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  • So hilarious!

    The show is awesome! It's like an adult version of All That, except more adult sexy humor! My favorite segments on the show are Homey D. Clown, Fire Marshal Bill, and the Homeboy Shopping Network! So hilarious! I do miss the 90's. They were such an awesome time! I just wish they revive this show.
  • One of the Best Sketch Shows Ever

    This had some of the funniest sketches I've ever seen in a sketch show. My favorite was Fire Marshal Bill, an immortal, masochistic fire marshal who tries to demonstrate safety tips in various places only to cause harm to himself and eventually destroy the place.

    There was also the Men On sketches where two homosexuals critiqued various works of art like film, paintings, television shows, and sculptures. They often praise anything involving men while hating anything feminine.

    Another great sketch was Homey the Clown, a convict sentenced to community service by acting like a clown. He frequently insults, abuses, and messes up kids and adults while ranting about The Man.

    I watched this all the time when it was on and even bought the first two seasons.
  • Establishes my Favorite Comedian, Could be a Top Show of mine

    Few various ep (10)
  • Better then....

    "Saturday Night Live".
  • Very funny show had something for everybody even so funny i see other shows try to imitate the style

    Very funny show had something for everybody so funny i see other shows try to imitate the style. Had great characters wonderful ,and talented actors that played the roles. A showed that is talked about 14 years after it ended .I would say it was epic. Something i would love to see more of in television. Beautifully scripted and acted out.This is a show that alot of great celebrities used as a stepping stone to get where they are today.If i had my choice this would be a show i would like to see come back.I give this show two thumbs up!
  • In Living Color Will Always Be A Classic Because Of Jim Carrey Tommy Davidson,Jamie Foxx,David Alan Grier,And Damon Wayans.But Jim Carrey Will Always Be My Favorite!!!!!!!

    I Liked All The Seasons Even Though Some Of The Skits On Season 5 Were Not That Funny,But I Liked All The Skits That Jim Carrey Was On On Season 5. Jim Carrey Was My Favorite Cast Member Of All Time On In Living Color.The Other Cast Members Were Ok But Jim Carrey Is More Funnier Than All Of Them.J Lo,Carrie Ann Inaba, And Lisa Marie Todd Were The Fly Girls I Had A crush On.But Masako Willis A Fly Girl From Season 5 Was Cute To.Jennifer Lopez Is One Of The Most Beatuful Women I Have Ever Saw.Jim Carrey Is My Favorite Comedian Of All Time,And He's One Of The 50 Greatest Comedian's Of All Time.
  • Say What? man..''In Living Color'' will kick your a**!

    In living color was sSNL with no restraints, it was mad Tv but not so corny! it was a real sketcth show .in living color was Politicly provocative,humorous,Realisticly,Smack-your-choropractor-GOOD! FOX really wasnt ready for the heavy weight comedy that this show was gonna pile up in time!everyone in that show are now superstars! this show actually said that afro africans can rock sketch shows and execute it with witty versatilities! i miss this show,eeeeeee season 5 wasnt that bad it had alot of cameos to crack the shows back a little but if you aint got the root characters your not expected to last as natural as it once hat goes off to the wayans family for makin this primetime precious gem!...Fox.(Tsk Tsk) now you guys are Dead Tint,Pile Contrast..Long Live fire marshal bill!
  • The greatest sketch comedy series of all time. FOX found this out later when they tried to replace it shamelessly with "The John Leguizamo Show."

    I remember Sunday night, 8pm FOX was what you were watching for In Living Color, Married... with Children, The Simpsons and later on Martin and Living Single. In Living Color was the show that pushed FOX into the stratusphere (some believe it was Married... with Children, but 'Married' didn't become a hit until its fourth or fifth season.) This was also the launch of black comedy's top mafia family The Wayans. I call them that because rarily do they do a project where the larger bulk of the money leaves the family. They showed us a glimpse of what they had in store for us and have been on top for the past 15-20 years. If FOX hadn't been so greedy, we probably would've never had "The John Leguizamo Show" or "Mad TV", which since most of the original cast members have left, has gotten really wack.
  • This was a comedy genius coming from the Wayan's clan. This programme is very sorely missed.

    I absolutely LOVE this show, it was the best comedy of its time. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't have a sense of humour! I miss it so much but it's great to see it recreated on DVD! My fave characters were Homey Da Clown, Men On Film & Fire Marshall Bill. My fave FlyGirl was Lisa Marie Todd, what's she doing now?
    Keep bringing it back!
  • this show was the best thing that happened when I was in the 7th grade.

    This show was great, plus look at all the big names that came from this show Jim Carrey, the whole Wayans family, Jamie Fox, David Allen Greer, They had some great shows, and some great characters, Fire Marashall Bill, the Home boys shopping network, Vira (Jim Carrey, Wanda (Jamie Fox), Homey the Clown and more. The fly girls were easy... on the eyes, and you laughed most of the way through, I haven't watched it in a long time, so I don't know how funny it still is but I keep hearing people talking about buying the DVD, so it must still be as good as ever.
  • It is Hi-larious

    Venus De Milo, The Head Detective, Men on Film, Bonita Betrayal, Homey D Clown, Wanda ... all characters that I still remember more than a decade after the show left TV. This show launched quite a few careers, many in the Wayans family, but there was something even more special about this show. IT was a new take on sketch comedy. The skit were a lot more organic than anything you'd witness on SNL. But In Living Color wasn't about being a variation of something that was already done; it was about straight clowning. Thinking up the most insane situations and people, and that was it.
  • DVD's "NOT" the directors cut!!!

    It's absurb when you spend $20-$50 on a dvd set to a funny series like this one and they exclude "A LOT" of sketches that network tv airs. Basiclly there's a sketch before the theme song to every episode, but on the dvd it jumps straight to the theme. I'm upset by this--now unless I didn't purchase the directors cut, if anyone out here knows something I don't know-- please let me know. I'm better off watching them on BET then on my DVD's. But on a lighter note, "BRING IT BACK"!!! If the Wayans get this make a come back, we miss you and (deep voice) IN LIVING COLOR.
  • Still funny today. Watch it on cable TV.

    This show was topical without becoming dated. Much better than SNL. Many skits are as funny now as when originally shown. The "Wrath of Farrakhan" skit was the best Star Trek spoof ever. Fell off the couch the other night laughing while watching Ms. Coffield's turn as a prissy diplomat misassigned to an African country with a translator who was NOT on her side. A real talent pool including all of the Wayans, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carey (he went by James Carey then), David Allen Grier.
  • IN LIVING COLOR...........

    In Living Color was a Comedy Sketch Show that was really diverse to a point where you could sit back and relax and just chill with the whole fam. With many great sketches, characters, and such, In Living Color brought new flavor to the TV set. Featuring great comedy talent like Tommy Davidson, David Alan Grier, of course The Wayans, Bros" you were sure to always crack up. I'm really glad that BET has picked this up again so that it feels like old times sittin' on the couch, drinking pop, and sittin' back just chillin' expecting a good time.
  • In Living Color",was without a doubt one of the funniest shows of the 1990's,when it came on Sunday nights and stayed there on that time slot for the next five seasons(1990-1995). This was in fact the show that was the opposite of Saturday Night Live,but

    The show itself,in my opinion was way ahead of its time as far as the jokes were concerned. I find that even though this show began over a decade ago,actually begin the five-year hiatus journey almost ten years ago,and the show comes closer to celebrating the 10th anniversary of this series. Even with the overall jokes that were presented with a lot of comment about gays,the homeless,golddiggers,and others of minority was in fact very superb in the sense of the word when it came to providing the laughs and the Wayans did just that. In other words,it was just that damn hilarious. No wonder this show is a classic in its own right
  • This show made so MANY superstars...more than SNL, I think--Even though the cast and air time was shorter, it had much more star quality preformers.

    The Wayans family, David Allen Greir, Tommy Davidson, JIM CAREY and JAIME FOXX, J.lo, Rosie Parez(coregrapher)Kim Coles...all of them got a show or a movie career after this...well, some cast members aren't on the top of the lists, but they are major influences on many other productions.
    Even Kim Wayans stopped doing major comedy, but still works with her brothers as a writer and I THINK costume may have been the other sister, that you never see...
    It also seems like they cast IS pretty loyal all these years later, and they still try to get on similar projects...
    I think the characters they wrote were so much more hilerious than the half-attempted Mad TV...ugh.
    I'm just glad if you get BET you can still see it. ^_~ Says one white girl......
    I just love the Wayans many funny/talented people in ONE family...
  • Just good comedy

    This is just a great show It always had great skits better then mad tv. (i like mad tv) I think it had a lot of major talent Jim Carey I know for sure, David
    Greer sp?, Oh well i cant remember the names but the shit was fucking funny :)
  • i love this show...

    this show is wut i love, its like snl and mad tv, but 50 times better! although the fcc censored the show alot by season 4 and eventually canceled (stoopid fcc) i still wish it were bak, we shuld do wut they did 4 family guy and show alot of fan support 2 get the show bak on the air!
  • It was awesome. The best show ever.

    In Living Color is a classic. The need to bring it back on. One of the only shows that are actually unique. It is hilarious. Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, Tommy Davidson. No need to compare with any other show. You don't have to like it (lie). But I sure as heck do.
  • Ahead of its time in many ways, In Living Color is a side-splittingly hilarious sketch comedy show from the talented Wayans Family. This is also the show that put Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx on everyone's radar screen.

    One of the few shows that my entire family would sit and watch together, In Living Color had something for everyone. Still fresh 16-years after it debuted, the show poked fun at everyone. Some of the best recurring skits included "Men on ---" with David Allen Grier and Damon Wayans as a gay couple reviewing movies, books, travel locations, etc. The live audience absolutely roared with laughter watching these two. How they ever managed to get through it without falling out laughing, I'll never know!

    Equally funny was Jamie Foxx as Wanda the love-starved home-girl. Wanda is every man's nightmare with her dull cross-eyed stare, bad wig and the question "Why you trippin'?" Damon Wayans "Homey the Clown" -- a clown with a really bad attitude -- and Anton the drunk, drug addict, homeless guy are both side-splittingly funny.

    A couple of the regular skits that I didn't find too funny were "Head Detective" and "Fire Marshall Bill."

    The thing that sets In Living Color apart is the fact that they didn't just do black on white humor. They got everybody! And left everyone laughing!
  • I love this show!

    I love this show! Everybody on that show makes me laugh. My mom saw the show and introduced me to it. ever since then I can't stop watching it. Everytime it comes on I have to watch it. I just can't turn the channel. I think it's a good show for ages 10 and up.
  • oh my god this is the best shows

    oh my god this is the best show in the world every body need to watch this show it comes on on b e t live ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! so every one watch in living color thank you , amanda any one think diffenert e mail me @ thank you everyone amanda
  • Real Comedy!

    This so was so funny!!!! Wanda, Frenchie, Benita Butrell, Homie the Clown, Fire Marshall Bill, Men on Film, and etc. PURE COMEDY!!! The world got to see so many talented people come up who now own Oscars thats brilliant. In living Color was just that "IT" show to see back in the 90's and still is.
  • this show is better than any show than ever it's it's halious.

    this show is funnier than ever plaese bring it back.the show is just so cool there comedy,dancing , great intertanment,the theme song i love. so if not you could still wacth it on "bet" and lagh it up ha this show so funny i'm laghing right now. this show is #1 on my list so

    bring it back
  • I Love This Show

    The show was real good from begining to end with homie the clown and wanda it should have lasted longer then it did but hey all good things must come to an end i guess i liked the dj and the theme song it was real hot the fly girls were alright
  • What SNL used to be.

    If you have ever wanted more from Saturday Night Live, or wished that the original cast would come back to it then watch this show.

    In Living Color was hilarious. You may have skipped over it back in the day thinking that it wasn't your type of show because of the dance music intermissions or because some of the sketches weren't really your type of thing. If that's the case you missed out on something funny.

    This show started it all for some movie stars. Jim Carey, and Jamie Foxx to name a few.

    You'll never look at Pork and Beans the same way again. Or a meat grinder.

  • Complete genius.

    I was born in the early nineties a few years after this aired but I really do enjoy it after seeing two episodes. I enjoy most things 90's and 80's and this was one of the ol' skool things I had enjoyed. Now I know where Jim Carrey, the Wayans family members( well at least some),and a few others got their start. Especially with the most humorous parodies so I now enjoy it even more than MADTv.
  • A show about a bunch of comedians making up different scenes and making fun of alot of people, including Jamie foxx,damon wayans,kim wayans,jim carey, and etc. from this point there careers took off

    I think this show had a great five years and wish the run was even longer. It's a great show and should still be on just like madtv because it's 10 times better. I loved this show and can still watch this show like it's still on the air. It'll always be remembered and is a classic.
  • This show is before my time but it is so funny. There will never be a show like this.I have all the seasons on DVD. I recommend this to everbody because you are bound to laugh. Look at all the people who started on the show. Classic Classic!

    My review of this show is a very funny, classic one of a kind, never will happen again show. It was like the hottest show of its time and can never happen again. I think they should have one reunion special with old charaters but with new material. That would be the best!
  • you know what, even though i was 2 years old when it started, by the time i was 5, it was in its last season. This is now one of my all time favorite shows. Its a blast.

    Alright. If youve watched this show in its prime seasons ( seasons 1 and 2 ) youll know what i mean when i say i give this show 2 snaps up. This is a classic show that introduced the world to then known as " James Carey ". The show was so politically incorrect. This is undoubtedly the show that paved the way for Chappelles Show. Best Show EVER
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