In Plain Sight

Season 3 Episode 13

A Priest Walks Into a Bar

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 30, 2010 on USA
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After a priest witnesses the murder of the daughter of a parishoner, he enters WITSEC and leaves the clergy. Brandi and Peter decide to live together.

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  • Stripper gets accidentally shot, Priest witnesses the murder.One of the most annoying witnesses ever dies and Stan has to take care of the daughter.The priest goes into WITSEC but stays in touch with a stripper, which result into a shootout.moreless

    One of the worst Episodes of IPS ever...

    No creativ witness, not a single finished storyline of the season, and absolutly no progress with Marshal and Mary.

    Mary taking a vacation is absolutly out of character and with the annoying FBI-Guy even more ridiculous.

    I really hoped that the mediocre season would finally hit a good end with some storyline upwrapping, but it seems to me that IPS hit it's alltime low.

    The first thing that came to my mind after watching this episode was: boring!

    After the first two seasons would never have thought, that I would ever use this word and IPS even on the same day..

    I really hope that the premiere of the next season will kick ass or WITSEC lost an other witness..moreless
  • A really good finale

    In this episode of In Plain Sight, the following happens. When a priest witnesses a murder he agrees to give evidence which of cause lands him in witness protection. He and Mary strike up an unusual bond. And all too soon the episode, and with it the season, was over. The end of the episode was a nice one, to finally see Mary happy, on vacation and with a man. It was a million miles away from the last season finale we had, and I for one am happy that Mary is well, happy. Really looking forward to next season, even if it is many months away.moreless
  • 313

    While the majority of this season was a disappointment, In Plain Sight ended the year on a high-note with a great story from top to bottom. We saw a priest attempt to save a daughter of one of his clients from a life of stripping, but she ended up getting shot and he went into WITSec.

    The episode followed the traditional In Plain Sight formula, but was just better written, to describe it capriciously. Plus, we got a nice little shootout at the end, so you cannot go wrong there.

    IPS has gotten somewhat decent ratings this season and this can really be a testament to people knowing how good this show can be rather than how good it has been. But this was a strong season finale and I am excited for the fourth season.moreless
  • A steady quality

    I haven't missed one single episode of the show since it started and I'm glad I didn't.

    After three years, the interaction between Marshall and Mary is still intact and the chemistry even gets better. Especially this season. When Marshall felt terrible about Mary's injury and in that final episode when he almost proposed a relationship to her...

    She ended up with Faber (didn't see that scene at the beach coming) but there's so much possibility now for the next season. It's also good that the writers focus on characters' development a little bit more every year. Brandi is definitely interesting and Jinx brings some fun.

    Not to mention Mary's killer catchphrases and her witty sense of humour.

    Can't wait for next year!moreless
  • A priest witnesses a murder and has to give up his vocation, but cannot really let go of the past. Another not so perfect witness dies and Stan helps his daughter to cope with it. Faber returns and Brandi moves out.moreless

    This episode was all about character development: Marshall, Stan and Mary remember a not so perfect witness who died friendless and away from his family.

    Stan helps his daughter to cope with the life and death of her less than perfect father. Jinx is an independent woman who can give her daughter good advice. Brandi and Peter decide to move in together. Mary and Faber reconnect and share their bottle of really expensive wine in Mexico.

    Watching Brandi with Peter and Jinx being so independent and really a mother who could give something to Mary was very touching and made me feel happy. Mary though seemed lost. Justice as she told the priest, is her religion, but as justice does not always lead to happiness and calmness, she has to find another way. Marshall, as always, is there to offer some really good advice. Did he know where it would lead his friend and love? I'm still not sure if the writers intended him to make a move or just be a good friend. He, however, recedes into the background as Mary tells Stan that he is a good man. He is not there when Mary takes farewell of the priest. He is hundreds of miles away when Mary is on the Mexican beach with Faber (did see that one coming!). All in all, it left me feeling very sad for Marshall and somewhat sad for Mary, too. To take her best friend's advice and twist it around to turn to a man who calls her "kitten", that is something I cannot figure out. She of all people should be with someone who really respects women and takes life seriously. But maybe that's just me. As this was the season finale I'd like to add a few wishes for the next season, which will probably be the last: First, give Marshall a life. Don't let him be the sad and lonely friend anymore. He deserves a chance. Second, if Faber is to be the one for Mary, which I as stated above do not think is a very happy choice, please change him a little. He should at least be respectful. Third, please feel free to continue the character development: Brandi could grow up just a little more. Last: Solve the father-mystery. Where did he go? Why did he write Mary but not the others? Why not make it Mary's and Marshall's off-time project to hunt down her father as suggested in "The born identity"?moreless
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Rick Vargas

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    • Mary: (voiceover) I believe in many things. I believe in first impressions, and second chances. For strippers, priests, and hopeless, hapless sisters. I believe in telling the truth to the people you love at every possible turn. And lying, just a little, at what seems the appropriate time. I believe in finding people you'd run through a brick wall for, and making sure they know it, if not in so many words. But mostly, I believe in justice... sweet, street and otherwise. Justice. That's my church. Also, I believe in taking cookies out of the oven two minutes early. I mean, come on, right?

    • Marshall: (to Mary) I get that you don't like messy. But maybe messy is what you need. Maybe instead of just anyone, you should be looking for someone; someone who challenges you, and calls you on your B.S., and gets in your face and, makes you think.
      (she stares at him)
      Mary: What? I'm thinking.

    • Mary: (to Jinx) You think I should have your box of outdated, never used vacation brochures? (sarcastically) Mom, you shouldn't have. You could have willed it to me along with other things I need... suit of armor, one free banjo lesson.

    • Mary: I can't believe this vacation days B.S. At home, Jinx is already gone. And now, without Brandi that's a vacation. Got vacation coming out my ears.
      Marshall: So... no loneliness issues?
      Mary: Right, Marshall, 'cause I'm a people person.

    • Mary: I'm just saying, maybe all you've done is gone from offering counsel and absolution to offering counsel and Absolut.
      Gabe: Been sitting on that a while?
      Mary: Weeks.

    • Peter: Brandi and I...
      Brandi: We're moving in together!
      Mary: What? Are you kidding me? Brandi, I mean, not that finally being able to find the remote's not flashing before my eyes, but come on, seriously? How is this not just another lurch toward whatever seems fun? (to Peter) No offense.
      Peter: None taken. I'm flattered someone thinks I seem fun.

    • Mary: (voiceover) A priest came to our house not long after my father went away. He was tall, thin, and reeked of birds. He told us dad was gone because that's how God wanted it. My face turned hot, as it does now whenever I see stained glass, the Sound of Music, or a San Diego baseball team. I didn't take it well. He never came back.

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