In Case of Emergency

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 03, 2007 on ABC

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  • Not bad for a pilot but not that good either.

    I can say this kept me entertained the whole time, the story is quite interesting for Pilot but doesn't really grab you.

    A group of ex-school colleagues meet again accidentaly after many years and for the weirdest reasons... hijack, shot in the foot and weird encounter at massage shop. There's not much more to add, I found this Pilot to have me laughing around a half dozen times which is not bad but not good either, there sure are some funny parts but I guess some more wouldn't be bad for the show. Kelly is damn sexy and I guess that she's the main reason why I am excited for the next episode since there isn't much of story to follow here.
  • i was expecting \"the class\"v2.0

    And who would not the basics are the same

    however i do need to say that this pilot suprised me the good way

    Harry (silverman) is one of those characters that have this thing you want to scream at them for beeing clueless but still you like them (bit like alan in 2 and a half)

    Greg germann\'s sherman yablonsky is an instant hit, the dieet guru that goes balistic, very very funy. David arquettes jason, i dont know, he is a clumsy idiot, but takes time to like a guy that has \"enron crony\"on his forehead

    The thoughest one is kelly hu, are hookers funny, we will see this one had some fun moments (destroying the duck toy!)still i am not going to deny that as long as she wears those tight t-shirts she would get away with almost everything

    i dont get the prominent placing of lori loughlin, yes she is well known, but her only part in the pilot is to get hit on by jason

    so oke yes it needs work, but i have a good feeling about it
  • Reunited and it feels so good!

    "In Case of Emergency" is more like the comedy "the Class," except the series is far better. And after the first epiosde, I'm ready for the second. and people who saw the first episode of "In Case of Emergency," will asked "Class Who?" Four people who graduate from the class of 1987 are reunited over a series of crisises. By the end of the first epiosde, all four are bounded over something. I already got two of my favorites from the series Kelly Hu and Lori Loughlin, who gave a sunny full of energy performance. I love this show and I'll keep watching.
  • Tried to cram a little to much into the 20 or so minutes it had. The show has potential, but in the dog eat dog world, it's got to pick up the pace. Good start, but needs to get better to survive.

    I must be honest, I didn't get to see a lot of commercials leading into this premiere because of how busy I had been. The cast looked good and so I decided to give it a shot (since I had my other TiVo recording the blow out sugar bowl game). As I was watching it, I found myself thinking a couple of things. First, I thought some of the dialog was awkward. It's probably just the first show jitters / working out the kinks. Second, I thought they tried to cram way to much into this episode. Maybe if they had an hour (ok, with ads taken out, maybe 45 minutes), then it would have worked better (though hour long comedies don't work). Anyways, I just felt like they tried to do to much in this one episode. Maybe work in some of the characters over time and just focus on the Harry / Keli angle in this Episode and work in the others as you go.

    It was good, but it needs to get better or it will get canceled. It was good enough that I'll tune in next week.
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