages a dramatic intervention on the family handyman or woman in desperate need of help, and they help the wrongdoer to not only fix the problem, but to turn the small fix into a major redo.

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  • In a Fix is the best show TLC. It is informative,funny and the best casted show on TLC. Why is TLC taking it off? The In a Fix cast is unparallelled in skill,humor and integrity. Not since Friends have my family become this invested in a cast.moreless

    Finally a Home Improvement show whose focus is to help others in need. Beating ABC to the punch ,this flawed, funny and sometimes dysfunctional cast always arrives to save the day of yet another hapless homeowner. We love this cast because they obviously love what they are doing. We identify with the beleagured homeowners. In fact the bigger mess they have made, the better we like it. As viewers we learn all kinds of home improvement skills, not just decorating. The endearing theme of this is that we are all flawed ( both cast, crew and homeowners)! We laugh,live and definitely LEARN about how in our mistakes we find friendship,undrstanding and even a little humility. This show represents everything TLC espouses to be. TLC should be proud to have a show with such Heart and Integrity. I hope that this wonderful cast knows how very special they are. Without even one member it would have been a different experience. I hope all involved in the In A Fix production is very proud of the work they did. You made very good television that left us all a little smarter,happier and with the knowlege that helping others is where the joy is! TLC---Please WAKE UP!moreless
  • Great Shows! They always keep your interest. They leave you wanting more! ...And now what happened?

    I love this show. It is very hard to pick a favorite episode, because all the shows are GREAT! However, what has happened this week? The show has not been on TLC at all! Why? Please let me know if the show was only temporarily taken off and when will it return? Also, will all the crew members be the same. I cannot say enough good things about all of them. My night ended at 2:00AM watching In a Fix. My night no longer feels complete without being able to watch In a Fix. I am hoping, they are all on vacation. I can only say I know I am not alone, when I say, We miss them a lot!moreless
  • my personnal favorite and my new best friend.

    Wow you guys rock, the new best show on television. im watching it all 7 days of the week, im learning new tips you guys gave the the tv audiance watching at home. it tell me how to finish my house, i wish you could come at my place and finish the house, or whenever im gonna have a house myself, this would be cool. but i think you guys only do the show in the USA while im in Canada.moreless
  • This show totally rocks! Marc Goldberg is so funny and hot, the cast is fun, and the projects are creative and informative.

    This show totally rocks! Marc Goldberg is so funny and hot, the cast is fun, and the projects are creative and informative. I found out that one of my 7th grade students watches the show, and I was so excited to have someone to compare notes with after watching it each day. Now that school is out for summer, I'm happy to have found this spot (online) to gush about it! :-)

    Be sure to tune in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • I love this show. I watch it every night at 1:00 a.m. It is a real boost, and I find myself wanting to start tearing down some of my own walls. I only wish you would come to my house. This beats watching the depressing news. Keep it up.moreless

    Best home remodeling show out there. Great people on the show and alot of laughs. We need more of this on tv instead of the news and all the negativety. Wish you could come to my house. By the way the guys are great to look at! I even want to start tearing down some of my own walls. My husband is disabled and he is waiting for me to come in with a sledge hammer. Ha Ha. Hope this show stays for a long time. Thanks for the ideas and laughs. Tinamoreless