In Case of Emergency

Season 1 Episode 6

Oh, Henry

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 28, 2007 on ABC

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  • Cute, funny and some very sexy moments. 5 Stars from me!

    I thought this episode was pretty funny, and because Jane Seymour plays Jason's mother I gave it a 10. Jane is just plain hot and sexy and once again proved that she's also very funny. I wish she had more than just three episodes. Seeing her playing Jason's (David Arquette) mother this is actually very flattering for her. Isn't he in his end-thirties already? So, Donna/Jane must have been a very young mother when she had him. (big grin)

    I love her Sixties outfits and hairdos, she looks so good in those mini skirts, huge earrings and everything.

    I don't care much about Greg Germann's character Sherman, but I adore Jonathan Silverman as Harry. I'm glad HE paired up with Donna; not Sherman because he's just too cute. Despite my reservations towards Kelly Hu (simply because I didn't know her before) I really enjoy her character; she's not only beautiful and sexy, but (almost like Jane Seymour) really funny as well.
  • Jane Seymour's the reason why I'm giving "Case" a 9.

    "In Case of Emergency" is getting to be my favorite show, and while pee-brains are off to FOX watching grow-ups lose to fifth graders, I'm wartching the best show on television. I'm adding another reason why I love the show, Jane Seymour. she is very sexy and unlike her appreance in "How I Met Your Mother," She comes across as very sexy. She plays Jason's mother who flirts with Harry. I wish Jane Seymour would flirt with me. She is the best thing in this episode and I hope she comes back. Other than that, Kelly took shermann to a strip club and Jason deals with the death of his unbcle while facing prison. I'm asking ABC again to consider this series and I like to see renew for next season.
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