In Plain Sight

Season 1 Episode 2

Hoosier Daddy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2008 on USA

Episode Recap

Eighteen Months Ago:

A boy is playing in a swimming pool when he hears voices inside his home. He goes inside to see his parents arguing with a couple other men. The men have guns pointed at his mom so he grabs a gun to help her. He fires at the men to save her...

WITSEC ID: Lonny McRoy now Leo Billups

Control: WC-4032-J

Status: Active, Location: Pending

Case(s) Pending: United States v. Vernon McRoy (incarcerated)

United States v Jaime & Luis Cruz (fugitive)

Stan briefs Mary and Marshall about 8 year old Lonny who witnessed his father murdering his mother and is entering the Witness Protection Program with Mary as his advocate.

Mary places Lonny with the Billups family who are also in the program. Mrs. Billups is pregnant and the couple have other children but agree to take him into their home. Lonny thinks the Billups are 'yokels' and Mary informs him that Mr. Billup helped bilk the government out of 3 billion dollars. Lonny whistles impressively. Mary tries to whistle in agreement but doesn't know how to whistle. She dryly remarks that is why she could never have a dog.

Lonny settles in with the Billups and his new life as Leo. Mary however isn't getting much sleep due to her mother's overnight guests. She unloads on her mother and sister to help out around the house, pay rent, get a job or get out. She tells her mother no more sleepovers that Jinx will have to go to the gentleman friends house, apartment or double wide.

Mary and Marshall go to Leo's adoption party and Mary apologizes to Leo for not bringing a present by saying Witsec rules don't allow it. Marshall then hands Leo a present from him. Leo is playing with his baby sister and Marshall is unable to resist holding the baby. Mary watches and asks what the deal is with babies admitting that she just doesn't get it.

Mary comes home to a clean house with dinner ready. Brandi cleaned and cooked tuna casserole. Mary asks if it is made with velveeta & potato chip crust and Brandi scoffs asking if there is some other way. Mary becomes suspicious wanting to know if something has happened. Jinx says she got a job selling cosmetics. She asks Mary for $2,500 to get started in her career.

Mary has to meet with Arlo Meyers about Leo's testimony wanting to have it taped so he doesn't have to appear so Leo can move on. She learns that Leo's father is suing for custody of Leo. Mary tells them to just tell Vernon McRoy 'no'. Stan informs Mary that they have to respond to the custody petition and she will be going to court in Indiana as Sarah White. Her cover as Sarah is as a member of the Department of Justice Family Relations.

The Billups are distressed and upset not wanting to let Leo go testify. Arlo threatens the Billups with revocation of Leo's Witsec agreement. Mrs. Billups wants Mary to promise that she will bring Leo home to them. Mary says she will do her best.

Mary, Marshall and Leo go to the safe house where there is no tv. Trying to find something for entertainment for Leo he joins the other Marshalls in a card game and wins most of their money.

Vernon McRoy sees Leo as he goes into the courtroom and calls out to him. Mary and the marshalls rush Leo away while Marshall moves to intercept Leo and his lawyer. The lawyer indignantly asks Marshall if he thinks he can intimidate him. Marshall looks him up and down and tells him 'yeah'.

Judge Arlene Holiday precides over the case and doesn't believe the government has a strong enough case to justify the removal of Lonny from Vernon's home.

Brandi is on the phone with her boyfriend back home wanting to come home. It's been three weeks. He tells her he isn't finished with the deal he is working on and due to his probation he can't leave the state. Jinx tries her hand at sales, manages to sell one eyebrow pencil then takes a break to go drinking before 11.

The hearing continues on the custody issue and a commotion is heard outside. Fire alarms go off and Mary realizes Leo is in danger. She rushes after Marshall and Leo just in time to protect him from being shot at. Criminals started a fire in the belief that evacuation protocol would be followed and they would know the exit Leo would be taking. They rush him back to the safehouse.

Mary wants Leo back home and tells Marshall to get him on the plane. Mary is angry when she is told he has to stay and testify. Jinx goes to a gentleman friend for a sleepover.

Leo looks at Mary's gun and asks her about it. She answers the questions and Leo tells her he has handled a gun before. He tells her he saw men pointing guns at his mom so he grabbed one to protect her. He tells Mary he shot at the men to save her but he must have missed because she died anyway.

Mary goes to Vernon McRoy realizing that Leo is the one who killed his mother and Vernon is covering for him so he isn't burdened by the trauma. She reminds Vernon that his partners are looking for Leo to kill him for his knowledge of his father's drug business. Vernon tells Mary he loves his son and wants to be a family. She gives him a packet and leaves. Vernon opens it to find a happy, smiling Leo in photos with his new family's sister.

Jinx's gentleman friend has a dog who gets into her makeup samples and eats them making a mess. The man refuses to give Jinx the money for the cosmetics.

Vernon wins the custody hearing but tells the judge he wants to drop the case. His lawyer advises him that it's a mistake. Vernon asks Mary to see Lonny/Leo. Mary tells him he is already on a plane. Vernon comments that she was willing to go to jail by disobeying orders and putting him on the plane. She shrugs reminding him that he went to jail for Lonny as well.

The plane lands in Albuquerque and Leo is greeted happily by the Billups family. As everyone steps off the plane Vernon McRoy follows the marshalls to see the family his son now lives with. Visitation will be allowed.
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