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In a Heartbeat

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Welcome to the In a Heartbeat guide at In A Heartbeat is about teens working as EMT's while going to school while trying to maintain the life of a normal teenager. The squad is made up of Val Lanier, she's a good student and a cheerleader. There's Tyler Connell, the football player who's dealing with his step dad. Hank Beecham is Tyler's best friend and on the football team too. He's the "professional" one of their group but in the pilot we see a different side of him. The fourth member of their squad id Jamie Waite, and unlike everyone else on the squad he's not there by choice. He's the reble who doesn't want to be there, he want's to finish his parole and he's out of there. He's on probabtion for steeling, much to the dismay of Alex Freeman, the man in charge of running the station who thinks that Jamie should be kicked off the squad. Alex is assisted by Brooke Lanier, Val's 12 year old, super organized sister. She's often referred to as "Queen of the Paperwork." The last member of their group is Caitie Roth. She's goth and Tyler referred to her as "A Goth Sloth" Jamie's her "Back-up best friend" second only to Val.moreless
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  • Please Bring it back or atleast to DVD.

    When Disney had this show on it was so good, I never missed an episode. One day I went to watch it and it just wasn't there. I later found out that it had been cancelled. I was so upset. I thought it was a great way to get kids interested in the medical field. I mean I wanted to do that! I thought being an EMT would be great! and Mostly it was because of that show. I think that if they were to either Bring it back or atleast put it on DVD they would be shocked at the ratings or sales. I mean look how many medical shows we have on TV now!moreless
  • Disney bring it back!!!!

    I loved this show i remember when people stoped whatching it and it was only on at 2:00 in the morning. I would stay up just to whatch it. The cast was great the plot was great being a teen when this show was out I wished i was them. I for one am going to send an email to disney asking them to show some reruns. its not like I can find any episodes on the internet.

    P.S. if anone knows where I can get some episodes pls. tell me.moreless
  • I can't believe it's gone!

    This show was like a Disney Channel verson of Strong Medicine! I loved watching this with my little sister who was very little at the time. Well, she was eight years old. Still, she and I watched it as much as we could and we adored it. This show was not only a medical show, but also a show about regular teen life. I think it mixes teen life with medical-care life. It was so wonderful watching those sixteen-year-olds save lives and take care of people around them. I am all for it, because taking care of people is what I like to do as well. I miss this show so much.moreless
  • About a group of EMT who are going though high school, and just tring to get by. Conflict and heartbreak....this show was way a head of it\'s time. The leads went on to biger things like X-Men and Smallvillemoreless

    One of the first TV shows on disney that was starting to focous towards the teenage group. The drama held the atention of older crowd. The Heart pumping drama with the girl nextdoor, the typical bad boy, the geek just tring to fit in. the fear of what ever is coming when they hear their beeper go off. On again off again relationships between the chariters helps keep on hooked. This started the new fad in in TV dramas leading up to gilmore girls, the oc, and one tree hill. This drama was canceled after a short run on disney. The actors used it as their break and the break towards new TV.moreless
  • i love this show. i got my emt at 16. i was good to be able to relate to a show. screw disney for taking it off. it was actually amazing. people could act on the show. not like the **** thats on disney channel now.moreless

    i love this show. the acting was good. the show actually gives a somewhat acurate representation of what its like to be a teenage emt. i never wore a jump suit thought at my rescue squad. bring this show back. it was one of the only disney shows where the actorscould actually act. the show is so good i love it. go to and vote for it to get released on dvd.!!!!!! The show is so good. The medical stuff is pretty acurate. im my state at most 9-1-1 companies you have to be 20-21 to drive the ambulance and at least 18 to be an emt i.moreless