In Justice

Season 1 Episode 8

The Public Burning

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2006 on ABC
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The Public Burning
The National Justice Project takes the case of Frank Benner, a mildly retarded man, who was convicted of murdering a priest and sentenced to death.

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  • Painful, but Powerful

    I had trouble seeing the whole story, but what I saw was heart wrenching. The man on death row is extremely sympathetic, and the injustice done makes the blood boil.

    However, what really stands out is that both sides are given a fair show. Swain's arguments to Castaldi are the high point. On one hand he's right in that the lead they have is compelling, and they can't un do it. However, the judges arguments (they don't have evidence, and at some point the sentence has to be executed) is accurate. Maybe the team will be able to nail the murderer off screen and secure posthumous exoneration. However, it will be a hollow gain.

    Overall it was a powerful and sincere look at the death penalty, exposing why it doesn't really do good.

    I felt curiosity, I felt anger, I felt sorrow.moreless
  • a tearful heart moving episode!

    well wow, every episode i've seen of injustice they have always solved the case and today was no exception, but how could that judge be such a ******* not giving him a stay of execution - i always thought after the second break how is this one going to be solved, it was just too late it left me in tears whilst i sat in my chair watching it - i know it wasn't real but still how could an innocent man be murdered for a crime people could prove he didnt commit if only he had more time. This however one could argue is the problem with the american justice system - people aren't willing to open their eyes and see their justice system sucks! i'm not saying britain's is great but at least innocent people don't die because of a crime they have been convicted off. America needs to get away from the argument an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth and realise that things aren't always that simple! you must abolish the death penalty!moreless
  • Just the thruth... nothing else! Could it be less painfull?

    When i first start watching IN JUSTICE i confess it was only because i was missing Constance Zimmer and Marisol Nichols (Briana & Sonya)! But after having the chance to watch to this ep... WOW!

    It shows that sometimes justice can't be done... and that's the thruth... for many!

    Realistic, touching, well written and well performed...

    Except for 2 things that i just couldn't handle so i'll give 8.8 !
  • Crazily moving...A sharp contrast of innocence and cruelty.


    I hadn't been watching this show for a bit, but decided to tune in after a lecture on miscarriages of justice in the Canadian legal system (it actually happens, more than you would think). When I did watch, I was amazed. They've managed to really humanize the defendants, something I felt was lacking in the first couple of episodes. As well, the show's recurring characters are more likable, or at least, more understandable.moreless
  • Wow, I can't come up with one classification of this episode; tear jerker, fine example, pivotal, well written, character development, exactly why I watch this series.

    I don't often cry at movies (Braveheart, Black Hawk Down, Forrest Gump and Field of Dreams are it) and I don't recall ever crying over a TV show with the exception of the Seinfeld Finale Montage with Time of Your Life playing and the Sports Night Finale when I knew that was it and a classic never got a chance. But this episode of In Justice had me absolutely crying like a baby about 30 minutes in, when he looks at Nichols character and says, "I don't know five people." I lost it. And it didn't help matters for Amazing Grace to be playing at the end, because you have to have ice in your veins if that song doesn't strike a nerve of some sort in you.

    This was just a fantastic episode and in my opinion is one of the top three single episodes of this television year along with the 24 season premiere and Grey's Anatomy's two-parter that aired after the Super Bowl.

Keith Pillow

Keith Pillow

A. A. G. Melvoy

Guest Star

T.K. Carter

T.K. Carter

Frank Benner

Guest Star

Charlayne Woodard

Charlayne Woodard

Sister Gloria Quinn

Guest Star

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    • Guard: The inmate is allowed five witnesses at the execution.
      Frank: (with tears running down his cheek, looking up at Sonya) I don't know five people.
      Sonya: (Starting to cry) Do you want me to come?
      Frank: I don't want to ask.
      Sonya: Frank, I'll be there.
      Sonya: Do you want Sister Quinn?
      Frank: If she's not too busy.
      Sonya: She'd never be too busy for you.
      Frank: Thank you.

    • (Swain and Conti on phone)
      Swain: Think of it as a good thing, Charlie. A much needed rest. You should do something fun. Fire a few interns. You should work on your tan.
      Conti: (perturbed) Yeah, David, I'll get on that right away.

    • (Interns gathered around the computer looking for connection between Conti and Sister Quinn)
      Sonya: What's that have to do with Charlie?
      Jon: (suspiciously) Charlie?
      Sonya: Yeah, Conti.
      Damian: When did you start calling him Charlie?
      Brianna: Could you all concentrate?

    • Brianna: (to Conti) I didn't know you knew the Death Row Nun.

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