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In Case of Emergency

ABC (ended 2007)


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In Case of Emergency Fan Reviews (14)

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  • Wow this is a great show!I think the cast is great, the idea behind a bunch of highschool friends all meating up afrter years is guines!The only problem i have with it is that its not on more!I am very picky when it comes to tv this show gets 100 from me

    i love this show its hillarious and creative! i love how the charactors are all so differnt but all get along. its really funny how sherman steals a pastry truck and hes a diet guru and it all fits together so well like how they all met up again what i want to know is why its soo important to harry that kelly remembers him i think that the show really is something that could really happen and im extremly sick of all these shows that are so far feched that there hard to watch i think that this show with a little more publisety will live up to its full potenal wich is the next friendsor something but better
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