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  • does anyone know if I can get all 13 episodes of In Justice. I really liked that show, and I have seen like 8 of the episodes but I didnt see the first 3 episodes, or the last 2, Im missing those 5 and would really like to see them if its at all

    awesome show, I really enjoyed it! I wish they hadnt cancelled it, thats very sad, now im looking for the episodes Im missing!! So if anyone could help me, id be very happy to be get those from them, so please if anyone has the episodes i dont, I would be very greatful. Conte, and Swain are awesome, and their little pawns, ie, John, Brianna, and Sonya are really good at solving these mysteries, and getting the innocent out of prison, outside of the pulic burning episode, but it does show that sometimes innocent people dont get out, and thats pretty sad!
  • Great show about how corrupt the justice system can be. And about law firms(and the lawyers who work for them) really do it in the name of justice. How over worked and under paid they are and thank God there are lawyers who do this.

    All of a sudden it gets yanked. No one says it's not returning, no explanation, just bye. Ditto "Close To Home" that aired on Friday nights. That show was terrific. People don't have time to sit down and complain and with all the cable channels they just switch to other shows. Years ago the consumer got what they wanted. When Cagney and Lacy was pulled, so many people wrote to the network it was put back on the air and went on to win Emmy's and I believe ran for five years. I can understand the show Conviction. It was just another Law and Order spin off, but now where is Cane???
  • Not the best execution, but interesting.

    This is an enjoyable show that raises some interesting questions not typically considered by primetime TV.

    It has been well established that the legal system often convicts innocent people. This show dramatizes the complexity of how that happens. We might even get some ideas about how to make things better! Insights are good things.... There are definite comedic points in the interplay of the ex-cop team leader and the politico head of the project, the team leader and the women.

    At times, the forensic examinations reveal really interesting tidbits that are very clever.

    It is fun to watch this show, and given some more time, the characterizations will get better. Good stuff to be aware of.

  • It is the best TV Series I have watched in the last months. The main idea of the series is quite appealing, focusing something new and in a refreshing way.

    It is the best TV Series I have watched in the last months. The main idea of the series is quite appealing, focusing something new and in a refreshing way. I do have some concerns regarding the people that may have been unjustly judged and are incarcerated and I was pleased to watch a series that focus on that. I also would like to emphasize that this TV Series is an example of good work, good taste and commonsense without the unnecessary violence that we have been watching over the years.

    Keep up with the good working!
  • In Justice is based around a team of people who work for a laywer (David Swain) and an ex policeman (Charles Conti) and work to free people who have wrongly convicted and have been placed in jail (most of whom are innocent).

    It has been a very underrated show that deserves so much more from the producers and is up there with Criminal Minds (in my opinion is better, although Criminal Minds is one fantastic programme) and deserves as much praise as that has received.

    The show works well mainly because of the way the characters interact with each other and how they react to each other and also to the public.

    In my opinion the show has worked well because of the differing storylines which all have something distictly different about them whether it is armed robbery, murder or something much more minor, they all feel different and you never get the feeling of dejá vú with the storylines. Of course this shouldn't have happened yet anyway because there have only been thirteen episodes.

    Although all episodes were of a high quality my personal favorites have to be 'Lovers', 'Side Man', and 'The Public Burning'. The last one is a particular favourite because it was one (if not the only one) where they didn't win the case and have a happy ending.

    Hopefully in the future the producers/network will come to their senses and bring another series to our screens.
  • I don't understand!!!

    I know that there are diferent tastes, I know that everyone is not obligated to like what I like. But, sometimes I don't understand american audience and/or american networks.

    Why do some shows have great sucess on Europe and are completly "axed" on the states? Is it because every network has this shows at the same time?

    For example: In Europe "Commander In Cheif" & "In Justice" have good enough audiences. And shows like "Dancing with stars" & "Angel" are completly abominated.

    This is was a good show, you may not like some of the actors but Conti, Brianna are good actors and the plot and the originality of the show was really good. I don't like Law & Order too mutch but I understand why they have sucess. I can't understand why this shows don't!
  • The show is about a group of people engaged in defending innocent people charged with a crime.

    The show is the only decent and suspenseful show I have watched so far. The characters are real people and yet you wish there are more people like them in real life. Taking the show off the air made me feel I have been cheated. These are lawyers and would be lawyers willing to spare their time to bring about justice. While watching the show I wish practicing real life lawyers are watching the show to make them realize that this is what the practice of law is all about. It is not all about money. It is very obvious the show was abruptly taken off the air. The big question is \"Why?\". Please bring this show back.
  • Great show!

    I\'m disappointed with the network for not bringing this show back! It was the only worthwhile show on Fridays that I watched and I enjoyed the stories very much. The basis behind the show was to help those that the Justice System failed, and that was original given the fact that all other legal or crime dramas focus on the current and investigations surrounding recent crimes that have not yet been tried. \"In Justice\" gave a unique spin on that and because the case was cold and \"wrapped up\", the paths they had to take to find the evidence made the show more interesting. A real shame :(
  • Bring It Back!

    I am so, so, so very sick of the networks cancelling shows before they even get a chance!!!!! I am afraid to like anything anymore for fear of it getting cancelled!!!!! In Justice was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time! The cast was outstanding (other then Kyle MacLachlan, who thankfully wasn't a major part of the show). Jason O'Mara as Conti ... wow! And the supporting cast was a dream I thought. Please, please, please bring this show back!!! I looked so forward to seeing this show each week. Please give it another chance!
  • They need to bring this show back!!!

    I liked this show very much. It was about this group that helped wrongly convictied people get out of jail. I found it very touching and sad at some times. The one where they couldn't get the man out or off of death row made me cry. Especially when he was pictureing a happy place when he was getting injected. Very moving stuff!!!!
  • This was a very intiguing show. I thoroughly enjoyed it

    With all the junk reality shows on TV, they cancel this one? What a joke. This was a wonderful and sensitive show. It delved into human emotion wonderfully. It was a show that took you out of your existence, which is waht we want from a show. Pull you in so you are unaware of what is going on around you. It had wonderfully emotional moments, maybe that is why it was cancelled. I know I will definitely miss it. The acting as well was very good. I think everyone should write to the developers and get it renewed, maybe on another network. It deserves better tan what it got.
  • One of the Best Shows I’ve Ever Watched!

    In Justice has a totally believable story every time with sad parts, funny parts, intense moments, and just enough action. Each episode is pretty realistic moving the viewer along through all the emotions. It has refreshing insights that just about anyone can relate to. There’s enough surprises and mystery to keep you guessing, but enough stability to keep you coming back to watch the next episode.

    In Justice has a great cast, set, writers, and a great message, which is what any good show needs to keep airing. I hope to see this one on the air for years to come.
  • Amazing show - want it back!

    This was a great show, but obviously quite under appreciated since it appears its no longer on the air. I think maybe it was the victim of a poor time slot, under-marketing, all the usual suspects I guess.

    I thought Marisol Nichols was a breakout star on the shot and Kyle MacLachlan (not sure how to spell that?) was great too. I\\\'ve seen that Marisol is coming back in \\\"24\\\" so that provides some solace, I suppose.

    I wonder if there is anywhere we can vote for them to bring this show back, although I suppose it is too late now - oh well...
  • Great show, bad time slot.

    What a gret show. ABC finally got a show I enjoyed and then they put it in a bad time slot. In Justice is entertaining and thought provoking. I think it is one of the best new shows of the past several years. The storylines varied from week to week as did the results of each case. I think this show has real promise in becoming a long-running hit if given the right plaement by ABC and the network higher-ups. It would be a real bummer if In Justice does not make it into the fall lineup. I anxiously await it\'s return to the air.
  • In Justice was a great show with a positive message, well written and acted. I loved all the episodes except the one when the innocent black man is executed because they can't get a stay, that one upset me a lot.

    This was one of the bright spots of the TV season this year. All of the good shows seem to be canceled before anyone has the chance to hear about them or watch. You have to be lucky enough to find it by accident and watch without knowing what it is, and then realize that you have found a gem. Unfortunately most of the gems this year have been canceled, the networks only seem to be interested in instant success and a demographic interested in mindless dribble. The reality shows are an insult to our intelligence, do they really think that none of us will watch a show with some substance. I find myself watching mostly old sitcoms, in reruns, on cable, and they wonder why? Go figure. Please bring it back or at least be bright enough to produce it for syndication, I'll watch.
  • \"In Justice\" was a unique concept and it was handled well.

    \"In Justice\" was a unique concept and it was handled well. Even by putting it on a dead-end night it had fairly good ratings and it was a shame it was cancelled. The show had a great cast and crew and each episode built on the characters and, more towards the end of the season, it seemed the case itself was on the backburner and the characters took the spotlight.

    While the show was great, it didn\'t go without some small flaws. In some episodes, it seemed the show tried to drag out the cases and try to make up for some missing character development in that paticular episode. That was really the only major problem I had with the show.

    The episode that seemed to outshine the others was \"The Public Burning\". This episode impacted me emotionally more than any television show that I\'ve ever watched. I must admit, I am one to cry during movies, TV shows, or books but in the episode I had known the character for less than an hour and I was sobbing. This just shows how well the writers had you wound into their story.

    The series was remarkable and I really did wish it could have continued but, unfortunately, it was a quick end for a good thing. Hopefully we\'ll get a good DVD release. ^^
  • In Justice was a smart, challenging and interesting drama that brought an interesting new dimension to series television. The cast was fabulous, the writing outstanding. Please bring this quality product back!

    In Justice challenged it's audience with smart writing, an engaging cast and questions about our society and the justice system.
    We need shows that provide entertainment but also challenge our thinking and broaden our understanding of people, the court system and how even good, honest people (witnesses, victims, police officers, etc.) can get things wrong. And how power can corrupt others.
    This show was a smart, challenging and interesting drama with heart that brought an interesting new dimension to series television.
    We need more shows of this quality.
    Therefore, I appeal to the network and producers, bring this talented cast and insightful writers back. Bring In Justice back!
  • Innovative, creative & cleaver. Interesting story lines with a nice mix of character personalities & interactions. Well done. Simplier sibling to Boston Legal.

    - Good idea for a show, done very well.
    - Story lines are well paced & thorough.
    - Attractive cast conveys passion for "doing what's right".
    - While character interactions are well done, writers need to avoid excessive "soap opera-like" secondary story lines.
    - Importance of issues and execution of subject matter well blended with levity and some lightheartedness, avoids the show being too melodramatic.
    - Entertaing & intelligent the show maintains interest while conveying important message. Alomg the lines of Boston Legal, but not quite as well done.
    - Worth watching, you'll become a fan if you give it a chance.
    - ABC should invest in it, bring it back & give it a chance.
  • Setting the innocent free!

    What a great show. It was a glimpse in to the life of the justice system and how things go wrong. Its amazing what the people from the National Justice Project can gather up about people that the police never did. They don't work in the best of offices but they still get the job done. To them it is personal sometimes and they will do whatever it takes to see justice done right! This show is great. Someone is finally fighting for the innocent. And most importantly they are being set free! If you want to watch a thought provoking show, this if the it!
  • My favorite show this season. I\\\'m so fed up with networks showing 4-5 episodes, then taking it off the air. Who are they polling? They are not polling regular old joes. That\\\'s for sure. Please stand up and get these networks to poll country-wid

    I Want the National Justice System to get their air time. They appear to be the only ones in this entire country to give a \\\"you know what\\\" about justice. I\\\'m not saying that everyone is innocent, but there is a chance that someone is. This show depicts the things that happen everyday. Everyone in America should want America to have fair trials. I\\\'ve seen money watch a personal case just like the rest of you. We\\\'ve all seen cases that we thought were fisy. Let\\\'s show America that we care. I\\\'m not against the death penalty At all. I just want to make sure that everyone is knowledgable about the thousands of death row inmates that are exonerated every year. This show gave us a glimpse of that. Everyone in America should be shown this and unfortunatly, the only way it can reach some is through primtime tv.
  • I really liked watching this show! All of a sudden, it stopped airing with no warning. Will it be back?

    I like how they figure things out by the slightest details that the average person doesn\'t catch. It really makes you think. I would like to see this show come back on the air. I looked forward to watching it. I had it Tevo\'d each week and now there are no new episodes. I\'m bummed. My best friend watched it too and we would talk about it sometimes. My husband had to go to jury duty recently. He learned a lot and this show just gave us a different perspective. There was also a big article in the paper recently covering how innocent people are sent to jail.
  • where did InJustice go?

    i am a new mother, and friday night tv isn\'t all that great. When In Justice came on i had a show to look forward to, it was a great drama that had a great cast. If not on friday, put in on any other night i just want it back. Or i will be left channel surfing!
  • Why is Injustice off the air? PLEASE BRING IT BACK. This is one of the better shows on TV.

    I watched Injustice from the first show. I have been disappointed to see it\\\'s no longer on the schedule. I looked forward to Friday night TV because of this show. It\\\'s excellent, the cast is good, the stories are great, and it\\\'s one of the best shows on TV.

  • Please bring it back! This is the best new show on tv. It is clean (not centered around sex)and exciting. The cast is perfect.

    This was the best show yet! Where has it gone? I haven\\\\\\\'t seen it in a month, at least. This show has the others beat hands down! It is clean and I am comfortable with the youngsters in the room. Which I can\\\\\\\'t say for most of the programs that are on during prime time. It holds your attention and I couldn\\\\\\\'t wait for the next episode-but I bet it\\\\\\\'s been a month!!

    Please bring it back!! And any night besides Friday would be good.

  • this is a great shows and my whole family is a big fan.

    it is a great shows, i couldn\'t wait to watch it and i wish that the dvd will come out soon. my family and i are the big fan. keep the good works. i hope that there are many good people like that in our world not just in america but everywhere in the world. everytime when i watch this shows, i always cry and if it\'s relly happens to me i would appreciate these great people to work hard to help the wrongly convicted. i love all the cast, they are great actors and actress. keep up the great works.
  • I think In Justice is the best lawyer show on TV. so far it doesn't have the sexual content Bosten Legal has. (that show needs to be canceled, they all need their mouth washed out with bleach). Keep more of "In Justice" coming. Thanks

    I think it is interesting to see how the lawyers on In Justice work to prove someone is innoent. I haven't seen it on or read anything about it being canceled. I hope it comes back on. Why do all the good shows get canceled and the nasties ones stay on ? I don't think the network gave this show a chance.Thanks
  • Excellent stories, great acting. In justice is a little bit of everything, just one episode can bring it's viewers through a wide range of emotions. It's smart, it's actionpacked, it's dramatic, sometimes downright heartwrenching and it's even funny at ti

    I think this is one of the greatest shows ever. Watching it is really like sitting on a rollercoaster ride, one minute I cry my eyes out, the other minute I'm at the edge of my seat, not knowing what's gonna happen. In my opinion another important trait of this show is, that it sends a positive message to all the viewers to never give up and to stand up for what they believe in.
  • The National Justice Project works to free wrongfully incarcerated "criminals" from jail/prison.

    This has been one of the best newly introduced shows this season. It leaves me on the edge of my seat every week, watching as Conti and crew try to free someone who has been wrongly convicted of a crime from prison. It amazes me how they are able to go over such minor details of a case to find that loop-hole that will hopefully get someone out of prison. Great cast, great show, and I will continue to be a devoted fan!!!!
  • This is a consuming drama about an important topic. Moreover, its supported by excellent acting and writing.

    As a lawyer who used to do criminal defense, I learned fast that it's not always the guilty suspect who goes to jail. Sometimes its the most convenient suspect. The fact that ABC is willing, in the middle of a Republican administration, to take on this topic is very impressive. Also, it is well written and well acted. I turned it on to see Kyle Maclachlan, who's wonderful as always, and was pleasantly surprised by the very talented co-stars.
  • This show is the best new show of the year. It is an absolute must-see!

    This show is one of the best shows I've seen added to any line-up in a LONG time. They have taken care to truly develop the characters and they all "work" so well together, from the self-assured, cocky lawyer, David Swain, to the staff doing the actual investigations, Conti, Sonya, Briana, etc. This group just clicks for me and the plots are so well written that I can only hope that this show gets picked up for many years to come. It would be great if they would move it to the start of the television year, but I hope they don't move it all over the place, like they do so many shows, until people give up trying to find where it was moved to and stopped watching. Happens WAY TOO OFTEN!! Keep up the great writing, as this is one I won't miss.
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