In Justice

Season 1 Episode 6

The Ten Percenter

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on ABC

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  • Alyssa, a lawyer who works on wills is sentenced for murder because loot from a murder/robbery is found in her car. I'm confused however with her relationship to the men on the motorcycle. Any insight?

    I enjoyed the show and the tactics that the Justice team use to find how a person is innocent. I was confused on this episode. Alyssa was shown to be talking to two men on motorcycles after meeting with her clients. It looked like she was telling them where they could find jewelry and that the clients would be at the symphony(they liked her and had invited her to go). Any insight on this?
  • Very interesting and well developed episode. Turning point was the fine acting by Patrick Hume as a very tough but believable, Mike Mason. Mason's character was as realistic as any bad guy can get; kudos to Patick Hume for getting Charlie through

    My summary of this episode includes the key elements of my review. Not often that you find an actor like Patrick Hume that can be so realistic as the bad guy that the scene is most remembered about the bad guy rather than the good guy. A very neat ending with the exchange between Swain & Conti. Keep up the good work on a most refreshing change from the CSI's of TV.
  • A very good episode.

    The girls get a chance to shine! This was a wonderful episode in which we see mostly women. Erika Alexander deserves some sort of an award for portraying our "save her this week" wrongly imprisoned woman, Alyssa. It was fun to see Sonja and Brianna working together in this one as well. It just seemed to me this was really kind of a woman-centric episode (and there's nothing wrong with that). It was a little slow in the beginning, but picked up and was a bit different then the other episodes we've seen so far. The best scene by far was the one in the end where Alyssa goes to her newly rented apartment, with the rent paid for an entire year (compliments of all the women she helped WHILE she was in about a saint). It was just a wonderful closing. Darn it if this show doesn't make me tear up every time...