In a Heartbeat

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot (1)

Aired Unknown Aug 26, 2000 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts with football and cheerleading practice. Hank throws Tyler the ball and he catches it. With his eyes completely fixated on Val, he runs into another football player. While laying on the floor and naming Val his inspiration, they trade smiles and Hank helps Tyler off the floor.

Meanwhile, Jamie, Caitie, and their rebel friends are under the bleachers talking about Caitie's fake stud she uses to freak her parents out by putting it in inappropriate places. Tyler, Val, and Hank's EMT beepers go off and everyone leaves practice to go on the call.

At the scene of the call, a construction worker has injured himself with heavy equipment. When Val, Tyler, and Hank make it to the scene, he freaks out and doesn't want the kids treating him. Val talks him down and they do the job.

In the next scene, the kids are recapping what happened. Hank mentions him making unnecessary racial slurs while Val and Tyler compliment each other on doing good jobs. Then Alex, the boss, comes in and tells the kids about rookie orientation the next day.

Back at home Val, with her younger sister Brooke and her mom Kelly, prepares dinner in the kitchen and then Danny, their dad, comes back from work early. Kelly and Danny embrace in a romantic kiss as Brooke and Val watch idly by.

Alex has a talk with the Mayor and she mentions to him that he's going to have an assistant director working with him, much to his dismay.

Next scene cuts to the rookie orientation where all the EMTs explained the procedures, rules, and responsibilities of being an EMT. Jamie is one of the troubled teens in the orientation.

Next scene Val, Brooke, and Tyler are walking home. Brooke is talking about the tension between Alex and Jennifer but Val and Tyler are ignoring her and just looking over at each other. Val asks Brooke to walk ahead while she stops to say goodbye to Tyler. The goodbye is sweet but rather awkward.

The scene cuts to Val and Caitie walking in the school hallways and talking about Tyler. Caitie asks why he hasn't asked her out through all the long, tortured, subtext. She blames it on school, sports, cheerleading, and the EMS job. Caitie objects and says that there's no rule that says she can't give into her feelings. Val tells her she doesn't know what she's talking about and all she does is try to be different. Caitie storms off after the insult and Val looks disappointed.

After Jamie and Tyler do a EMS clean-up, Tyler notices that Jamie didn't mark off a traffic cone. Tyler and Jamie have an argument about the whereabouts of the cone. But ultimately, Tyler tells him he has to find it or pay for it.

Scene cuts to Val and Brooke in the kitchen alone. They talk about how their parents are arguing. Danny walks in and shuffles through the fridge for food. Val warns him about cholesterol in the barbeque he picks out. Kelly walks in and gets mad because he's eating barbeque when she cooked turkey loaf. They both storm out of the kitchen.

Next scene, Val and Tyler are sitting on the bleachers. She talks about how her dad is hardly home because he works too much or too long. Tyler talks about how his dad is miles away and his stepdad isn't too great of a father figure. He mentions that his dad is a lawyer and he was never around even before the divorce of his parents. Val mentions that her mom is getting frustrated because her dad's advertising agency isn't making any money. Tyler tells her not to worry about what's happening between her parents because they don't always get divorced. Val thanks Tyler and says it's really easy talking to him.

Next scene, Tyler and Jamie are on a call with a woman crying hysterically. They find out she's crying because her dog died. She asked them to give him mouth to mouth but they resist for a while. After more crying and guilt, Jamie gives the dead dog mouth to mouth.

Scene cuts to Jamie and Tyler walking away from the call and laughing at the situation. Jamie notices a car that passed through the same street numerous times. Tyler asks him about the 4th traffic cone he was supposed to get. Jamie says that he bought a new one and someone is stealing them.

Alex is furious when he hears the news and is ready to take Jamie off the troubled teen program. Jennifer is against it and says that Alex has to give him a last chance.

Next scene is in school where Val meets up with Caitie and asks her if she wants to go shopping. Caitie, still holding a grudge, makes an excuse. Val asks her not to be mad and says that she wants to make-up. Caitie says that they live on two different planets and walks away.

Scene cuts to Val talking to Tyler about the fall out. Tyler comforts her with his advice and then helps her with math. They get caught in some deep stares and their faces come nearer and nearer. Before they can kiss, the accident alert goes off and Tyler, Val, and Hank run off to call.

At the scene, Danny is laying on the floor and groaning heavily. Val starts to panic and is told not to get too emotional because they have a job to do. As Danny's heart begins to fail, Hank gets ready to use the defibrillator on him. He checks to make sure everyone is standing clear. Val is still rubbing his legs. He calls clear another time and she lets go and cries while she watches him get shocked.
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