In Case of Emergency

Season 1 Episode 5

Denial for a While

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 31, 2007 on ABC

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  • Its nice to have another semi clean show to enjoy, it's original in many ways and they don't use the same old story lines and jokes, gotta like it ABC is really making great comedy's again!

    I am happy to see another ABC great come into the picture it's real comedy and its original, yeah maybe not the freinds aspect but its differnet and I actually look forward to Wednesday night almost as much as my Sinday and Thursday nights with Greys and desperate housewives. It kind of reminds me of Full house but my only complaint is they should shorten the commercials and add more show!
  • It's only Money!

    "In Case of Emergency" is becoming my favorite show. The cast is at it's top form and my favorites are Kelly Hu and Lori Loughlin. this episode is no exception. My personal favorite epiosde is when Jason makes gets a call that irrated Loughlin. I love her performance. Loughlin in her doctor's unform is very sexy. This week the three goofballs are having money problems and they ended up beating each other up in the end. Kelly's fake chinese accent comes and goes. Just like tony Randall's accent in "the Seven Faces of Dr. Lao!" It comes and goes too. In two weeks, the show will return with guest star Jame Seymour. I saw her make a guest appeareance in "How I met Your Mother," and it was terrible. I hope it's not a repeat.