In Case of Emergency

Season 1 Episode 11

Happy Endings

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 04, 2007 on ABC

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  • That Magic Touch!

    I like the outfit Kelly Hu wore in the start of the episode. She is very hot. that's the hottest outfil that she has wore in the series. I didn't give Kelly Hu a 10 for nothing. The forcus of the epiosde is Lori's painful neck. she is sent to Kelly and you guess it. It was in the middle of a bust by the police. I was going to give it a 7.5, but with Kelly Hu's hot outfil at the beginning of the epiosde, I moved the rating to a 8.5. I suggest that ABC renew the series for next year. I want to see what Kelly Hu wore next, or the outfit Lori Loughlin wore. Hu and Loughlin are the two sexiest women on "In Case of Emergency."