In Plain Sight

Season 2 Episode 7

Duplicate Bridge

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 07, 2009 on USA
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When a bridge collapses and plunges many to their death, the victims' families come after the engineer, who - once in WITSEC - attempts to clear his name no matter what the consequence.

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  • After a bridge collapses in the Midwest and several people are killed, the responsible engineer enters WT SEC because he fears his old boss might take revenge, especially when he testifies against this man at trial. That's just the half of it.moreless

    Other reviewers have written the plot in a lot more detail, and I don't want to repeat their efforts. I also don't want to spoil the episode for people who haven't seen it yet (and I saw a repeat just last night) - a good thing about networks like USA or TBS and TNT. They don't just do one showing of an episode and that's it, but give people without DVRs or time to catch it a few days later.

    I found this to be an excellent episode, featuring a little comic relief (which was necessary) involving a new automatic staple machine. That was funny, but it didn't go too far. The rest of the episode was quite serious. There was a little also-ran story of Mary's sister who needed her help with an English paper, but that was negligible.

    The actor who played the engineer really distinguished himself as a perfectionist who knows in his heart that it was not his fault that the bridge fails. It is also heartbreaking to see his disappointment at the end of the episode when he realizes that he is, after all, only human.

    The last 10-15 minutes of the show were extremely powerful and well acted by all. When the climax came, as it must, I found that I had shed a tear or two, something I've not done due to a TV show in a very long time. I don't mean to be mysterious about details, but I really don't want to spoil the drama for anyone who has not watched yet. I'm glad the ending took me by surprise, which is why I don't read reviews before I see a film or read a book, etc. In Plain Sight has had other excellent episodes, but this one will stay with me for quite a while.moreless
  • A former witness threatens to kill himself after a man is not prosecuted for forging his signature.

    In Plain Sight is really bringing the quality during the second season and I just wish more people would watch this show as it deserves to be one of cable television's highest rated programs. Marshall and Mary's bickering still has not gotten old to me and Mary might be one of the funniest women on TV and she's not even on a comedy! That is really a testament to the quality of this show.

    Tonight's episode featured a particularly engaging scene on a bridge, with an ending that I did not see coming, and that I will not spoil for those who you have yet to see it. I will say that this is an episode you do not want to miss as it featured one of the most detailed backstories for a witness in show history and really was well-told from beginning to le fini.moreless
  • A witness cannot face the fact that he is wrongly accused in the deaths of people after a bridge collapse. This was an much better episode than the last one.

    Finally an episode that does not have half of it used on her disfunctional family. This was well done, you could really see what the witness was going through, his life and profession taken away with the implication that he is responsible for the deaths due to the bridge collapse.

    Seldom do you see such good acting in a series, but the witness was so real. He could not face what he was accused of, nor could he allow the bridge builder who lied under oath get away with it.

    Then he creates another new identity, gets a job, helps that company out, but he needs the knowledge of that job to complete his mission.

    I mostly listened to the episode as I worked on the computer and will see it again this week.moreless
  • When a bridge collapses and lives are lost the engineer who designed the bridge joins WT SEC to clear his name and be a witness against the builder who cut corners on the project. After the builder is found not-guilty he cannot reconcile it to himself.moreless

    I had a hard time deciding if I liked this episode or not. There was some good emotional pieces to the episode and some great banter between everyone in the office. There just seemed to be something missing.

    The main story which pretty much stole the episode was interesting. A man trying to reconcile his past and the perfection he expected of himself coming to the realization that he had made the same mistakes over and over again. He obsessed over it so that it was not possible for him to move on with his life which is what Marshall and Mary make possible for people with what they do.

    The fact that he created another alias on top of the alias he was given is interesting in itself. Maybe overly obsessive behavior or attention to detail. Also the fact that he made the builder confess at the end even though he knew the futility of his actions was another interesting side bar. Again I am not sure what we are suppose to take from this except a feeling of loss and futility from Norman's actions.

    I did enjoy the stapler bit and Brandi's little exercise was appropriate for the situation. It still amazes me that after what happened to Mary just a short time earlier it seems to be lost on her sister. Brandi is so wrapped up in what she is doing that everyone else is secondary. Unfortunately I know people like this so you have to believe the characterization. Another good job by all of the actors and I especially enjoyed the gentlemen who played Norman. A decent episode but the first few episodes this season seem to be blowing these last few episodes away from a quality standpoint.

    I think they need to get back to focusing on Mary and her screwed up life and her way of dealing with the witnesses in general. That seems to be a formula that works for this show the best. Thanks for reading...moreless
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