In Justice

Season 1 Episode 3

Golden Boy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Sonya Quintano explains that her family ran out of money and couldn't pay lawyers to help her brother anymore, one of the team says, "So you went to law school," which she acknowledges. If she ran out of money to pay lawyers, where did she get the money to go to law school?

  • Quotes

    • Conti (to Jake): No no no. New theory. The gangs in the Oakland Flats... Lindo... he uses minors as tenants, as enforcers to do his dirty work. You wanna know why?
      Jake: Why?
      Conti: 13-year-olds don't do hard jail time. Cops can't get 'em to flip on the bosses.
      Jake: So... when did I become your own private crime lab?

    • Swain:(to Conti) So when I'm for it, you're against it, and when I'm against it, you're for it?

    • (After Sonya and Brianna find an empty lot at the address)
      Brianna: Conti says when in doubt go to the oldest house.

    • Swain: Jim, Susanna!
      Conti:(correcting him) It's Jon and Brianna.

    • Jon: Reporters. We're writing a story about that night.
      Store Owner: I don't like reporters.
      Jon: Not newspaper reporters. God, no. Reporters for lawyers. You know, we report back to them. You know?

    • (To Det. Sutherland regarding his police report)
      Conti: It's a staple mark. A one-page report doesn't need a staple.

    • Det. Sutherland: Look, Slick... You do see I'm working here?
      Conti: Yes. I also see you're the secondary, and the primary already took CS stats, so you're trying to look busy for the TV cameras.

    • Conti: Kid who allegedly ran over that Berkeley kid.
      Det. Sutherland: It's not "allegedly" when they're found guilty.

    • Swain: Where are the AAs, Charlie? Where are the Latinos?
      Conti: Can we just say African-Americans? It sounds like you're talking about alcoholics.

    • Brianna: (to Jon about his riding on her scooter) Hop on, cowboy.

    • Gretta: David, just order him to do it.
      Swain: He'll quit.
      Gretta: Let him quit!
      Swain: Gretta, I love you and you're a great political advisor, but do you think I make that stuff up in court?

    • Gretta: David, this is a mistake. I can get three local stations here in 20 minutes.
      Swain: Gretta, you know I love you and it's always a pleasure to find someone more cynical than myself, but... the kid had a 93-mile-per-hour fast ball! What are ya gonna do?

    • Swain: You read those depositions, Charlie?
      Conti: Yes I did. And I can make Mother Teresa look like a racist with questions like those.

    • Lindo: Just a warning. You're not my friend. That means you don't have friends. Clear?
      Conti: Crystal.

    • Cruz: (looking at Swain) My sister speaks very highly of you Mr. Conti.
      Swain: Actually, he's Conti... I'm the other one.
      Cruz: Oh. Sorry.
      Conti: No. That's okay.

  • Notes

    • This episode introduces Marisol Nichols' character, Sonya Quintano. She comes to the National Justice Project seeking help to clear her brother and is offered a job to work for them by Swain and Conti.

    • The song in the final scene was "Nowhere Warm" by Kate Havnevik.

  • Allusions

    • Conti: Come on, Jake, let's take AFIS for a little spin, huh? And see what rap sheet pops out.
      AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems) is an enhanced database of fingerprints of individuals who have had their fingerprints taken by law enforcement agencies.