In Case of Emergency

Season 1 Episode 2

It's Got to Be the Morning After

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 10, 2007 on ABC

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  • I'm not sure if I liked this one better than the first.

    What can I say? I guess this is a bit to silly for the kind of humour I like, they try to build a story where there's no story at all ending up with some pretty silly and out of place moments.

    I sure did laugh around a couple of times but nothing immense. Again, I think that if it wasn't for Kelly this show wouldn't have any interest at all. The story is dull, characters have no real personality, most jokes are silly and misplaced and there isn't really a good argument behind the whole thing... I'll wait to see if it gets better though, although I'm not sure if it'll happen.
  • Seinfeld lives again

    Last week, I saw the very first episode of "In Case of Emergency" and I can't wait to see the second episode. Well, here it is and I'm very happy. Kelly and Harry are moving her stuff out of her boyfriend's house, when he show up. As they leave he open fire on them. Is that legal for a cop to open fire on a guy and his former girlfriend? I don't watch Court TV, so I don't know. Meanwhile Jason is trying to hit on Dr. Joanna despite the fact that she's engaged. If there's one cast member to keep an eye on and that is Lori Loughian. She could be the lightning rod of the series.