In Plain Sight

Season 1 Episode 12

A Fine Meth

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 17, 2008 on USA
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The family regroups after Mary's ordeal; Stan and Marshall search for a way to force Spanky to tell the truth about Chuck's drug trafficking; the FBI corners Mary.

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  • Awful, awful episode.

    Was I watching a soap opera? Gee I could have sworn I was watching a fun, cool, funny crime drama, this episode was simply abysmal, yes yes revealing family secrets, yes yes angst and tears sob sob, get it done in 10 mins and go back to chasing bad guys and shooting at people please! That's why we watch the show you know, if we want soap we'd watch days of our lives or something.....

    Highlight of the episode was obviously seeing the long lost Dad spreading crystal meth on the baseball pitch, that was the highight of an exceedingly poor episode, worth wading through 43 minutes for? I think not.moreless
  • Hopefully not the "direction" that IPS is headed for in Season 2

    I don't even know. This episode deviated so much from what we had come to expect from IPS and I really hope that this is not a new path that the show is taking on. I've enjoyed watching IPS for it's quirky and light take on crime.

    I did not finish the whole episode as I just stopped caring. The scene with Mary, sister and mother in the bedroom fighting made me declare, "I don't care anymore" and stop the DVR. This long, drawn-out and harsh dramatic scene was more out of "Breaking Bad" or some other hard-to-watch show. At least with "Breaking Bad" you know what you're getting into.

    I really hope IPS isn't trying to move in this direction. While I don't necessarily think it needs to be as goofy as "Psych," it needs to be fun to watch. This was just disturbing.moreless
  • This incredibly stupid story line continues, and I was hoping it would end.

    I watched this episode with a friend and at one time I was actually rooting for Mary to shoot her sister and frame her mother for it. This whole story line takes away from a good show but then making it for TV you have to add too much incredibly stupid drama.

    The episodes without the sister and mother drama were very good, the ones that focus on it are screen writers trash.

    I think they could find better ideas in their trash bin than this hold story line.

    The dysfunctional family has to go, but having to wait a year for more episodes will hopefully give the writers time to write good scripts.

    Brandi has to go, the mother has to go, the show will be better without them and the baggage they bring.

    I know people will not like this review, but if you think that Brandi and the mother bring something to this show, have the courage to write a review.

    The only good part about the whole drug thing is how Mary got rid of them In Plain Sight.

    No new episodes until next summer may be the death of this series.

    Also Rafe swings the bat like a girl, and no where near a swing that you would see any higher than Little League.moreless
  • Be a lover, not a hater …

    I don't understand these people writing mean, rancid reviews. How can you give a struggling little show like this a 1? I can see hating on some big hit that you think shouldn't be so popular; but, what kind of person watches a show they hate like that, much less writes about it? I mean, if it was that bad, go do something else, get a life!

    This episode was a nice, little wrap-up if the series doesn't get to continue, a happy ending if you will (although I still resent the fact that Mary's mother and idiot little sister never had to take responsibility for the trouble they got her in - uh, possible loss of career and, or life). The solid, action wrap-up of the season was last week, this episode was the kinder, gentler afterword, if you will. Mary's co-workers (especially Marshall) were solid as usual; Mark Boone, Jr. (Spanky) was the same classic slime that he perfected in Batman Begins (although he had a lot more to work with last week) - but this was Mary McCormack's show, period. When she was sharp she carried the uneven writing. I think we all could've done without the reading of daddy's letters bit, but Mary's initial talk with mom and subsequent rant and blow-up was, at turns, both harrowing and hilarious. The trick ending, which made poor, shy Raphael the hero, was as funny as hell (right out of, dare I say it, left field).moreless
  • Mary and her family deal with the fallout from her abduction.

    I had to watch this episode a few times before I could review it. At first, I wasn't sure that I liked it, there were far too many holes in the story line and the holes weren't covered up well. Stan and Marshall being allowed to question Spanky when they are US Marshals and not investigators. Since he was the big fish that they were after and Rachel Miller was the one that entered into the program they shouldn't have been talking to him at all and since that jerk of an FBI agent was gunning for Mary even while they were searching for her he would have made sure that Marshall and Stan got nowhere near him. That they managed to see him twice was a bit much for me. The FBI literally tore Mary's place apart but weren't able to find a trace of drugs even though Brandy literally just swept it with her hand on the rug in her room. There are test kits that they could have used to swab surfaces that could have detected the presence of illicit substances not to mention drug sniffing dogs. And there was the I could go on and on about that. There are more but I don't want to nitpick and I also want to get to my point.

    What I did like about the episode was the family aspect. For a short time Jinx did try and act like a mom to Mary, but soon it became apparent that she had an ulterior motive. I don't blame Mary for exploding at her family for all that she had been through and their selfishness and the scene in the living room where old wounds are ripped open was painful to watch. Mary McCormick was excellent going from angry vengeful Mary who once again was paying for her ungrateful family's screw ups to feeling awful for dredging up the past and causing such hurt. It was obvious in the episode that she does care for her family and the surprise visit by Raf was funny but for me it once again showed that the relationship between Brandy and Mary could be salvageable but not the one between Mary and Jinx. The only sincere human moment she showed was when she asked to see the letters. The only link that she and Mary share was their love for Mary's father. I would not miss Jinx if she was absent next season.

    When the season starts up, I would like to see Mary and Brandy seeing this whole episode with Spanky as a chance to start over and maybe try to be a family. Of course I'd also like to see more Mary and Marshall moments. This was one of my favourite summer shows and I can't wait til the next season.moreless
Will McCormack

Will McCormack

Special Agent Robert O'Conner

Guest Star

Mark Boone Jr.

Mark Boone Jr.

Spanky (as Mark Boon Junior )

Guest Star

Ruth Witte

Ruth Witte

another FBI Agent

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the beginning of the episode, Stan puts a picture into the scanner face up. But in order to scan it, it should have been put face down.

    • The first letter from Mary's Dad is dated the February 5, 1978, the day he left. In a previous episode, it is established that he left two days before her 7th birthday. That would make her date of birth February 7, 1971, and her age 37.

      This information conflicts with an earlier episode this season that said her father had been missing for 25 years, thus making her 32 years old.

    • Rachel Miller's Information:

      WITSEC ID: Pending
      Control: WC-46424-A
      Status: Active
      Location: TBD
      Case(s) Pending: United States v. Neil "Spanky" Carter

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Jinx: Are you really not gonna help her?
      Mary: I'm really not.
      Jinx: Would you really turn in your own sister?
      Mary: I really would.

    • Mary: A difficult night? A difficult night? Is that what you think I had?
      Mother: I'm sorry! Bad choice...
      Mary: That's what you call getting drugged, getting kidnapped, coming this close to getting raped? A difficult night? Jesus, remind me never to go clubbing with you.

  • NOTES (2)