In Plain Sight

Season 3 Episode 1

Father Goes West

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2010 on USA
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Episode Summary

While Marshall is determined to find Mary's attacker, Jinx is unhappy that she's going back to work. There's concern that one of Mary's witnesses has returned to his old occupation in spite of successfully integrating into the WITSEC program.

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    Another year and another season of In Plain Sight. IPS is one of the more underrated series on USA Network, but at times it can be a bit underwhelming. It does not have the instant charm of a Burn Notice or a Psych and it does not have the years of respect of a Law and Order spinoff.

    But the show does have a good central cast, Mary, Marshall and Stan. While the rest of the characters are pretty blah, this unit is very entertaining: think a funnier Stabler, Benson and Captain from Law and Order: SVU.

    Tonight's season premiere felt a little, darker? And not just in the cameras and lighting, the episode felt a little more serious than normal. Not sure if I like the change.moreless
  • Mary is recovering from her shooting and Marshal is bound and determined to catch the shooter. Mary's Mom wants Mary to quit her job and Stan is acting really sweet to get Mary to do things like go home and rest. Brandi's keeping a secret from Albert.moreless

    The gang from In Plain Sight are back with gusto. Mary's wound was a clean through and through shot so other than not reopening the stitches she's free to get out of the hospital. Marshal has been keeping the leader of the gang Lala in the area where Mary got shot company much to his chagrin. Upsetting drug buys and gang dealings in general. He wants the identity of the shooter and he won't take no for an answer.

    At home the house is beautiful. In the nearly three months Mary was recovering the FBI (after Mary was shot in the line of duty) paid for renovations and Raph and Albert look like they did a lot of the work. It is very nice including Mary's new office. Mary's mother is upset because it is now obvious to everyone that what she does for a living is extremely dangerous. Raph seems to understand like always and waits for Mary to come around which she does eventually. Good ole Raph! What a guy!

    Mary's memory is coming back piecemeal so it takes a few days to get the complete picture back of what happened to her. In the meantime she and Marshal must deal with a former grand theft gang leader who has become a restaurant owner through WITSEC and remarried with a new step-son besides his own son. Someone in the family is involved in a heist to procure cash for the family similar to the heists the old man use to do and Marshal and Mary have to figure out who and turn them in. During all of this Mary's memory comes back and she can id the man who shot her.

    A good first episode in this Season 3 of In Plain Sight on USA. It's nice to have the Mary and the gang back! Thanks for reading...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • We learn that Detective Robert "Bobby" Dershowitz (played by Todd Williams) is in Chicago working with a task force.

    • Goof: Brandi says that her dad used to come into her room when she was up late reading. However, in previous episodes, it was stated that Brandy was only one when her father left. Most one year old babies cannot read.

    • When Mary is back in the office with Marshall, we see her take prescription medication out of her desk drawer. However, this is the first day Mary has been out of the hospital and in the office in six weeks, and there would have been no opportunity to have put the drugs in there.

    • The story picks up in the season premiere six weeks after Mary was shot in the Season 2 finale.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Mary: (To Marshall, who is picking her up at the hospital) You're so sweet.
      Marshall: (To the nurse) This won't last.
      Mary: (To Marshall) Family just couldn't be bothered, right? What, mom and sis getting two-for-one belly rings? Fiancé giving "how to be gorgeous" lessons to underpriviledged models? Why am I in such a hurry to get home to those people, and leave a place where I can pee lying down?
      Marshall: And... she's back!

    • Mary: You got shot... you probably felt the same way. You know, like you were stuck inside; like you couldn't move out of what happened. You know, you see it over and over in your head, but none of it makes sense. None of it helps. And then the more you think about it, the less clear it gets, so the more you think about it. You know?
      Marshall: No, none of that.
      Mary: Not a bit?
      Marshall: Reason being... when I got shot, my best friend was there for me. Yours wasn't.
      Mary: Marshall.
      Marshall: My best friend caught the shooter, yours didn't.

    • Mary: (Voice over) I have this weird tendency to remember almost everything. Big, small; five minutes ago, thirty years ago; doesn't matter. If I saw it, and happened on a day that mattered, I know it forever. I've always thought of it as a kind of curse. Do I really need to remember what I had for breakfast, May 11th 2007 just because I met a guy in a diner that I'm now gonna marry? Denver omelet, extra cheese. Or what shirt my dad was wearing two days before my seventh birthday when he walked out the door and never came back? White button down, navy pin stripe. No; but I do. I remember almost everything. Except the one thing I have to.

  • NOTES (3)