In Justice

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on ABC
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Dan Wainwright had spent the past 13 years in prison for robbery and murder. Convinced he is innocent, his wife contacts the National Justice Project for help because she wants to clear her husband's name and introduce him to the son he never met.

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  • 13... years spent at San Quentin 23... hours a day spent in a jailcell 7.. people working to release a man wrongly convicted of a crime 1... corrupted FBI agent breaking the lives of 3 innocent people.moreless

    Dan Wainwright has spent 13 years in confinement at San Quentin, doing nothing but listening to the sound of water dripping outside his 8x8 cell, doing nothing but waiting for his 30-years sentence to end, or death to claim him first. He has a son he's never seen, a wife he sees 1 hour a month... He's got no hope because, as he says, hope is what kills you in prison. Dan Wainwright is innocent.

    13 years and 7 letters to the National Justice Project later, Dan Wainwright's wife shows up not only saying that her husband didn't rob that store, but that he was never there. Her husband is still rotting in jail while Axelrod has been out in the real world for 6 years already, a free man having served his time. But careful digging uncovers evidences that points to a frame job and cover up where circumstancial evidence build up to implicate an innocent man and rob him of his freedom, his dignity, his hope... and the first 13 years of his son's life.

    As a pilot episode (even though they aired it as a second episode), you can't help but think that - if they continue with this level of intensity - this show will become a very serious hit!moreless
  • A very interesting and timely show.

    So often you hear about people being put in prison and they claim over and over "I did not commit the crime." In Justice addresses that very thing. This first episode had me glued to my seat. I had to see how National Justice Project would figure out, the man did not commit the crime. When they did, I was totally outdone!!! By the time the episode ended, I had to reach for my tissue. I was in tears. I'm hoping that ABC gives this show a chance, and it gets a better time slot, buecause this is a show that needs to be on TV.

    Some stated it's a prison break ripoff. This show is NOTHING like prison break. I feel this show may wake people up to the fact, that sometimes the justice system is imbalanced, and in it's attempt to close the case files, will wronfully, and injustly put people in jail that have no right being there. This is a timely show.moreless
  • What a great start to a great series.

    This episode was well written and the cast did an excellent job. I really like the way the characters play off each other. I love the way we learned a little about the characters, Jon is only here to further his career, he'll do anything to get the job done including lying, but he does get what he needs. I like the way Brianna tries to keep him in line and they are really funny together. Swain and Conti play off each other perfectly. Even though at times you can't tell the real reason Swain is funding the NJP I definitely get the feeling he does it because it's right, he does get very involved in the cases. We also found out why Conti, former police officer is now with NJP, he got a kid ot confess ti raping and killing his sister, DNA cleared him a year later but he had killed himself in prison. I'm sure we'll be finding out more about what motivates the characters in future episodes and I'm really looking forward to that. I loved the way they figured the whole thing out at the end. This is a great show definitely worth watching.moreless
  • The wife of a man convicted of robbery and murder 13 years earlier contacts the National Justice Project - an agency that focuses on cases where justice has not been served and innocent people have been wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit -- tmoreless

    Wow! That was a great episode. This is going to be a great series. I love this show. I love how they help people like this. This show will go on for a couple of seasons. The characters are really cool too. I am going to watch this show every week.
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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When agent Axelrod is arrested, the agents arresting him show their badges, which clearly show the words "Internal Affairs". There is, however, no such division of the FBI. The FBI equivalent of 'Internal Affairs' is the Office of Professional Responsibility.

    • Mick Jackson, the director of the In Justice pilot, has had a lot of luck with his pilots being sold to series. In 2003, he directed the pilot for The Handler for CBS. In 2004, he directed the pilot for NUMB3RS, which also became a midseason series for CBS.

    • Three of the main actors on the show, Marisol Nichols, Daniel Cosgrove and Constance Zimmer, all appeared on Beverly Hills 90210. Cosgrove was the only regular, and he played Matt Durning from 1998-2000. Zimmer played Millie in the episode Reunion in 1998. Nichols played Wendy Stevens, in the episode Ray of Hope in 1996.

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