In Justice

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • In Justice was a great show with a positive message, well written and acted. I loved all the episodes except the one when the innocent black man is executed because they can't get a stay, that one upset me a lot.

    This was one of the bright spots of the TV season this year. All of the good shows seem to be canceled before anyone has the chance to hear about them or watch. You have to be lucky enough to find it by accident and watch without knowing what it is, and then realize that you have found a gem. Unfortunately most of the gems this year have been canceled, the networks only seem to be interested in instant success and a demographic interested in mindless dribble. The reality shows are an insult to our intelligence, do they really think that none of us will watch a show with some substance. I find myself watching mostly old sitcoms, in reruns, on cable, and they wonder why? Go figure. Please bring it back or at least be bright enough to produce it for syndication, I'll watch.
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