In Plain Sight

Season 1 Episode 2

Hoosier Daddy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2008 on USA

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  • This show is really good.

    In Plain Sight is not considered by many to be one of USA Network's best. Burn Notice usually garners that title, possibly Monk or Psych as well. But after seeing that the pilot was no fluke this is a program that is not only one of USA's elite, it's one of the best dramas on television period.

    Mary McCormack is irresistible, and the viewer cannot wait for her next move. Her character is comedic, strong-willed and unique and rivals Temperance Brennan of Bones and Olivia Dunham of Fringe as one of the best female leads on a drama.

    The show is fast-paced and there really is never a dull moment. Keep up the good work IPS.
  • Mary has the difficult task of placing a young boy of eight in the witness protection program. He witnesses his father and two other men murder his mother and now must testify against them. Mary helps bring peace and security to a young boys life.

    A great followup to the pilot episode. A complicated case involving a small child. Mary doesn't think she can relate to children. She helps Leo the eight year old find a new home and a new life all the while protecting him against those who would harm him including his father.

    There is great drama here. Mary learns a lot about herself and we find out that Mary does not compromise to do her job. We also continue to see the relationship between Mary and Marshall and how they are really good friends who rely on each other. I do feel that Mary's Mom and sister are nominal characters at this point. The major thing we learn and it is repeated regularly is that Mary cannot discuss her job around people not involved with the service. Of course this creates conflict as people think she is a glorified babysitter. Also we have learned that Mary is the responsible party in her family. Loaning her mother money and giving her sister a place to live for the time being. Really not expecting much in return.

    In the end Mary turns everything upside down and gets the father into the witness program as well when she learns he is not as bad as she originally thought and does love his son.

    Overall great television and an enjoyable show.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Another good episode

    We open 18 months ago with a little boy in the swimming pool. He hears a noise and so goes to see what is happening. He goes inside and sees his mother getting murdered. His name is Lonny. They ask Mary to look after him. She tries to get him to go and live with another family who is also in W.P. but he doesn't want to follow their rules. But somehow it all works out. We then see the family a couple of months later at Leo (Lonny)'s adoption party. We then learn that his father wants him back even though he killed his wife (the boy's mother). We learn in this episode that Mary's father was a criminal who ran out on the family. During the court appearance something happens (a bomb goes off in a car) and Lonny is taken outside by one of the agents. We then see a man in a car with a gun aimed at the little boy. Leo later confesses that he shoot at the men who had gun pointed at his mother on the day she died and believes that he missed so she got shoot anyway. After the case goes back to court, the father is awarded custody of his son. The father changes his mind and tells the court that he wants to do what's right and give up his rights to his son. We learn at the end that it was the son who killed his mother. Only and luckily he doesn't realise it. We see the son returned to his adoptive parents and his biological father meets them.
  • Fascinating, Dynamic, Irresistible

    One of the things I adore about this show is the relationship between Mary, her mother and her sister. The family dynamics is really humorous and interesting to watch. The juxtaposition of the animosity with the inherant affability is fascinating. The writers have done an extraordinary job with these women's characters. In addition, the playful banter between Mary and Marshall is equally compelling. I love Mary's tough exterior which is in complete contrast to her mindful heart. I think the show is really well put together and this episode was as interesting as it was convoluted. I certainly hope it continues to be as irresistible as tonight's eppy was.
  • We're going somewhere

    Last week I was talking about my lack of enthusiasm generated by IPS and about the fact that I needed some time to make up my mind.

    The second episode is very positive. I really enjoyed it and time was just flying.

    The story was great, the acting was excellent... Mary was more subtle than in the first episode and her awkardness to the children was very moving. The dialogues were particularly well written.

    On the other hand, I think the scenes with Mary's mum are a waste of time. We get it: she's a drunk, irresponsible mother. I loved Lesley Ann Waren in DH but this time she's over the top and I think she's annoying.

    There is much to tell about Mary, her complicated life and work, and her work partners that there's no need to focus on her mother and sister.
  • Cute kid, unnerved federal Marshal, shooting guns, adoption....and Avon calling

    A kid sees his mother shot, is put into protective custody, adopted by another WP family and becomes the center of a custody battle when his bio dad is released from prison for killing the kid's mother. What a clever twist for a story. I am surprised they would have this as the second epi. Makes me wonder what OTHER clever bits they have in store. I am REALLY REALLY liking Fredrick Weller's character and his 'tolerance' of Mary. He was outstanding in this episode. Cool, calm and there when he was needed. Just as I wound expect a Fed Marshal to be. Liked Mary's rapport with the WP kid. She knew just what to say to him from beginning to end. Snappy writing in the beginning. REALLY liked the twist with the bio dad in the end. Didn't really see it coming. Not liking the sister so much but Lesley Ann Warren's bubble head character is very much what she usually plays. Wonder if the actress reads much?? Her attempts and $10 'success' selling make up door to door was a hoot.
  • Young boy rushes in to see guns trained on his mother in an argument. Moments later she is shot dead. Dad goes to jail for killing her. Boy is then in protective custody, adopted by a family. Dad is released and wants boy, now named Leo, back.

    The main story was great. Mary's interaction with Leo, the child in protective custody, was terrific. The Family who end up adopting 'Leo' are the antithesis of 'Leo's' birth family. The side story of Mary's Flaky mother and her numb sister was a waste of time. Lesley Anne Warren always plays these characters and annoys the heck out of me. It seems the characters of Mary's Mum and Sister are only in the show to annoy the living daylights out of Mary. The ending was a bit shmaltzy but had a feel good ring to it. Who played Leo's real Dad in the show? Cannot find his name anywhere. Always love this guy in anything I have seen him in.
  • Well it was definately better than the pilot.

    This episode was very well written, it carried a much better story line in my opinion than the one in the pilot episode. This episode has hooked me in, and I will definately be watching the rest of this season, it will take a very very bad episode to stop me watching the rest of this season.

    It really gave us a better idea of Mary's character, and also setup up some side stories for the future, for example, Marys mother.

    For those people that havent been watching this new show yet, In Plain Sight is definately worth taking a look at.
  • Better than the Pilot.

    I think the second episode was far better than the pilot. The main plot is very good and the lead actors are great. Mary and Marhsall work well together to form a good duo. This episode had humor, action and the importance of relationships to make a good start to a new series. One downfall I do see is Mary's mothers storyline is so annoying and is not needed at all. It is not enough to make me stop watching but I hope in the future the writers decide to start fading her out. It just has nothing to do with the overall direction of the show which makes it even worse. Other than that I would recommend this episode and the series to anyone who has not watched it yet.
  • the main plot is fine, the subplot with mom and sis are a stretch.

    The main story about the boy in witness protection and his fathers attempt to regain custody was good. The interaction of her and her partner is good.
    I like the way Mary is a real person with family and feelings. I feel like the family is contrived and a huge distraction to the show.
    Let's get back to what the show offers, a possible insight into witness protection and not a potential good show with a sideshow home life. We already have one show somewhat like that with a sideshow main character called Monk and it is good, this show has potential but the sideshow has to go.
  • With a second episode under it's belt, it looks like "In Plain Sight" will be a show to recommend to friends and family alike. I'm looking forward to the next episode!

    After watching the first episode of "In Plain Sight" I was really on the fence about whether to continue with it. I'm still not ready to make a commitment, but I'm much more positive about what the show will be after the second episode.

    In the first episode I questioned Mary McCormack's ability to give me the type of emotional passion I needed to bond with the character. I'm thrilled to say what I was waiting for was in much clearer view in this episode.

    Focusing on a child separated from his parent (a la the fiasco at the Yearning for Zion polygamist ranch in Texas) who is then put into the witness protection program, Mary Shannon's character had a much more human face on her this week. While she started out looking clueless when faced with the obvious delight both the child and her partner took in a new baby sibling for the foster family, Mary Shannon has no problem comforting the child when he wakes up in the night crying. She now has a characteristic that anyone in the audience can relate to and a heart that makes her lovable.

    Speaking of her partner, this week's script was much kinder to Frederick Weller. Whereas last week he was seen as little more than a stylized bumbling servant to Mary Shannon's control freak, this week we get to see him in action not only as a serious protective agent of the U.S. Marshall's office, but more equal and authoritative in the partnership between Mary and himself. Even Mary tells her young charge her partner is "one bad-ass law man" when the little one makes fun of Mann's PJs.

    The one thing about this episode I consider having to have "endured" was the stupidity of Mary's family. This week, Jinx Shannon takes a job as a cosmetic consultant for a door-to-door company after Mary lays down the law ("mom, you need to get off your ass and find gainful employment").

    In what I can only describe as over-the-top writing, we see Jinx trying to prepare her sales pitch with daughter Brandi, only to wind up joking again and again instead of rehearsing. I blame the writing because you would have to be seriously stoned to find this scene anything but annoying as he**.

    Dressed in a smart pink suit, Warren takes on her first sales pitch, Brandi following in her car close behind. As Warren comes out of the house with a $10 bill from her first sale, she excitedly exclaims the need to go celebrate before she does anything else.

    Moments later, Jinx winds up drunk and at the house of her bimbo from the previous night. The bimbo's dog winds up eating all her make-up - the same make-up she borrowed $2,500 from Mary to buy. The bimbo tells her she was fun, but not worth the $2,500 in cosmetics his dog ate. I'd tell Jinx to take him to court, but her character doesn't seem like she has either the brains or the willpower to do so.

    This type of writing seems inconsistent with the rest of the show. It's one thing to portray someone's mother as a screw up. Becoming THAT BIG of a screw up seems like it needs it's own TV series. It detracts from what the show itself is trying to say and starts making you not care about either character. Proverbs says, "Moderation in all things."

    Even though I'm overly critical about the depths in which the writers are allowing Mary's mother to sink into, "In Plain Sight" is something I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with (unless her mother gets worse). For the most part I enjoyed this episode and I can't wait to see the next!
  • Review

    Two episodes in and the show still has my attention for the main duration of the hour. The only two characters I find remotely interesting though are MAry and her partner. We kind of went away from Ralphel in this episode, which I thought would have been adressed. I thought the case was very well done and I liked all of the scenes with the boy and the adopted family. The revleation that it was actually the boy that killed his mother was actually kind of shocking to me, didn't see that coming from out of left field. I thought the scenes with the mother/sister were kind of slow moving and unmoving to the plot as a whole. I don't feel like Im getting to know the characters other then they are both lazy and are holding Mary back from having any kind of life in her own house. She cares for people on a daily basis and now she has to do it at home as well. Overall though, very well put together episode.