In Plain Sight

Season 1 Episode 9

Good Cop, Dead Cop

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 27, 2008 on USA
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Mary has a one night stand with a witness. Problems arise when he is accused of murder.

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  • Solid, except for the "fat" references.

    Enough already with the fat comments! That physical therapist wasn't fat, she was curvy - she just wasn't shaped like a stick, like all the other actresses on the show. At least they had Mary's boyfriend say she wasn't fat. Good god! I've had just about enough with comments on the television and movies like this. The only body type desired by men isn't that of a 12 year old boy who happens to have breasts (with the added plus of being botoxed to oblivion). The US needs to wake up. The images in media have already scarred the body images of countless of girls and women for several decades. Enough is enough!moreless
  • The Marshall's investigate a former cops involvement in the murder of an local Detective. Mary had a one night stand with the witness/former cop and is compromised. Raphael feeling guilty confides in Brandi that he's slept with his physical therapist.moreless

    The former cop/witness was a Chicago Detective who turned states evidence on his brother policemen so he had one strike with the Albuquerque Police to begin with. Strike Two was that he may have known the deceased Detective as they both worked out of the same precinct in Chicago. Unfortunately there was no strike three in that all the evidence was circumstantial and didn't even really point to the witness as the main suspect, but they were skimming the surface of the case and looking for a fall guy.

    Mary and Marshall of course had to dig a little deeper and we find out that the Detective's partner as well as his fellow police officers were aware of a motive that would possibly implicated the deceased detectives wife. When all this comes to light she is finally caught as the perpetrator of the crime.

    Mary's one night stand happened about a year before the present day situation, but it just goes to show you how careful you need to be not to mix business and pleasure in the Marshall's service as it almost compromised her position.

    On the lighter side Brandi has been pushing her relationship with Raphael even though he and Mary are still together. Raphael feels guilty as he slept with the physical therapist he was working with to recover from his knee problem. Brandi gets mad and blurts it out to Mary and now Raphael is in trouble with Mary. This also motivates Brandi to go thru with whatever the scheme is with Chuck and the Meth.

    The story was a little like getting hit over the head in that it wasn't subtle or well done really, but the characters are still amazing. This may have been the worse of the first nine episodes so far in the first season. but still good enough for an 8.5.

    Thanks for reading...moreless
  • A Great episode

    In this episode of In Plain Sight, the following happens. A cop is put into the Witness Protection programme, after another cop tried to kill him. He is in protection so they he can help to bring down some bad cops and his name is Robert. Quickly in the episode we see that Mary has bought herself a new place to live. She soon ends up going to pick Robert up and take him home, but as she does so, they seem to make a connection and they end up spending the night together. Soon another cop is killed and Mary's witness is believed to be the main suspect and so a warrant is put out on him. Mary and Marshall soon learn that the cop who was killed was gay even though he was married with children. They soon learn that the wife knew about his true sexuality and that they believe that she killed him. Mary learns that her boyfriend has slept with someone else and she calls him to speak to him about it. But he isn't there and so she leaves a voicemail message for him. Basically, she breaks up with him. She tells him he should start seeing other people as long as it isn't her sister. At the end of the episode, Robert is released and so Mary start to arrange to him to get set up again with a new identify and so he says she wants to opt-out of the programme.moreless
  • Brilliant, Convoluted, Sparking relationships

    Another excellent episode. This show has had some really fantastic guest stars this season. Jason Wiles is no exception. He's fantastic. I love the storyline between Mary and Patone/Eps. In addition, we have a secondary story arc covering Mary's on again off again romance with Raphael and her sister's friendship with him. Sparks are flying ... in the present as well as in the past. I think that what the writers are doing with the show is complex. Again and again, I'm amazed by the brilliance. I've been very impressed with this show, and each week it gets even moreso. We're heading towards the finale with should be fantastic, given the trouble Brandi is about to get herself into. Looking forward to it.moreless
  • Mary's one night stand comes back to haunt her as a cop is murdered and the witness that she slept with becomes a suspect.

    Mary's witness is a former cop who took a bullet after he became a star witness in a case against several crooked cops. After meeting her and she gets him settled in, his attempts to seduce her inadvertently do the job and she has an ill advised one night stand with him. Thirteen months later, he is named as a suspect in the murder of a local cop. She and Bobby butt heads as he becomes determined to find Mary's witness guilty while Mary becomes equally determined to prove his innocence.

    I have to say that being a former Third Watch fan, it was nice to see Jason Wiles again. I kinda liked him and Mary, especially what he said to her at the end. I'm kinda hoping that since she and Marshall aren't getting together for awhile, she and Jason's character would be cute together. Loved it when Marshall got all jealous and told the witness not to think what he was thinking, and the witness turned it around on him, and when the witness was being interrogated and he said that man-woman partnerships were the worst idea ever because they eventually sleep together and that screws up the partnership. Hinting at Marshall and Mary?

    There was also all that stuff with Brandy and Raf. I think that they do have quite a bit of chemistry. I thought that it was totally in character when Brandy slapped him for sleeping with Judy. She envied Mary for having a relationship with Raf because she thought of him as the ideal guy - devoted to his girlfriend, has a job that doesn't involve criminal activity, seems really nice and a decent listener, and someone who she couldn't seduce because he was her sister's faithful boyfriend. He shattered that image with his confession and she was hurt because she thought that they had an unspoken connection. It was almost as if he cheated on her. Mary did not cheat on him. The one night stand happened 13 months before that.

    I did like how Mary was starting to make an attempt at having a relationship with Brandy. I know that a lot of people don't like her character, but as Mary pointed out, she didn't have anyone to help guide her with her life. I hope that they start getting closer.

    My main complaint with this episode was the whole thing with the suitcase, as many have mentioned. In the previous episode, it landed on the sandbank in the middle of the brook/stream/whatever. How she got it so easily from the side of the bank with the suitcase being no worse for wear was very interesting. Maybe the suitcase had supernatural powers and psychic abilities. It shrugs off dirt and water, and it will come when called. Hey I want a suitcase like that!

    Aside from the super suit case, it was a pretty good episode.moreless

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