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  • Season 1
    • Mother's Nature
      Mother's Nature
      Episode 15
      Patti LuPone plays Matt's outspoken mother, an environmental activist battling Victor over his plans to build on protected wetlands.
    • Two Rooms
      Two Rooms
      Episode 14
      Arriving in North Carolina to attend a Pellet family wedding, Matt discovers why Victor and Marlene have treated him coldly for the entire nine-hour-drive -- Alex told her mother about their fight. Alex retreats to her parents' hotel room for support -- but to her surprise, Victor takes Matt's side... and Matt winds up with a reluctant roomie.moreless
    • Matt Goes into Labor
      When cash-strapped Matt persuades a reluctant Victor to let him fill in for his vacationing assistant, he is puzzled when his father-in-law makes him assume a fake name -- and Matt soon discovers that Victor has told everyone that his daughter actually married a man with the accomplishments of her former boyfriend. Meanwhile, Marlene becomes a reluctant babysitter for Victor's assistant's pet, the cat from hell.moreless
    • Married Christmas
      Married Christmas
      Episode 12
      Marlene's dad comes to visit for the holiday—and suddenly Matt is not the only one in the house with an abusive father-in-law.
    • If You Can't Stand the Heat
      When Matt teams up with a talented cooking partner, Danny, Alex has little reason to be concerned until she meets the culinary beauty, "Danielle" -- aka partner Danny. Meanwhile, Marlene becomes enraged when she catches Victor in the company of another woman.
    • Lucky Charms
      Lucky Charms
      Episode 10
      Victor is hoping to enjoy a family day at the horse races sans Matt, but when Matt unexpectedly returns home early from school and joins them, he winds up stealing Victor's racetrack mojo. Also, Marlene, while playing hooky from work, spots her boss and co-worker, Stacey, canoodling a little too close.moreless
    • Games People Play
      Matt and Victor square off in a game of racquetball -- with Matt unexpectedly emerging as the winner. But when Victor cries foul and demands a rematch, Alex asks Matt to throw the game.
    • Halloween: Resurrection
      Matt inadvertently reignites a fierce competition for the best decorated house on the block.
    • Love Thy Neighbor
      When the Pellets' next-door-neighbor suddenly kicks the bucket, Marlene is given her first house to sell as a real estate agent. A desperate Marlene finally finds a buyer for the eccentrically-styled home, but he is rudely chased away by Victor's pretentious attitude, so Matt makes it his personal mission to get Victor out of the doghouse.moreless
    • Crown Vic
      Crown Vic
      Episode 6
      Victor anxiously awaits the announcement of his rise to the title "King of Kings" of the local men's club when the present incumbant, his friend Charles, contemplates retirement. But when Matt talks Charles's son out of taking over his father's business, Charles reneges on his retirement plans and Victor's long-time dream is shattered.moreless
    • Monopoly Report
      Monopoly Report
      Episode 5
      Matt is blamed by Victor for jinxing the longtime Pellet family tradition of apple-picking when sudden rainfall ruins their plans. Alex tries to save the outing and her husband's face by suggesting a friendly game of Monopoly. Family in-jokes and rule bending ensues, and Matt realizes just how out of the family loop her really is.moreless
    • Love Is the Key
      Love Is the Key
      Episode 4
      Matt and Alex are looking forward to a private, romantic "wedding" dinner, but Alex has forgotten to tell her parents that they will need the house to themselves. Matt's attempts to tell Victor only succeed in complicating matters, and to his dismay, the evening for two turns into dinner for four -- complete with the dull band that played at their wedding.moreless
    • The Mattress Kings
      After their squeaky mattress puts their sex-life on display, Matt and Alex want a new bed and are talked into going to the "Mattress King" by Victor—which leads to a male struggle for dominance as both of the men in Alex' life try to prove their superiority through a mattress purchase. Meanwhile, Marlene befriends a co-worker, a condescending former classmate of Alex who ridiculed her throughout school.moreless
    • Fleetwood Matt
      Fleetwood Matt
      Episode 2
      Victor's trip to the eye doctor turns disastrous for nervous son-in-law Matt, who crashes Victor's beloved Fleetwood and struggles between the guilt of the accident and the sheer terror or telling his father-in-law.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Financially strapped newlyweds Matt and Alex Landis move into the suburban home of the bride's well-off parents, Victor and Marlene Pellet. From the get-go, there's tension between the affable Matt, a would-be chef, and his inflexible father-in-law. Victor's immediate annoyance with Matt over petty matters prompts him to gruffly call for "private convo times," shorthand for one-on-one conversations with his son-in-law, which are intended to intimidate the young man. That they do, until Matt decides to have his own private showdown with his new relation at a fancy restaurant.moreless