In Justice

Season 1 Episode 12

Side Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2006 on ABC

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  • Brianna gets her chance to shine.

    So Brianna finally got her moment, it was really good to see her taking some real risks. I'm glad she believed Billy Daniels was innocent the whole time, she never lost her faith in him. Heck, neither did I, he had such an innocent face (well except for the car theft thing...). I loved the "Jazz Theme" too (I have to admit it made me smile when I heard "You are my Sunshine", my mom sang that to me as a kid. So it was cool to hear it again. Nice version too). Loved Swain this episode (well, I ALWAYS love Swain...). It was nice that Rocha finally got what was coming to him (and I'm glad that it was Conti doing the hitting. Way to show him you're not afraid of his stupid threats and blackmail pictures with your ex-wife!!). I loved how he and Swain talked about how it "felt good" to punch him. The Swain-Conti moments are slowly becoming my favorite thing of each episode. Another thing I found amusing was Jon. It's so obvious he has the hots for Brianna!! But it does make me wonder if she can tell that he likes her. We might have us a little love triangle now (especially since her and Billy smooched at the end). And Jon's freak out about this case had me laughing ("I spent three years in Law School and I'm investigating shoplifting! Fantastic!"). I was really glad it was the Drummer who stole the Vodka and not Billy and that it was actually the Security Guard's son stealing the radios. It's nice to know that lovely Jazz-singing man only has one strike against him.