In Plain Sight

Season 2 Episode 15

Don't Cry For Me Albuquerque

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 09, 2009 on USA
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A Latina political activist hides in WITSEC, but the arrangement soon sours when she moves to her new home.

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  • A South American labor activist is targeted for death by her government and the CIA hides her using WITSEC. Mary has to deal with not only a witness that has an attitude but that puts the both of them in danger.moreless

    Well no matter how Francesca played by Angelica Castro spins it she is responsible for what happened to Mary. I am not even sure they use WITSEC to protect people like this. I would believe that the agent in charge is responsible as far as the US government is concerned. Doesn't Mary have enough to do with the case load of witnesses she is already watching?

    I'm with Stan, why in the world would they approve the move to that area and then not really protect her. Talk about dereliction of duty. Marshall put it best when he told Francesca that she was afraid of the publicity if it got out that she stayed where they put her originally. Wasn't a Holiday Inn good enough then? No, you have to move in across from the local drug gang members hangout.

    The tension was high and the acting was excellent. What only detracts from this story is the basis on why what happened. It is weird at best and totally unbelievable at worst. I noticed that the show does not return till Spring so we'll have to wait until at least March for the cliffhanger to be revealed. We know the show has been picked up for a fourth season and that this is the end of the first half of the third so the cliffhanger is not much of one despite how they left Mary at the end. I enjoyed the Raph car commercials. Great touch. Also the commiserating between Marshall and Raph and the way Raph protected Mary's job with her sister and mother. He's a good guy! Not a bad finale and I enjoyed the show overall a great deal. It may have been more of a cliffhanger if it was Dershowitz or Jinx based on the scuttle butt that is going around. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • I thought it was a great ep.

    I was really touched by how much emotion Marshall showed at the hospital. It looked as though he did not know what to do. He had some really good acting. I thought it was nice when he kissed her before they took her back. Usually they would allow a cop go back there when another is injured, so I was suprised they kept him out.

    I reminded me of Trojan Horst from season 1. That time Marshall was shot that it was Mary showing her emotions. Mary had to convince Marshall not to leave the job. She had to put a tube in his wound so he could breath. Always a great show.moreless
  • Mary must protect an uncooperative South American political radical, which leads to shots fired, and a major cliffhanger.

    We enjoyed this episode as we do all of In Plain Sight, just a little squeamish about political stereotypes (any radical from another country is admirable and high-minded), when the U.S. has such a terrible track record on selecting friends and enemies in the southern hemisphere. And cultural stereotypes - south Albuquerque residents are hispanic drug-running tattooed thugs. There's certainly some of them there, but they become the characters you love to hate.

    Francesca is probably manipulating the situation even more than we have guessed, and the tension is heightened by the shooting sequence which leaves us speculating about who really pulled the trigger on Mary. We think it could have been Francesca. If so, Mary's going to come to one day and the penalty will be due.

    The final hospital scene with Mary in a coma was flawed in terms of the medical equipment and strange coverings for her wound care. But more disturbing is the long wait until this cliffhanger is resolved. We have to wait until Spring 2010??

    While we're at it, the IPS episode titles are as amusing as those for "Eureka," lots of inside jokes, puns, plays on words. Fun for all - the writers have a good time with that.

    One more appeal - to the writers and producers - lose the profanity! The swearing (dictionary: abusive, violent, or blasphemous language) is harmful to all, and offensive to many. We cringe at those harsh words, and they don't enhance the quality of this production. It's the biggest detraction from an otherwise entertaining show, one we never miss.moreless
  • The best episode of Season 2.

    Excellent episode. Marshall broke my heart and I really wish Stan had decked Mr. Day instead of just slamming him against the wall. Predictably, the cliffhanger ended with Mary still unconscious, so I'm wondering... the storyline about Mary's dad has not yet been finished. He is still alive, his other daughter did contact Mary and her family. It would definitely be interesting if her dad hears about what happened and makes an appearance next season. Which, by-the-way, seems like light years away. Network shows get 39 episodes per season. Why is the season on cable so short? This season we only had 15 episodes of In Plain Sight.moreless
  • Pretty good but also some predictability and implausibility

    I liked this okay but also found it a bit predictable and implausible. Once they moved Francesca to the house in the scary neighbourhood, it seemed only a matter of time before you know what would happen. And, it seemed weird that if Francesca was the CIA's main plank in their secret South America democracy strategy then they would have so little security around their asset. And then there is the Mary and Raph relationship. It's just appalling how Mary treats Raph. I find it a bit hard to believe that someone as smart as Mary would be that dumb in her relationship. and that mean. She's really mean this time (mean about his job and the commercial - wow she's being a b**** about it). All that can't be leading anywhere good and I just hope it doesn't end up with Brandi and Raph getting together cuz that would just be blehhhh!). I would also like to add that the cliffhanger ending of the ep was as cliche a cliffhanger as I've ever seen. I expect more from this show. It feels it's going a bit stale. Elanor was an interesting switch for a while but that seems to be stuck in a rut lately too - the same barbs back and forth every ep. I hope IPS gets more interesting again next season and would also like to see it show us Mary's father and finish what they started with that. Hey, maybe he'll go visit her in the ........moreless
Angelica Castro

Angelica Castro

Francesca Leandra

Guest Star

J.C. MacKenzie

J.C. MacKenzie

Mr. Day

Guest Star

Luis Fernando Moncada

Luis Fernando Moncada


Guest Star

Holly Maples

Holly Maples

Eleanor Prince

Recurring Role

Joshua Malina

Joshua Malina

Peter Alpert

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Francesca sees Raph at the hospital, she asks him if he's 'Mary's Raphael'. But when Mary had told her about him, she had only referred to him as her fiance, and had never mentioned his name.

    • After reviewing Francesca's arrest record, Mary tells her that she better think twice before committing a lot of civil disobedience in this country. She says that it's because we have a "three strikes" law. However, that law only includes felonies, and civil disobedience is a misdemeanor, so it wouldn't apply.

    • The name of Peter's business is Alpert's Autoplex.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Marshall: Think you're gonna be okay here? I've got a, sort of a date thing.
      Mary: Sure, I'll be fine. Who's the lucky guy?
      Marshall: Shut up!

    • (Mary's mad about the commerical that she thought Raph wasn't going to do)
      Mary: Hey! We discussed this and I thought we agreed that you weren't gonna do it!
      Raph: What? The commerical?
      Mary: Yeah, the commerical! I can't believe that you whored yourself out like that; with real whores no less!
      Raph: Well, the girls weren't my idea.
      Mary: Look, I don't care who gets creative credits, it's still your face up on the screen.
      Raph: Peter upped his offer to $3,000. I can help you pay the mortgage.
      Mary: I don't need your goddamn help!
      Raph: But I want to help you! Why is it such a big deal for you?
      Mary: It's a big deal because that's not the guy that I got engaged to! I mean, what's next? A cowboy hat and a monkey? Christ, Raph! I mean your embarrassing yourself on TV and you don't even know it!
      Raph: No, but obviously I'm embarrassing you!
      Mary: Yeah, as a matter of fact, you are.
      Raph: Well, too bad. What makes you think you get to decide what job I take or I don't take? I hate your job, but that's what you love so I keep my mouth shut. How can you decide to tell me what I can or cannot do for a living? Huh?.
      (phone rings, Mary goes to pick it up)
      Raph: When you think of a good answer, call me.
      (Mary answers the phone, it's Marshall)
      Mary: What?
      Marshall: Planning on coming in today?
      Mary: Give me a break. Francesca kept me up 'til 5 in the morning. What did I miss?
      Marshall: Oh, not much, Francesca just moved herself into a new house.
      Mary: What? When? How?
      Marshall: Don't forget who, why and where.

    • Francesca: I will not sit back and watch my country's revolution on CNN while you install your own puppet regime!!
      Mary: We still do that?
      Marshall: Yeah, the sad thing is we don't use real puppets anymore, just socks with buttons sewn on.

    • Mary: When I buy a house, the real estate market tanks. I take in my mom and sister, they both get arrested and my house gets destroyed. Global warming. Was that me?
      Marshall: Why do I think this isn't about climate change?

    • Mary: And that is why they are called pumpkins.
      Marshall: Oh!
      Eleanor: Fascinating.

    • Marshall: She wasn't breathing, Stan! (breaks down crying)

  • NOTES (5)


    • The episode title is a play on words on the song "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" from the Broadway musical "Evita", which is about the late first lady of Argentina, Eva Peron.