In Depth With Graham Bensinger

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In Depth With Graham Bensinger
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AIRED ON 5/2/2019

Season 9 : Episode 20

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If you're into sports like me, In Depth With Graham Bensinger is a must see show for all sports fans. Whether your childhood hero was Manny Pacquiao, Jim Brown, or Muhammad Ali; or even a modern hero such as Bear Grylls and Tarrel Owens (T.O.): Graham Bensinger can be counted on to deliver the story on the table. Often you only know about your favorite celebrities and athletes from their performance on TV. Graham Bensinger really gets into details first hand with questions that had bothered your mind for some time, or simply curiosities that you've wanted to have answered to put your mind at peace. Do not confuse Graham Bensinger with gossip, though. With a man like Bensinger who started his own sports internet-based talk show while only being in the 8th grade, you can expect quality interviews that really gets in touch with the viewer. Specially with his long line of notable interviews, and sometimes controversial, such as O.J. Simpson or Jim Brown. Not everyone Graham Bensinger spurs controversy though. The famous boxing champions Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya have made their appearance in NBC Sport's In Depth with Graham Bensinger. If boxing or football isn't your thing; don't feel left out! Nascar racers and athletes from various sports are interviewed. If there's one person who can convey your favorite athlete's story with depth: it's Graham Bensinger.moreless

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