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ABC (ended 2006)


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  • \"In Justice\" was a unique concept and it was handled well.

    \"In Justice\" was a unique concept and it was handled well. Even by putting it on a dead-end night it had fairly good ratings and it was a shame it was cancelled. The show had a great cast and crew and each episode built on the characters and, more towards the end of the season, it seemed the case itself was on the backburner and the characters took the spotlight.

    While the show was great, it didn\'t go without some small flaws. In some episodes, it seemed the show tried to drag out the cases and try to make up for some missing character development in that paticular episode. That was really the only major problem I had with the show.

    The episode that seemed to outshine the others was \"The Public Burning\". This episode impacted me emotionally more than any television show that I\'ve ever watched. I must admit, I am one to cry during movies, TV shows, or books but in the episode I had known the character for less than an hour and I was sobbing. This just shows how well the writers had you wound into their story.

    The series was remarkable and I really did wish it could have continued but, unfortunately, it was a quick end for a good thing. Hopefully we\'ll get a good DVD release. ^^